May - 2019 (Volume-9 ~ Issue-5 ~ Series-10)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Implementation: Security through Automatic Recogition of Number Plate with Notification
Country :: India
Authors :: Mangesh Shahu || ShahanaPreveen || ParulJha
Page No. :: 01-07

The growing effluence of urban India has made the ownership of vehicle a necessity. This has resulted in an unexpected civic problem that of vehicle identification and security. Security of vehicle has become overstressed due to growing numbers of vehicles.Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is an intelligent system which has the capability to recognize the character on vehicle number plate. It is a combination of hardware and software designed to offer the optimum reliability. Since the past decades, many researchers have been proposed to recognize the vehicle number plate and implemented it in various access control, law enforcement and security, including parking management system, toll gate access, border access, tracking of stolen vehicles and traffic violations...............

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Development of Automated Event Integrated Platform
Country :: India
Authors :: Sumeet Surawdhaniwar || Khushboo Tejwani || Samir Ajani
Page No. :: 08-11

Event Integrated System is a platform where students can post events and workshops of their colleges as like they post news feed in other social media platforms. With the help of this system, students of different colleges will be aware of different college activities that are happening in their locality. The major advantage of this web portal is that we do not have to spend time on promotion of events. All the hectic work related to promotion of particular events is performed online. Many a times, we see that there are clash of events of different colleges on the same date. With the help of this system, this problem can be eliminated up to a higher extent and this will increase the overall participation in a particular event of a college. The technology that is used to build this system is Node.js and the database used is MongoDB..

Key words: Events, workshops, K-means algorithm

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Intelligent Home Automation System Using Android Application
Country :: India
Authors :: Himanshu Ramnani || Atul Sahare || Monali Gulhane
Page No. :: 12-19

The proposed system that we introduced focuses on increasing the efficiency. The cost of living is going up, there is a growing focus to involve technology to lower those prices with this thought the project based on home automation allows the user to increase efficiency and maintain a house that is smart enough to reduce the electricity consumption while providing more automation. A home Automation System will sense its surrounding and take advantage to enhance the efficiency even if no one is present at home. With a house having home automation system, one can ensure that our house is at its best in power consumption and results in enhanced energy efficiency. This upgrade of Automation technology, Quality of human life is increased significantly. In this world of technology there is a significant...........

Keywords: Raspberry ver1.2 model b, 4-channel relay board, python version 3, google assistant, smart phones, Light emitting diode.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Solar Calculator
Country :: India
Authors :: Shilpa Kanojiya || Ishrat Sheikh
Page No. :: 20-24

The greater of the consumption energy, The use of diverse energy sources cannot be avoided. Therefore, assessment of the various sources of energy. Technologies continue to be developed. Photovoltaic technologies that convert solar energy directly into electrical energy using semiconductor devices is called solar cells. Solar energy apart easily obtained from natural, environmentally friendly too which does not produce carbon dioxide emmisions to become a mainstay in the world of technology. The problem is to know how much you have saved using solar panel installation( to track your savings by using solar panels "solar calculator" is purposed. This will calculate your monthly savings, usage of SNDL, usage of solar panel).

Key words: Photovoltaic technologies, sources of energy, electrical energy ,solar panel, unbiased snapshot.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: AI Based Crime Detection System
Country :: India
Authors :: A.S. Osan || V. Thutheja || M. Mulchandani
Page No. :: 25-31

In the present time frame, with the extension of advancement and beneficiaries there has been a steady addition in bad behavior. Reliably there is an article about robberies in open areas like ATMs, crisis facilities, malls and even at customary shops. There is an unfaltering need of an eye to watch such dread and prompt the pros meanwhile to endeavor appropriate exercises at the spot when required. We have seen in past that burglaries occur and examinations are done after the bad behavior has happened. Regardless, with the movement in development various open places and shops have CCTV cameras presented which is by and by favorable position. Regardless, still the bad behavior occurs and after the confirmation moves are made about who was the liable party.................

Key words: Fast RCNN, Object detection, Weapon Detection, Yolo, Yolov3.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Implementation of Location Based Application
Country :: India
Authors :: Saurabh Muniyar || Shubham Domkundwar || Samir Ajani
Page No. :: 32-37

This project presents the architecture and implementation of a location based application, called Tour-Pal. It provides search service based on the user's current location. If the user is in any emergency situation or needs to find places (such as hospital, medical shop, police station etc) this application will give the nearest available addresses of the place searched. All these elements will change accordingly as the position of the user changes. Users are permitted to get tour guidance information that they are in need of, anytime and anywhere. The tourist data can be browsed using an Internet map service, Google Maps. This application can be used by people new to the city too, for finding places like hospital, bus stop, railway station, airport, autostand, hotels etc also to find places that are either required in case of emergency or in day to day life. The idea behind the system is simple: using personal, mobile wireless computing devices, user can get the tourism guide ubiquitously.

Key words: Android, Global Positioning System GPS,

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Vehicle Emergency Service System
Country :: India
Authors :: Rohit Mahajan || Shruti Shende || Prateek Meshram || S.Hajare
Page No. :: 38-47

The system of vehicle repair provider is a trouble that needs to analyze on the area of repair center consistent with the provider wishes and to be had useful resource based totally at the maximal overlaying location and precedence queuing concept. Considering the effect of ready time because of rush jobs, this challenge proposes a version that maximizes the service overlaying, and restrains. Service level of uncovered zones. As we see human beings going through many issues related to vehicles and Most of the humans use community services and presenting on line software carrier on the way to create extra advantage for users as well as provider company. So we can build the application of Management gadget

Key words: Online service, Service Provider, Vehicle service

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Development of Automatic Toll Collection System
Country :: India
Authors :: Damini Tichkule || Rajiv Israni || Bhavna Gopchandani
Page No. :: 48-54

A automatic toll collection systems have really helped a lot in reducing the heavy congestion caused in the metropolitan cities of today. It is one of the easiest methods used to organize the heavy flow of traffic. The system thus installed is quite expedient reducing the time and cost of the travelers. An automatic toll collection system is an advanced system. Toll collection is considered as a hectic task. The collection of the toll is a tedious as well as a big task to do. The toll amount is to be paid by users manually. The main objective behind implementing this project is to provide ease to the people visiting toll sation and reduce the traffic issues. It is based on IOT and is fully automated. The system will use a raspberry pi board to control the hardware. To do it in an easy way the automatic toll collection system is introduced ............

Key words: ATCS, Automatic toll collection, Image processing, Toll Authorities, Prepaid Account, Toll collection.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Automated Upper Dipper by Sensing Light Intensity: Implementation
Country :: India
Authors :: Chandani raut || Komal Dhok || Sumit Chandwani || Parul Jha
Page No. :: 55-60

Today, one of the biggest problems Vehicle drivers in India are facing during night is the temporary loss of vision due to the Upper beam (high beam) coming from the Vehicle in the opposite direction. Moreover, the victims of this problem are mostly the students who are the backbone of their families. We have decided to undertake this project especially because this problem has become more dominant in recent years. Over five lakh accidents take place in the country annually, out of which, 41% (Approx. 2 Lakh) are due to road mishaps during night, and 18% (Approx. 90,000) are due to the vehicle headlight glare. In the current scenario........

Key words: LDR, Microcontroller,LED

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Implementation: Smart Parking System
Country :: India
Authors :: Payal Bithle || Monesh Hakande || Ms. Sanjana Panjwani || Dr.Sachin Chaudhari
Page No. :: 62-66

This paper is expected at creating a smart parking system that is more effective and user friendly than existing parking system. There are lot of parking related apps but all of them are dependent on some particular sever for providing parking space. Here we create a smart parking system application where user can also add the parking space by logging as a parking provider and book the parking by logging as a user. Parking issue is a big challenge to facilitate traffic network and ensure city life quality. Searching for parking space in most city area especially during the rush hour is difficult. For device the difficulty arises from not knowing where the parking space is available. This paper presents a review of various techniques which are already implemented to solve the parking issue...........

Key words: User Module ,Parking Space Module ,Real Time Data Module ,Booking Module ,Bill Generation And Payment module.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Removal of Duplicate Image on Same Storage
Country :: India
Authors :: Yash Kewalramani || Roshni Wasnik || Ms: Sanjana Panjwani || Dr.Sachin Chaudhari
Page No. :: 67-72

An extreme transaction of what' s App' s which is more duplicate or replicate files. Where whole documents may be served in different formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG. That Files may get copied to avoid delays/data consumption to provide fault acceptance. Large databases of what' s App' s files store in the declassification effort with receiving folders. Copies of the files are abundant in images in the databases. In our examination on On-line Social Networks (WhatsApp' s) of images, more than 60% of total data are exact duplicate. Due to forwarding by friends with linked each other. In this algorithms for detecting replicated files before..........

Key words: Detecting Duplicate, Copying Database Storing, Data Consumption, what' s app

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: E-Commerce with Open Buying On the Internet (B2C TO B2B)
Country :: India
Authors :: Almas Fatema Khan || Ms. Mona Mulchandani
Page No. :: 73-78

Abstract -Internet based e-Commerce is flourishing, but mostly in the Business-to-Consumer world. The lack of well- accepted standards is hindering the success in promoting Business-to-Business e-Commerce solutions. Open Buying on the Internet standard is one of the promising efforts in bringing business-to- business e-Commerce into corporate purchasing. Today we have various options to buy a product online but sometime we pay more than the price of product and we found similar products in local market in less price. The only difficulty is to search for the product in local market. The only option is to visit each and every shop in local market to buy a particular product. Buying products online sometime leads as to very bad shopping experience and we face many problems related to return policy provided........

Key words: Main objective is allows a local seller for online purchasing platform using java technology

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Reducing Storage Cost using Secure Image Deduplication
Country :: India
Authors :: Ketakee Dangre || Mr. Amit Pampatwar || Ms. Raana Syeda
Page No. :: 79-82

Data deduplication is an important aspect for Cloud Storage Providers (CSPs) since it allows them to remove the identical data from their storage successfully. Convergent encryption is used to securely eliminate duplicate copies on the encrypted data. The Message Locked Encryption (MLE) scheme is frequently mentioned in research papers for achieving data de-duplication securely. Researchers have introduced Message locked Encryption based protocols which provide secured deduplication of data, where the data is in text form. Multimedia data such as images, which are larger in size compared to text files, have not been given much attention. Applying secured data deduplication to such data files could significantly reduce the cost and space required for their storage. This helps in reducing maintenance cost as well for the storage providers and hence improved performance and cost effective.

Key words: Cloud Storage, Data Security, Image Deduplication.

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