May - 2019 (Volume-9 ~ Issue-5 ~ Series-6)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Review Paper on Intelligent Way to Develop Application to Target All Platforms
Country :: India
Authors :: Shubhojeet Chatterjee || Laxmi Dodke || Pawan Thakurpelne || Shekhar Salam
Page No. :: 01-05

The recent varieties of mobile platforms makes it extremely difficult for developers to find the most appropriate platform or target multiple ones. A review of key concepts on Android, iPhone and Qt points out the bridge that will help to better connect multiple platform. Study the use of Ministro to create support for cross platform development to remove the dependencies of a developer regarding platform.

Key words: Qt, Dalvic virtual Machiene, Ministro, Java

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Comparative Study on Different Cross Platform Technologies
Country :: India
Authors :: Shubhojeet Chatterjee || Laxmi Dodke || Pawan Thakurpelne || Shekhar Salam
Page No. :: 06-10

Cross Platform Application Development is the development of applications so that applications can be made platform-independent. A review has been made in this field while considering Integrated Development Environment is being proposed which will help a software developer to code an application in a single code base and deploy that single code base to multiple operating systems meaning if a developer codes in Java for Android, the developer can deploy the same Java code to iOS[5] subsystem. First an OS needs to be developed which has a compatible architecture which helped to run unmodified iOS binaries on Android operating system. The second phase of proposed solution helps to understands the cross-platform application development tools which are currently available in the market. The third step is to thoroughly understand cross-platform development tools and finally a mathematical model based application. Thus this project deals with creation of Bluetooth file transfer application which is universally acceptable in any platform..

Key words:

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Hand-To-Hand Interface for Paralyzed Person
Country :: India
Authors :: Karan K. Ramteke || Shivani B. Bilgaiyan || Shruti D. Gharad || Akansha N. Ganvir || Prof.Anil Bawaskar
Page No. :: 11-14

Now day's portability is most important. So achieve this, we are designing such a system which can carry anywhere. Using this system we can help a paralyzed person. Now a dayswhere everyone is busy on their on work and if any family member is paralyzed so we need to be care of him/her. To overcome this problem we design a system which is more compact. In our project we are giving a device for a person who's body id half paralyzed. As shown in the block, whenever we attached a sensor to a normal hand and get a signal and boost it and transfer to to controller. Next we convert this signal using signal converter which is a TENS250 device and gives a signal to a paralyzed hand.


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Human-To-Human Interface for Paralyzed Person
Country :: India
Authors :: Karan Ramteke || Shruti Gharad || Shivani Bilgaiyan || Aakansha Ganvir
Page No. :: 15-17

This project aims to develop a device that allows to provide movements into the paralyzed hand according to the movement in an active hand. The functionalities of the develop device include: Four basic operations are:
1. Sensing of Neuro Signal.
2. Process a signal using medical device.
3. Discharging a signal into paralyzed hand.
4. Observing movements in paralyzed hand.
The developed device is very attractive in its shape and performance.


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Vehicle Tracking System
Country :: India
Authors :: Megha Verma || Ragini Gajbhiye || Pinki Jichkar || Divyani Pakhale
Page No. :: 18-21

The initial work of getting familiar with the Arduino UNO board was accomplished by interfacing a couple of modules with it, namely the LCD module and the GSM module. Primarily, we started off this project with the vision to employ this model extensively for security, surveillance, tracking and vigilance purposes. The GPS Tracking System provides a database of the path followed by the vehicle/locomotive on which this system is embedded, thus, useful in safe guarding it. This task has been done with the use of a controller Arduino UNO board, a GPS module, a SD card shield and a GSM shield. The GPS antenna here is responsible for collecting the location coordinates from the satellites and passing it on to the Arduino UNO board. The data received by the Arduino UNO board is saved on a memory card from which we plot the path on Google Earth. We attempted to make this project model real-time by integrating a GSM module with it, which gives the real time location coordinates to the desired mobile number.

Key words: Arduino UNO, GSM Module, GPS Module, SD Card, LCD Module, Connectors.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Arogya: Automatic Hand Wash Record System for Hospital
Country :: India
Authors :: Aditya Dorlikar || Tushar Bhowate || Sakshi Lakhapati || Priyanka Awarkar || Kshitija Bhivgade
Page No. :: 22-28

Hand washing is the most effective way to prevent germ transmission however, individuals do not always meet established standards. The goal of our project is to create a more consistent and clean way to wash your hands. The device should be simple and comparable, if not better than washing your hands with soap and water according to the CDC guidelines. This technique will eliminate dirt, kill phones and dry hands in less than 20 seconds. Our design stabilizes in the cost of soap, water and energy, and its cost unit is similar to the components in public buildings. We have created a prototype electrical control and a mechanically applicable design that demonstrates the validity of our ideas...........

Key words: Automated hand wash system, biometric hand wash record system, serial communication, biometric data storage by NodeMCU on XAMPP.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Fingerprint Based Automated Hand Wash Record System
Country :: India
Authors :: Aditya Dorlikar || Tushar Bhowate || Sakshi Lakhapati || Kshitija Bhivgade || Priyanka Awarkar
Page No. :: 29-32

Arogya is a Sanskrit word that means "overall well-being" and "health of mind, body and spirit." It means living a healthy life without disease and having complete health in mind and body. After a difficult age, we were told that our hands should be washed after using the bathroom or before cooking meals. At present, we know that it is hygienic, correct, and important, with the necessary hand washing technique. Arogya is a system which uses fingerprint sample as a biometric unit and matches it with the existing ones in the memory then starts the process of washing hand and as soon as the process of hand wash gets complete the entry of that particular name will be stored in the XAMPP database. With the help of this system, any organization who is concerned about the hand hygiene can keep records of their hand hygiene. The technology used to build this system is Embedded C and PHP for front end and SQLite for database. The front end of the administrator in purely handcrafted by using PHP, HTML and CCS. Which will give a corporate feel to the user.

Key words: Automated hand wash system, biometric hand wash record system, serial communication, biometric data storage by NodeMCU on XAMPP.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: IoT based Automatic Poultry Feeding and Smart Poultry Farm System
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms. Sakshi Mishra || Mr. Aamir Sheikh || Ms. Snehal Chore || Ms. Sonam Kshirsagar
Page No. :: 33-36

IoT based Smart Poultry Farm will give a hassle free and better observation experience to the user of the Poultry Farm. This system will make use of the sensors and microcontroller unit to perform the said operations of feeding, water supply and temperature- humidity observation which are the main causes for any kind of epidemic or diseases for poultry birds. Introducing IoT in the system will benefit in providing ease of operation as well as real time data observation through internet to the user.

Key words: Microcontroller Unit, Internet, Internet of Things (IoT), Poultry Farm, , Sensors, Temperature and Humidity.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Water Quality Monitoring System based on IOT Platform
Country :: India
Authors :: Harshad Meshram || Ganesha Dekate
Page No. :: 37-40

Water pollution is one of the biggest fears for the green globalization. In order to ensure the safe supply of the drinking water the quality needs to be monitor in real time. In this paper we present a design and development of a low cost system for real time monitoring of the water quality in IOT(internet of things).The system consist of several sensors is used to measuring physical and chemical parameters of the water The parameters such as temperature ,PH, turbidity, flow sensor of the water can be measured. The measured values from the sensors can be processed by the core controller .The Raspberry Pi can be used as a core controller. Finally, the sensor data can be viewed on internet using cloud computing.

Key words: ATMEGA 328, Ultrasonic sensor, IR sensor, Arduino, IOT , LCD(16*2), Login.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Smart Air Pollution Detection System Using Arduino
Country :: India
Authors :: Mahendra Zode || Ritesh Kumbhare || Prarthana Ghadle || Prof.SaurabhNimkar
Page No. :: 41-44

The pollution is a major problem for human health. Therefore, we consider that and decide to make the smart air pollution monitoring and detecting system. In that system, different gas sensors are included i.e. air quality sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, LPG, ethanol, etc. These sensors sense different gasses present in the air and the quantity of that gasses shows on the monitor in PPM (Parts Per Million). This process makes easy by using Arduino device. And also this device based on IOT (Internet of Thing).

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Implementation of a Bionic Arm
Country :: India
Authors :: Chitrangan Nimje || Sudhir Tembhurne || Punam Hedau || Mamta Yerne || Oshin Ramteke || Shahaji Gayakwad || Prof. Suresh Rijal
Page No. :: 45-51

Physical weakness can restrain the physical capacity or fine/net engine capacity of appendages of a person. Such an individual at that point can be called as a handicap. In instances of people with loss of appendages and alongside nothing remaining limit, it is extremely troublesome for them to connect with every day exercises just as a business, instruction, autonomous living, and so on. This paper will delineate the data relating the substitution of the upper appendage of an amputee by Bionic Arm. The prosthesis is a piece of Rehabilitation Engineering which implies, the reintegration of a person with weaknesses into society. The main role of an arm prosthesis is to emulate the appearance and supplant the capacity..........

Key words: Rehabilitation, Prosthesis, Bionic ARM

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design & Implementation of Wireless Notice Board Display Based On Arduino and Bluetooth Technology
Country :: India
Authors :: Aliya Farooquie || Ashwariya sakhre || Balaji Bomade || madhavi badole || Ashvini Ughade || Prof. Shyam D. Bawanker
Page No. :: 52-56

This document deals with an innovative rather an interesting manner of intimating the message to the people using a wireless electronic display board which is synchronized using the Bluetooth technology. This will help us in passing any message almost immediately without any delay just by sending a SMS which is better and more reliable than the old traditional way of passing the message on notice board. This proposed technology can be used in colleges many public places, malls or big buildings to enhance the security system and also make awareness of the emergency situations and avoid many dangers. Using Bluetooth module display the message onto the display board.and GSM module send the SMS to the student or register number . The Electronic notice board is wireless and no need of wires for displaying the information on the LCD Display. It is very easy to operate and consumes less power. The circuit of the wireless notice board is portable.

Key words: Arduino, ATMega328p, LCD Display,Bluetooth Module, GSM Module, Android Application.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: HART Communication Based Universal Data logger
Country :: India
Authors :: Aishwarya Gunjal || SuruchiGaware || Dr. P. P. Mane || Mr. V.V.Borkar || Mr. S.R.Aherrao
Page No. :: 57-62

Highway Addressable Remote Transducer(HART) Communication based Universal Data logger has been designed through which we can measure & monitor different parameter like temperature, pressure, voltage etc in different hazardous processes.The aim of this research work is to design a real-time Measurement system,which is able to measure parameters such as pressure, temperature, voltage and calibrate them with standard specificationtoformacurrent loopi.e. 4-20mAusing HART communication in order to avoid destruction of any work unit in industry or chemical laboratories.

Key words: Highway addressable remote transducer(HART), Data Logger, K-type sensor, WIKA A-10, GLCD.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Home Automation using Raspberry Pi 3
Country :: India
Authors :: Varsha Badge || Sunil Gupta
Page No. :: 63-66

This paper provides an effective and flexible home control and monitoring system with the aid of an integrated micro-web server with IP connectivity for access to and control of equipment and devices remotely using. The proposed system does not require a dedicated server PC with respect to similar systems and offers a new communication protocol for monitoring and controlling the home environment with more than just switching functionality. Smart home interfaces and device definitions to ensure interoperability between Rasberry pi devices from various manufacturers of electrical equipment, meters and Smart Energy enables products to allow manufactured. We introduced the proposed home energy control systems design intelligent services for users.

Key words: Rasberry pi, Smart Home, Home Automation.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design of A Low Power Area Optimized 4-Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit for High Speed Processors
Country :: India
Authors :: Ashish Thakare || Sunil Gupta || Dr. Pravin Zode
Page No. :: 67-74

With the advancement in technology area, power and speed had become a major concern for the growing VLSI industry. Static CMOS logic does not fully meet the needs of future computing. Therefore improved digital logic techniques and styles which are energy efficient, fast and consume lesser area must be utilized. In this paper, a low power, area optimized and high speed 4-Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit having minimum circuit complexity is presented in an elegant way. The major components of the ALU are designed using Modified Gate Diffusion Input (MGDI) technique. The proposed ALU is designed using Cadence Virtuoso tool in 90nm process technology. The simulations are conducted using the Spectre simulation tool at a supply voltage of 1.8V. The simulation results show that the proposed design has lower delay, consumes less power and requires less area.

Key words: GDI, MGDI, ALU, Power, Delay.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Implementation of High Throughput Vlsi Architecture For Ldpc Decoder
Country :: India
Authors :: Shraddha Pawankar || Prof. Nilesh Mehta
Page No. :: 75-78

In the present era, more powerful error correcting tools is a Low-density parity-check code among the other error correcting tools. In this paper, the target device is a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation of LDPC. Here used Min-Sum (MS) algorithm for decoding structure minimize the complexity of the variable node unit (VNU) and check node unit (CNU) to achieving less slice resources. To get results in less slice resources a multiplexed storage structure is used for the storage of node messages. It encodes 324 message bit and creates 648 bit encoded message........

Key words: LDPC decoder, Low-complexity implementation minus algorithm, FPGA and Quartus-II.

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