International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology Research (ICETETR-2019)


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: An Area Efficient Orthogonal Multibeamforming for MIMO System
Country :: India
Authors :: K.Bakialakshmi || K.Abirami || A.Abinaya || Ms.A.Priyadarshini
Page No. :: 01-10

The implementation of multiple antennas at both ends of the link is widely considered as an attractive solution to substantially improve the overall system performance. The key aspect that allows multi-beam forming systems to improve the wireless communication systems from the additional degrees of freedom provided by the spatial dimension. The use of multiple directional path for each antennas in combination with advanced approximation algorithms, give rise to FFT model, which is able to boost the spectral efficiency and enhance the link reliability. To that end, the radio based communications are resorting to multicarrier modulations and spatial diversity and it is regarded as the dominant technology. On one hand, the FFT is able to accommodate multi-antenna configurations in a very straightforward manner. On the other hand, the approximations exhibited by the based on numerous Techniques, which may substantially reduce the complexity. Simulation results depict the performance of multi beam forming techniques. Hardware synthesis results shows the performance metrics of approximations.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Self Powered For Railway Track Monitoring Using IoT
Country :: India
Authors :: M.Banupriya || R.Subashini || S.Suganya || D.S.Vinothini || M. Priyadarshini
Page No. :: 11-16

Railway is one of the most used means of transportation. For the railway system to operate flawlessly constant monitoring and inspection of railway tracks is required. Currently railway track inspection and monitoring is done manually which is time taking and not accurate, due to the high chance of human error occurrence. Moreover, practically it is impossible to inspect and monitor the railway track manually as they run thousands of miles. This paper describes the range of sensing technologies has expanded rapidly, whereas sensor devices have become cheaper. This has led to a rapid expansion in condition monitoring of systems, structures, vehicles, and machinery using sensors...........

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: An Epitome Perspective on Image Steganographic Methods for Optimum Hiding Capacity
Country :: India
Authors :: K.Shahana || S.Sindhu || P.Yuvalakshmi || Mrs. Saranya.S.
Page No. :: 17-26

Steganography gained importance in the past few years due to the increasing need for providing secrecy in an open environment like the internet. Steganography is the art of hiding the fact that communication is taking place, by hiding information in other information. Many different carrier file formats can be used, but digital images are the most popular because of their frequency on the internet. Steganography has many technical challenges such as high hiding capacity and imperceptibility. In this paper, we try to optimize these two main requirements by proposing a novel technique for hiding data in digital images by combining the use of adaptive hiding capacity function that hides secret data in the integer wavelet coefficients of the cover image with the optimum pixel adjustment (OPA) algorithm. The proposed system showed high hiding rates with reasonable imperceptibility compared to other steganography system.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: An Intelligent Load Management System for Smart Homes Using Smart Energy Meter
Country :: India
Authors :: A.Aarthi || R.Chandralekha || S.Ishwarya || C.Jayachandra || A.Rajeswari
Page No. :: 27-33

Smart Meters plays a vital role in measuring energy consumed by every user with device details. But Privacy of the Users is not maintained. Automatic meter reading is a solution designed to automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data from utility meters and transferring the retrieved data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing etc. AMR solution is built essentially to monitor the energy usage and accessing the daily energy data which can result in better energy management. This paper describes the study about Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) in indoor environments, implementing a WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) is based on LORA technology. Automatic Meter Reading is used for remote collection of the utilities data...........

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Vision and Qr Pattern Based Autonomous Vehicle Parking and Regulation System
Country :: India
Authors :: B.Revathi Ponmozhi || V.Angel || M.Bhuvaneshwari || A.Kavithamary || R.Lavanya
Page No. :: 34-38

In recent years vision based applications has been widely adopted in many areas. In areas such as those at mega shopping malls or stadiums, drivers always have difficulty to find vacant car park lots especially during peak periods or when the parking lots are almost full. A solution to reduce the drivers' searching time for vacant car-park lots will greatly save time, reduce cost and improve the traffic flow in the car park areas. In this paper, a research project which was developed to acquire car-park occupancy information using integrated approach of image processing algorithms is presented. Motivation for developing this system came from the fact that minimum cost is involved along with some sensor-based...........

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Designing A Prototype of Implantable Digital Pill using Internet of Things(Iot)
Country :: India
Authors :: Madhumitha K || Kumaran S
Page No. :: 39-44

The Radio pill is the most innovative technology in telemedicine system, which transmits the data of the inner body to the outside world. With the advent of IoT (Internet of Things), this technology has now become the solution to monitor the internal gastro-intestinal mechanisms. Since our today's food plays an important role in the body's poor metabolism rate which leads to the several disease such as ulcers, cancers, etc. Hence the prototype of digital pill based on the IoT has been developed to monitor the gastro-intestinal part of the body and to monitor the body's parameters using IoT.

Keywords - Digital pill, Gastro-intestinal, Metabolism, Parameters, Telemedicine.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Intelligent Cognitive Sensing System for Block Chain Technology
Country :: India
Authors :: ParkaviArasi P || Rehmath K H || Simran E || Vennila J || Kumaran S
Page No. :: 45-49

Cognitive radio plays an important role in today's world, for an effective spectrum sharing and sensing mechanism. since block chain technology needs an secured and smart spectrum for data transfer. we developed the intelligent theory based on machine learning concept for the secured data transfer.we have developed and designed the machine learning based cognitive radio which works on the principle of quadfier architecture . The cognitive prototype has been developed using node MCU and zigbee transceiver.

Keywords: cognitive radio, block chain, machine learning, quadfier,zigbee and MCU

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Channel Aware Reconfigurable Mode Selection and Channel Estimation for Mu-Mimo System
Country :: India
Authors :: R. Amutha || Jayashree Prabu || G. Jeevitha || R. Lavanya || Mr. R. Anandan
Page No. :: 50-53

To accomplish of cellular systems for 5G field emphatically . To investigate various antenna and diversity selection in MU- MIMO system with help of CSI framework. To maximize the efficiency of the system time domain pilot aided channel estimation technique are proposed for multiple users. To analyze the performance of this novel techniques for MU MIMO shows better utility compared to Other techniques.


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Doctors Assistive System using Augumented Reality for Critical Analysis
Country :: India
Authors :: N.Nivedha || C.Subha || B.Vinitha || M.varun.M.E
Page No. :: 54-58

Surgeons are regularly on the lookout for technologies that will enhance their operating environment. They are often the early adopters of technologies that allow their field to offer a better surgical and patient experience. The continuing enhancement of the surgical environment in the digital age has led to a number of innovations being highlighted as potential disruptive technologies in the surgical workplace. Hospital collected by the sensors attached to patients once the sensor measured the values then it is processed and send to doctors augmented reality glass through wireless and alert if abnormal condition occurs. The doctor can take appropriate action based on the patient's current health condition.


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Path Delay Optimized Booth Radix-8 Architecture
Country :: India
Authors :: s.abinaya || h.fathima || hema .k.s || h.johara || A.Rajeswari
Page No. :: 59-63

To accomplish of cellular systems for 5G field emphatically . To investigate various antenna and diversity selection in MU- MIMO system with help of CSI framework. To maximize the efficiency of the system time domain pilot aided channel estimation technique are proposed for multiple users. To analyze the performance of this novel techniques for MU MIMO shows better utility compared to Other technique.


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Intelligent Obstructive Sleep Apnea Screening and Control System by Integrating Iot with Embedded System
Country :: India
Authors :: S.Atchaya || K.Indhu || A.Priyadharshini || S.Swetha || Mr. R. Anandan
Page No. :: 64-67

Obtrusive sleep apnea (OSA) is one of the most important sleep disorders because it has a direct adverse impact on the quality of life. Intellectual deterioration, decreased psychomotor performance, behaviour, and personality disorders are some of the consequences of OSA. Therefore, areal-time monitoring of this disorder is a critical need in healthcare solutions. For these reasons, this research presents an innovative system for both to detect and support of treatment of OSA of elderly people by monitoring multiple factors such as sleep environment, sleep status, physical activities, and physiological parameters as well as the use of data available in smart cities...........


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Development of A Semi-Cricle Csrr Antenna for 5g Communication
Country :: India
Authors :: M.R.Nithya || P.Porkodi || Sirasanagandla Kavya
Page No. :: 68-75

This project investigates about the design and the development of a semi-circle CSRR structure. In order to reduce the mutual coupling and to verify the improvement in the isolation among the closely placed antenna elements, A semi-circle complementary split ring resonator (CSRR) filtering structure is used. Different from the previous reports the filtering elements offer an enhancement in the range of 2.5GHZ as compared to the simple ,which is useful for transmitting the information to the farther distance with high directivity at slower speeds. The entire configuration has been simulated using the MATLAB. Finally the proposed design is experimentally validated. Then the proposed design antenna is suitable for transmitting the information to the farther distance.


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Key Based Color and Pattern Selection in Color Qr Images for Vision Application
Country :: India
Authors :: S.Anandhi || V.Bhuvaneshwari || Ms.U.Sandhya
Page No. :: 76-79

QR codes have gained great popularitybecause of their quick response to scanning, robustness to damage and readability from any directions. In this project, an automatic method to overcome colour tonal and illumination distortion caused in colour QR images is proposed. 16 Primary colours along with CMY print colorant channels is used to generate three unique QR codes used for colour printing and the complementary RGB channels, respectively, used for capturing colour images. Pattern key based QR generation with colour images which are compatible with standard decoding applications is applied to any colour image with full coverage area. The QR information bits are encoded into the luminance values of the image with the algorithm that utilizes half toning masks for the selection of modified pixels and nonlinear programming techniques to locally optimize luminance levels.


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Optimized Lightweight Bio-Cryptosystem for Wsn Applications
Country :: India
Authors :: P. Prakathi || S. Nithiyalakshmi || D. Renuka || Mr. A. S. Loganathan
Page No. :: 80-83

In recent days IOT devices and WSN sensor nodes are becomes a popular target for implementing cryptographic block ciphers, as a well-designed security solution that can combine some of the algorithmic flexibility and cost efficiency of an equivalent software implementation with throughputs that are comparable to any custom designs. The recently selected Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is slowly replacing other tiny ciphers as the building block of choice for secure systems and is well suited to an any power compatible system implementation. Here we have described some key generation and multi round physical transformation models for encrypting the information and possible biometric schemes(RETINA) that can be used for authentication along with cryptography on networked embedded computers.............