May - 2019 (Volume-9 ~ Issue-5 ~ Series-12)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A study of job satisfaction of employee in Pantaloons Shop Civil Lsine Nagpur
Country :: India
Authors :: Tejaswini Katre
Page No. :: 01-05

The relationship between Satisfaction and Organizational commitment with a Non-recursive model that permitted the simultaneous examination of the influence of satisfaction on commitment and the influence of commitment on satisfaction. The investigation explored the nature of relationship between Job Satisfaction, Job Involvement, Age and Length of service

Key words: job satisfaction,employee performance

[1]. Research Methodology
[2]. Industrial Relation
[3]. Human Resource Management
[4]. Human Resource Management

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Study of Product Analysis, Sales Promotion Strategy and Customer Satisfaction for Balaji Products
Country :: India
Authors :: Monal Mishra
Page No. :: 06-08

BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD produces ready to eat food items now a day's people are found of eating ready to eat food and BALAJI name is very popular . It has the fully automatic plant in Gujarat the main objective of the company is to provided best quality product at the cheapest rate we can also say their mission is quality first coast second the market of the product is large and comprehensive. Obviously primary objective of any company is to profit maximization but in present competitive marketing approach profit maximization should not be one and only goal but it is a short term goal every company wants to increase prestige market share etc so wealth maximization becomes important goal of company which is also long term goal of the company..............

Key words: promotion strategy, customer satisfaction, quality product .

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Study Of Distribution Strategy Britannia Biscuits in Nagpur city
Country :: India
Authors :: Neha Walde
Page No. :: 09-11

Britannia Industries is one of India's leading food companies with a 100 year legacy and annual revenues in excess of Rs. 9000 Cr. Britannia is among the most trusted food brands, and manufactures India's favorite brands like Good Day, Tiger, NutriChoice, Milk Bikis and Marie Gold which are household names in India. Britannia's product portfolio includes Biscuits, Bread, Cakes, Rusk, and Dairy products including Cheese, Beverages, Milk and Yoghurt. Britannia is a brand which many generations of Indians have grown up with and our brands are cherished and loved in India and the world over. Britannia products are available across the country in close to 5 million retail outlets and reach over 50% of Indian homes.The company's Dairy business contributes close to 5 per cent of revenue and Britannia dairy products directly reach 100,000 outlets. Britannia Bread is the largest brand in the organized bread market with an annual turnover of over 1 lac tons in volume and Rs.450 crores in value. The business operates with 13 factories and 4 franchisees selling close to 1 mn loaves daily across more than 100 cities and towns of India.

Keywords: Biscuit, Organized sector, Quality, Capacity, Texture and Taste

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: To Study Employee Job Satisfaction Level of Dinshaw's Frozen Food Ltd
Country :: India
Authors :: Khushboo Jageshwar Choudhary
Page No. :: 12-14

The job satisfaction was based on a most pragmatic & essentially pessimistic philosophy that man is motivation by money alone. That the workers are essentially 'stupid & phlegmatic' & that they would be satisfied with work if they get higher economic benefit from it. But with the passage of time Motivation implies the willingness to work or produce. A person may be talented and equipped with all kinds of abilities & skills but may have no will to work. Satisfaction, on the other hand, implies a positive emotional state which may be totally unrelated to productivity. Similarly in the literature the terms job attitude and job satisfaction are used interchangeably. However a closer analysis may reveal that perhaps, they measure two different anchor points. Attitudes are predispositions that make the individual behave in a characteristic way across the situations.

[1]. Research Methodology ………… C. R. Kothari
[2]. Industrial Relation …………. S. Chand
[3]. Human Resource Management …….…… John Bratton
[4]. Human Resource Management …..……..John Storey
[5]. Industrial relations …………. Mark Bray

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: To Study Effectiveness of Training Programmes on Motivation of Employees of State Bank of India, (Koradi), Nagpur
Country :: India
Authors :: Priyanka S. Dhoke
Page No. :: 15-20

In any organization employee motivation is the key factor for organizational performance. Previous studies have shown positive impact of training on employee's motivation. This study is aiming at investigating employee motivation & effectiveness of training programmes on motivation of employees of state bank of India, (Koradi), Nagpur. The sample size of the study was 50. Primary & secondary data are used to achieve the determined objectives. Primary data is collected through questionnaire. The collected data is analyzed using descriptive analysis. According to the descriptive analysis of the study employees are highly motivated with reward, award, bonus& monetary incentives motivational factors in SBI.

Key words: Motivation, SBI bank, employees, employee's benefits.


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Study of Marketing Startegy in Nagpur City with Reference to Amazon
Country :: India
Authors :: Gauri Deepwani
Page No. :: 21-23

The main objective of A marketing strategy can serve as the foundation of a marketing plan. A marketing plan contains a set of specific actions required to successfully implement a marketing strategy. For example: "Use a low cost product to attract consumers. Once our organization, via our low cost product, has established a relationship with consumers, our organization will sell additional, higher-margin products and services that enhance the consumer's interaction with the low-cost product or service."A strategy consists of a well thought out series of tactics to make a marketing plan more effective. Marketing strategies serve as the fundamental underpinning by marketing plans designed to fill market needs and reach marketing objectives. Plans and objectives are generally tested for measurable results............

Key words: marketing strayegy, internet habits, students, impulsive buying behaviour


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Study of customer satisfaction about online products in Nagpur city with reference to Flipkart
Country :: India
Authors :: Bhavna kodwani
Page No. :: 24-27

Flipkart is an e-commerce company founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. The company is registered in Singapore, but has its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. Flipkart has launched its own product range under the name "DigiFlip" with products including tablets, USBs, and laptop bags. Things are easier said than done! To realize our dreams and that also in such a grand manner is really a tough task. The founders of Flipkart have probably conquered their dreams with the amazing success of Flipkart. Flipkart is something which has really opened up the Indian e-commerce market and that also in a big way. Today the company works with more than 500 suppliers. As on date more than 80% orders of Flipkart are handled via warehouses which help in quick and efficient service............

Key words: Flipkart, Customer satisfaction, Marketing, Products, Quality.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Study on Ratio Analysis With Respect To Sagar Engineer and Fabrication Work, Butibori, Nagpur
Country :: India
Authors :: Ruchika Somkuwar
Page No. :: 28-31

This project report entitled to "A STUDY ON RATIO ANALYSIS WITH RESPEST TO SAGAR ENGINEER AND FABRICATION WORK, BUTIBORI". The aim of this project is to analysis the profitability, liquidity, leverage, turnover position of the company using the financial tools. The study is made to evaluate the financial position, the operational results as well as financial progress of a business concern. The various tools used for the study of ratio analysis. Graphs and tables are used for better understanding

Key words: Financial analysis, company, profit, activity, profitability, liquidity, solvency.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Comprehesive Study of Distribution Channel & Customer Preference towards Cosmetic Brand – Oriflame
Country :: India
Authors :: Rashmi Shrivastava
Page No. :: 32-37

This study aims to analyze the influence of variables of customer satisfaction and customer confidence towards positive word of mouth behavior Oriflame products. This type of research used in this research is explanatory. The sampling technique used in this study using purposive sampling. This study used a sample of 100 consumers who never use Oriflame skincare products. Test results showed that partially, to variable customer satisfaction (X1) significantly influence the behavior of word of mouth positive, and customer trust variables (X2) significantly influence the behavior of positive word of mouth. Simultaneously, customer satisfaction and customer trust have a significant effect on the behavior of positive word of mouth Oriflame products.

Key words: Customer Satisfaction, Customer Confidence, and Positive Word Of Mouth.

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Company Websites:

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Study of Home Loan Scheme Offered By Sbi
Country :: India
Authors :: Harshada Raut || Pradip Dhamdar
Page No. :: 38-40

Every human being want their own house. House is a profitable and useful in the future and furnished propulsion to economic development. But the today scenario buying the home is a challenge chore. Because it is a major expenditure. A middle class family cannot afford this expenditure. To resolve this activity. Government provides housing finance loan facility for every person at lower interest rate . housing finance sector encourage tax rebates. Housing finance means to take a home on loan basis in which we pay monthly installment with favourable interest rates.

Key words: interest rate, home loan, financial institution, fixed and floating interest rate.

[1]. C.R. KOTHARI (Research methodology: Method and technology)
[2]. VINOD KOTHARI(Guide to housing finance)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Study on Working Capital of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
Country :: India
Authors :: Akash B. Selkari || Omdeo Ghyar
Page No. :: 41-46

The present study of the research entitled "Study on Working Capital of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd". The study was based on secondary data from annual records, reports and profile of the organization. The validity of any research is based on the systematic method of data collection analysis. The Ratio analysis is the process of identifying the financial soundness and cost effectiveness of the firm by establishing relationship between the items of balance sheet and profit and loss a/c. An objective of the study includes if the working capital management has an impact on the profitability of the firm and its growth.Short term-long term position of the company. Based on the three years balance sheet and profit and loss a/c suitable suggestion were given by the researcher for a better soundness and cost effectiveness of the company..........

Key words: Mahindra & Mahindra ltd, Ratio Analysis, Working Capital, Working Capital Management (WCM).

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: An Analytical study on the Human Resource Practices of selected NGOs in Nagpur District
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Rashmi Gupta
Page No. :: 47-50

The important elements in an organisation are men, money, material and machines. The success of an organisation depends upon the proper utilisation of the all elements especially human resource which has been termed as 'wealth'. NGOs in general lack the professional management outlook. The success of a NGO depends largely on the quality and quantity of human resource and also on the alignment of Vision/Mission/Objectives of an organisation with that of Human Resource. HRM practices involve many processes like job and work design, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisal, etc. The recruitment and selection plays a vital role in order to choose right employees for right jobs which the organisation requires. NGOs normally do not afford the specialized HR personnel............

Key words: HR Practices, NGOs, employees

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A study of factors responsible for purchase decision of consumer with respect to purchase of shampoo
Country :: India
Authors :: Swarda M Gulhane
Page No. :: 51-61

As India is a developing country after Industrialization came in India number of sectors developed in India, making it a prosper country and also contributing to the growth in Economy. But as many Industries came in India the level of pollution in all kinds also has increased making an adverse effect on human body, and also damaging hairs to lots of extent. Therefore to protect the good health of the hairs and protecting it from the further damage the shampoo industries came into existence and also flourished.In this paper the study explored the major dominating factors which are responsible for making the purchase decision regarding the purchase of the shampoo. Why these factors are important and what are the impact of these factors on the purchase decision of the customers during the purchase of the shampoo is also been studied............

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