1st National Conference on Technology

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Synthesis of Bakelite Reinforced With Recycled Cellulose Fiber and Properties Optimization
Country :: India
Authors :: Altaf Inamdar || Tarique Khan || Rizwan Shaikh || Ansari Aadil
Page No. :: 01-03

The Bakelite (poly-oxy-benzyl-methylene- glycol -anhydride) is the first kind of thermosetting plastic made from synthetic components. The paper deals with the preparation of this thermosetting with recycled cellulose fiber and optimization of mechanical properties of combined structure. When compared with the original material the composite materials have increased mechanical properties. The reinforcing material was recycled cellulose fiber. Here the composite synthesis of polymer is discussed. The original material is compared with mechanical properties like tensile strength and impact strength. The material was prepared by using compression molding machine and specimens were prepared with ASTM STD for testing the mechanical properties

Keyword : Bakelite, Thermosetting plastic, recycled cellulose fiber, mechanical properties, polymer.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Field Emission Studies of the sub-micron sized rare earth hexaborides (NdB6, CeB6, EuB6) Crystals
Country :: India
Authors :: Shagufta Parveen M.A || Altaf Inamdar
Page No. :: 04-08

Rare earth hexaborides are a family of compounds which have low work function, high melting point and high mechanical strength. These properties are highly suitable for cold cathode applications. Therefore in present work I have studied the field emission (FE) properties of different rare earth hexaborides(RB6:CeB6,NdB6 and EuB6) at the base pressure of 1× 10-8 mbar.The structural, compositional and morphological analysis of the prepared cathode NdB6,CeB6 and EuB6 have been carried out using scanning electron microscope(SEM), X-ray diffraction(XRD).The observations regarding the experiment are tabulated and comparative conclusions are made based on observations.

Keywords: Cold cathode, Field Emission, Hexaborides, Rare earth, Work Function.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Facilitating Sustainable Livelihoods For the Impoverished
Country :: India
Authors :: Shaikh Rubina M || Aadil Ansari || Saud Anjum || Nasiruddin
Page No. :: 09-13

Meaning of Sustainable is called as a development is a way for people to use resources without the resources running out. The Growth with sustainability which gives the need of present without compromising the ability of future generation which meet their own needs as defined by Bruntland Commission. Livelihoods: IPA is investigating the poor boost the income they get from their work. Methods range from improving farming of the land and property ownership, to improving understanding of the markets for farmers and productivity boosts for small and medium enterprises.The role of Education Process is to be dedicated to our New Generation; Also it may be also to dedicated our Respected Teacher. Because our (Teacher + New Technology= The Role of Educational Process. ) Always the Education is play and important role in Process that means every time the education is change & also there learning process also change it Big Impact of our Current situation.

Keywords: sustainable, Livelihoods, technology.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Review on the action of Hecke Operators on Drinfeld Modular forms
Country :: India
Authors :: Ansari Zaid Anjum || Sajid Ahmed || Nadeem Anwer || Sachin Aware
Page No. :: 14-16

In this review research paper we evaluate the explicit construct of the semisimple section of the Hecke algebra that operates on Drinfeld modular form of complete level modulo T. We demonstrate that modulo T the Hecke algebra has a non-zero semisimple section. On the other hand a popular theorem of Serre asserts that the traditional modular varieties the action of Tl for any peculiar prime l is nilpotent modulo 2. After demonstrating outcome for Drinfeld modular forms modulo T. We use computations of the Hecke operation modulo T, demonstrating that certain forces of the Drinfeld modular form h can't be Eigen forms. Finally we conjecture that the Hecke algebra that functions on Drinfeld modular forms of full level is no soft for large weight which again the impact of traditional situation..

Keywords: Drinfeld modular forms,Hecke operator, reduction of Drinfeld modular forms modulo T.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Fuzzy Set Theory, Intersection, and its Applications
Country :: India
Authors :: Sajid Ahmed || Ansari Zaid Anjum || Nadeem Anwer
Page No. :: 17-18

The objectives of this fuzzy sets theory is that of evaluating some of the difficulties coming in the study of Western logic paradigm obtaining by Aristotelian logic. This logic suggest a binary truth value which guides to the idea known as law of excluded middle which states that stated anyhypothesis either it or its negation must be true. In terms of set theory this convert into a binary introduction of elements in a set so that given set A, either a ∈ A ora∉ A and a𝜖Ã. Such 'a' idea, however, begets to many popular contradictions normally grouped under the class of the rule...........

Keywords:classes, fuzzy intersection, fuzzy set etc.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Production of Hybrid Oil Biodiesel (Nahar Oil and Waste Cooking Oil) and Quality Testing
Country :: India
Authors :: Mohammed Adeel Ansari || Dr. Amar P. Pandhare
Page No. :: 19-23

The need to search for alternative sources of energy which are renewable, safe and non- polluting frequent price hikes of fossil fuels in the international market assumes top priority in view of the uncertain supplies. Biodiesel (fatty acid methyl ester) which is derived from triglycerides by trans-esterification has attracted considerable attention as well as highly discussed topic during the past decade as a renewable, biodegradable and nontoxic fuel. Several processes of biodiesel fuel production have been developed, the present work deals with the property, performance..............

Keywords-fatty acid methyl ester, triglycerides, trans-esterification

[1]. M. Thirumarimurugan, V. M. Sivakumar, A. Merly Xavier, D. Prabhakaran, and T. Kannadasan, International Journal of Bioscience, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics, Vol. 2, No. 6, November 2012.
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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Preparation and Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Nanocomposite
Country :: India
Authors :: Ramzan Muhammad || Mohammad Motamir
Page No. :: 24-27

Nanocomposite materials with metal matrix are commonly practiced by researchers for improving mechanical properties. In this study a novel nanocomposite was formulated by reinforcement of aluminazirconia nanoparticles in pure aluminum. Sol-gel synthesis was used to obtain the nanoparticles and stir casting method was applied to formulate nanocomposite aluminum. The specimen was prepared for microstructural and mechanical characterization. It was found that the said nanocomposite performs excellently in hardness and wear resistance but poor in tension.

Keywords: Nanocomposite, Aluminum, Microstructure, Wear resistance

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Experimental Evaluation of Some Dynamic Properties of Nanoparticles Reinforced Rubber
Country :: India
Authors :: Muhammad Ramzan || Bimlesh Kumar
Page No. :: 28-31

Nanocomposite natural rubber (isoprene) reinforced with nanoparticles performs with excellent dynamic characteristics. In its natural form, rubber is viscous as well as elastic; but the viscosity is dominant. Reinforcement provides enhanced energy dissipation through large surface-to-volume ratio. The nanocomposite material offers the potential to store kinetic energy by enhancing its stiffness. This study describes a novel experimental approach to investigate the stiffness by projectile method to characterize the dynamic stability of nanocompositerubber. Vibration damping is characterized by maximum amplitude and amplitude decay. It was found that nanocomposite rubber can damp the vibration more rapidly alongwith increase in stiffness.

Keywords : Nan ocomposite, rubber, logarithmic decrement, stiffness, amplitude. Introduction

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Production of diesel like Fuel from Waste Lube Oil Used in Microwave Flashed Pyrolysis
Country :: India
Authors :: Mohd Sharique Ather || M. R. Dhawade || Noorul Ameen || Aakif Anjum
Page No. :: 32-35

Now days it has been increasing awareness towards alternative fuel. By means of the procedure, some sample DLF are prepared. For increasing energy demand alternative fuel is relatively important. This paper presents a various factors affecting the production of diesel like fuel from waste lube oil by using flashed microwave flashed pyrolysis process. Oil solid waste (OSW) presents challenges and opportunities to societies in spite of their sustainability responsiveness and technological advances. A special emphasis is paid on waste generated from bike engine oil sources, which makes up a great percentage of our daily single-life cycle automobile products. It can also be recognized that the pyrolysis process offers a thrilling way to recuperate both the energetic and chemical worth of the waste...........

Keywords- Diesel-like fuel , emission, greenhouse gas ,Pyrolysis, Waste lube oil.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Development of Smart Street cleaning Machine
Country :: India
Authors :: Shahebaz Akhtar || Zeeshan Faraz || Wequar Ahmad || Mahefozurrahman || Javeed Akhtar || Mahvi Malik Shahzad
Page No. :: 36-39

The purpose of this project is to clean the road in colleges, hospitals, auditoriums, malls and workshops. The aim of this project work is to design and develop process for cleaning the road. It is very useful for cleaning the road and ground. In modern days interior decorations are becoming an important in our life cleaning of road is very important for our health and the road cleaning machine reduces the effort required for cleaning. Hence this project is very useful in our day to day life. It is very simple in construction and easy to operate and little bit cheap, anybody can operate this machine easily. The road cleaning machine consist of , broom and for reducing the cleaning time. The overall cost of this machine is also cheap. Such type of machines is widely used for this purpose but they are working under different principles and the cost is very high. In recent years, floor cleaning machines are getting more popular for cleaning large area in minimum time. However in India, which is a developing country requires large type of such machines to satisfy the\ cleaning needs.

Keywords:road cleaning machine; sweep cleaner.broom

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Power Generation through Gym Equipment
Country :: India
Authors :: Ansari Saddam Husain || Gujja Govardhan || Gund Kumar || Mohd Ahmad || Vivek Tiwari || Yakub Khan
Page No. :: 40-45

Today among the scientific community the field of energy conservation has become an increasingly notable subject of research. Lat pull down machine aims at harnessing the mechanical energy of machine and converted into electrical energy using generator based system and to use it to power light bulbs, cell phone and other small appliances. Lat pull down machine usually consists of machine, chain, free wheel, fly wheel, gears, battery, dc generator, and inverter. The kinetic energy from the flywheel is supplied to the dc generator by means of gears. The generated power is stored in the lead acid battery. The part drawing of the various parts required for design of lat pull down machine are drawn and analysed by using solid works (2012). The result of the project shows that if all the machineries in the gym are equipped with suitable power generating equipment, more power can be stored in the battery.

Keyword: Energy conservation, Machine, Kinetic energy, Harnessing, Battery

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Study On Low Cost Housing
Country :: India
Authors :: Abdullah Hassan || Ansari Abuzar || Shaikh Naveed || Faisal saud || Ansari Abu Usama || Muhammed Junaid
Page No. :: 46-49

The provision of low cost housing is a continuous struggle for government, as well as for the individuals. Everyone is seeking the 'best' low cost housing solution. In the past very attempts were undertaken to address this issue one can find numerous examples of realized low cost housing projects worldwide.This report is mainly concentrate on chapter construction material a few low cost material and planning are discussed in this report. The report are also includes an important chapter as specification the material for real construction of house are specified for example use of light weight solid blocks and as per planning view design of room size is depend upon size of brick and size of flooring material.

Keywords: Low-cost Housing, Materials and Planning

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: An Experimental Study on Ferrocement
Country :: India
Authors :: Asadullah || Ansari Abu Usama || Vajed Shaikh
Page No. :: 50-55

The development of a low-cost energy-saving structural concrete sandwich panel for housing and other building applications is reported. This paper represent experimental program is carried out to investigate the durability of natural fiber mortar using co-co nut hair and jute as a long fiber. Both co-co nut hair and jute are replaced by 1% by total weight. Overall unit weight of the sandwich composite elements falls in the range of the light weight structural element. Ferro cement wall panel with different infill materials of size 55mm x 150mm x 40mm were cast and tested under uniaxial load. Experimental studies and research must determine the result in terms of ultimate load carrying capacity, compressive strength, load vs deflection graph analysis and stress vs strain graph. The experimental result emphasized that better cracking resistance, high serviceability and ultimate load carrying capacity.

Keywords- coco-nut fibre, ferrocement, flexural strength ,natural fibre

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