May - 2019 (Volume-9 ~ Issue-5 ~ Series-1)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: An Extension on Inland Study for Seawater Desalination by Vapor Pipeline
Country :: Iran
Authors :: Koosha Aghazadeh || Reza Attarnejad
Page No. :: 01-08

Nowadays competing on access to water resources is one of the most important issues making some new aspects of challenges for almost any region of the world. To develop water resources and access to new resources with the minimum rate of energy consumption, some attempts should be done for optimizing the management of these changes. The imagination of seawater desalinating by thermo-methods or membrane-methods and also by spending lots of energy, then transporting it to another region facing water shortage by spending another sort of energy is not only inefficient but also is not across the approaches of sustainable environmental goals development. Thus, the overall importance of the issue needs to present some researches or mathematical models using no energy or a small amount of it for both desalination and transportation of seawater simultaneously..........

Key words: Water transfer, Seawater desalination, Pipeline system, Temperature difference, compressibility.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Hydrophilic Nature of Cobalt Ferrite Thin Film Deposited By Spray Pyrolysis Technique
Country :: India
Authors :: H. J. Kardile || M. K. Babrekar || R. R. Chilwar || S. R. Nimbore || A. A. Pandit
Page No. :: 09-11

Cobalt ferrite (CoFe2O4) thin film in nanocrystalline form has been deposited using spray pyrolysis technique. The film was deposited onto preheated glass substrate which subsequently annealed at 500C for 4 h. The prepared film was characterized by X-ray diffraction technique. XRD analysis reveals the formation of single phase cubic spinel structured film. The crystallite size calculated from Debye-Scherrer's formula show nanocrystalline nature of the film. The lattice constant calculated from XRD data is in good agreement with the reported values. The thickness of the film was measured by surface profiler and found to be 249 nm. The hydrophilic nature of the film was confirmed through surface wettability properties by using contact angle method. The contact angle of the present film is 65.47 which is less than 90 showing the film is hydrophilic in nature.

Key words: Cobalt ferrite, thin film, XRD, hydrophilic nature.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Foreground Segmentation and Change Detection Using Singular Value Decomposition
Country :: India
Authors :: Priyanshi Sachan || Pooja Khanna
Page No. :: 12-18

Separating background from a video image is an important step for change detection. Most of the change detection methods depend on intensity and texture variations. These algorithms may not give very satisfactory results because of the illumination variation and presence of noise. In this paper we have attempted to segregate moving foreground from video data set and change detection in time series datasets using singular value decomposition (SVD) which is a generalization of the Eigen decomposition which can be used to analyze rectangular matrices. "CDnet 2012‟, an open source dataset is used as input image dataset. We have taken SVD for all input images and singular values of all these images were used for detecting any change present in images. A comparison was made for obtained results with the results of "CDnet 2012‟. It is found that the obtained results are very effective and clearly segregate foreground.

Keywords: Background Subtraction, Singular Value Decomposition, Eigen Values, CDnet 2012.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Greening with Vetiver Grass to Reduce the Risk of Landslides and Slope Erosion (A Case Study on the Outer Ring Road of Gorontalo Province Indonesia)
Country :: Indonesia
Authors :: Rahmat Libunelo || M. Yamin Jinca || Djamaluddin Rahim
Page No. :: 19-25

Erosion and landslide on the outer ring road of Gorontalo Province were discussed among constructionists and geotechnical experts, especially slopes at station 13+600 which had steep slopes of 63o and altitudes of 55.56 m. This research aims to determine the effect of vetiver vegetation on erosion that occurs and the relationship of erosion with land characteristics and the effectiveness of vetiver in controlling erosion and landslides. The results obtained from the analysis of vegetation suitability matrix with land conditions, showed that the use of vetiver in alluvial land with limestone deposits which have a water content of 15.47%, land density 2.68 and levels of Ph 9.7 were very effective growth...............

Key words: Erosion, Vetiver, Stability, Rainfall

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Road Sign Detection and Recognition System-A Review
Country :: India
Authors :: Mrs. Rakhi S || Mithun H || Prashanth A || Rakshith N || Ravi Kumar G N
Page No. :: 26-29

This paper presents a survey on the detection and recognition of Traffic signs which has a number of important application areas that include advanced driver assistance systems, road surveying and autonomous vehicles. A challenging problem in computer vision due to the different types and the huge variability of information's present in them. This problem can be divided into two stages; first stage will be detection of region that contains traffic sign candidates and second will be character recognition. For the detection and recognition of text and sign from traffic boards, appropriate methods must be applied to obtain accuracy. This method can be achieved by doing a survey on different methods used to detect and recognize text and signs from traffic boards...............

Key words: Sign Board Detection and Recognition, RGB Model, HOG feature, SVM and CCN Classifier, GSM, RFID Technology

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: An Application of Dynamic Programming Problem in Multi Stage Transportation Problem with Fuzzy Random Parameters
Country :: India
Authors :: Anjana Kuiri || Barun Das
Page No. :: 30-41

In general, transportation from origin to final destination can't be made in a single transportation. In this paper, a multi stage transportation problem (MSTP) is formed where the unit transportation costs are fuzzy random in nature. Using dynamic programming approach, the problem first converted into a single stage problem. Such single stage problem optimized with minimized the expected total cost and expected total variance. The problem is solved for both with and without limitation of the intermediate depots. Here a numerical example is solved to check the validity of the proposed method.

Key words: Multi stage transportation problem, Fuzzy random co-efficient, Dynamic programming problem.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Solution for Orthotropic Rectangular Thin Plate on Elastic Foundation with Horizontal Resistance Based On a Modified Function
Country :: China
Authors :: Feng Yue || Ziyan Wu || Haifeng Yang || Mengying Li
Page No. :: 42-52

Pavement is one of the main engineering of airport, which is usually assumed to be a foundation plate model. Generally speaking, most of the plates and common composite slabs on elastic foundations can be regarded as orthotropic rectangular thin plates. Considering the horizontal friction between the foundation soil and the thin plates, the concept reality of engineering and science can be better reflected. Firstly, the governing differential equations and the boundary conditions for the static and dynamic behavior of a rectangular thin plate on Winkler foundation are derived in this paper. Then, for the problem of orthotropic rectangular thin plates with four free edges on Winkler foundation, this paper improves a deflection function based on the existing research, which satisfies all the boundary conditions on four free edges and the conditions..........

Key words: Orthotropic thin plate, horizontal resistance, Winkler foundation, a modified function, Galerkin method.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Manejo Integrado De Los Principales Insectos-Plaga Que Afectan El Cultivo De Arroz En Ecuador
Country :: Ecuador
Authors :: Hipólito Israel Pérez Iglesias || Irán Rodríguez Delgado
Page No. :: 53-61

The rice (Oryza sativa L.) constitutes the nutritional base of the Ecuadorians, however, the yield is limited by the attack of insects-pests. The research was conducted with the objective of providing the productive sector with up-to-date information on the danger posed by insect-pest in rice cultivation, as well as the most efficient and economical way of exercising control that minimizes possible damage to the environment. The main insects that cause economic damages in the environments in which rice is cultivated in Ecuador are: T. orizicolus, Vector of the White Leaf Virus; H.wirthi, causes thesymptomof dry and white............

Key words: Insect-pest, rice cultivation, integrated managemen.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Experimental Study on Lithium Ion Diffusion of Graphite Anode Based On In-Situ Optics
Country :: China
Authors :: Wei Li || Jianguo Zhu
Page No. :: 62-65

During charge and discharge of the lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), the graphite electrode will produce a color change behavior. In view of the difficulty in in-situ observation of the current lithium ion concentration distribution in real batteries. An in-situ optical experimental method is reported in this paper, which realizes an in-situ observation of the color change of the graphite anode electrode section, and obtains the diffusion path of lithium ion in the graphite anode electrode section. Base on colorimetric method the results show that the surface of the graphite electrode is priority region during lithiation/delithiation, and the lithiation characteristics are discrete. At the same time, the optical image was further analyzed by the MATLAB program ,obtains three color (RGB) variations at different lithiation concentrations (SOC). This method can be used to qualitatively analyze the basic color change mechanism of graphite electrode during lithiation /delithiation.

Key words: Lithium-ion battery, Graphite anode, Diffusion, Colorimetric method.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Optimization of Noise Removal Techniques for Diabetic Retinopathy
Country :: India
Authors :: Manisha Laxman Jadhav || Dr.M. Z. Shaikh
Page No. :: 66-72

Medical imaging is very popular research area these days and includes computer aided diagnosis of different diseases by taking digital images as input. Digital retinal images are used for the screening and diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy, an eye disease. An automated system for the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy should highlight all signs of disease present in the image and in order to improve the accuracy of the system, the retinal image quality must be improved. In this paper, we present a method to improve the quality of input retinal image and we consider this method as a preprocessing step in automated diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy. The preprocessing consists of noise removal from retinal image...........

Key words: Diabetic retinopathy, noise removal, median filter, average filter, Weiner filter, PSNR, RMSE, correlation of coefficient

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Impedance Source Converter Based Real Time Water Quality Management System Using Green IoT
Country :: India
Authors :: Dharmambal V || Dr Nisha KCR || Maheswari M || AnirudhdhaC || Veeresh
Page No. :: 73-81

In order to ensure the safe supply of the drinking water the quality needs to be monitored in real time. In this paper, design and development of a low cost model for real instance monitoring of the water quality using Green IoT (Internet of Things) is presented. Internet of Things is an ecosystem of connected physical objects that are accessible through the internet. In IoT, particularly sensor devices are mainly positioned in an extremely resource constrained environment and therefore it becomes essential to extend the capability and the life expectancy of these kind of devices in terms of energy consumption. Energy efficiency in the Internet of Things has been attracting a lot of attention from the researchers and designers over the last couple of years, paving the way for an emerging area called Green IoT.............

Key words: Key enablers, Green IoT, Impedance Source Network.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Novel Server-Side De-duplication Scheme for Encrypted Data in the Cloud
Country :: India
Authors :: Gorti Satyanarayana Murty || Monisha Padhi
Page No. :: 82-88

In cloud services, de-duplication origination is ordinarily used to diminish the space and transmission capacity pre-requisites of services by wiping out repetitive data and storing just an isolated duplicate of them. De-duplication is best when numerous clients redistribute similar data to the cloud, however it raises issues identifying with security and ownership. Verification of-possession schemes permit any owner of similar data to demonstrate to the cloud storage server that he claims the data vigorously. Be that as it may, numerous clients are probably going to scramble their data before redistributing them to the cloud storage to safeguard security, yet this hampers de-duplication due to the randomization property of encryption. In any case, the vast majority of the schemes experience the ill effects of security blemishes...........

Key words: Cloud Storage, Data de-duplicating, Secure auditing, Reliability, De-duplication.

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