May - 2019 (Volume-9 ~ Issue-5 ~ Series-3)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Analysis of Similarity Measure Techniques in Pixel Reconstruction based Video Error Concealment
Country :: India
Authors :: Ansari Vaqar Ahmed || UdayPandit Khot
Page No. :: 01-11

In this paper, the effective spatiotemporal video error concealments (ECs) based on motion vector (MV) recovery and pixel-reconstruction methods are proposed. The pixel-based motion vector with partition (PMVP) algorithm predicts MVs of lost macro-blocks (MBs) based on the distance between the lost pixels and the available pixels of the surrounding MBs. For pixel reconstruction, Modified Spiral Pixel Reconstruction (MSPR) algorithm based on directional edge recovery method using minimum and maximum distance from available pixels of surrounding MBs is proposed. Most of the literature deals with Euclidean distance for recovering MVs or lost macro-blocks (MBs). In this work, PMVP and MSPR are modified by using various distance matrices like, Squared Euclidean distance, Manhattan distance, Minkowski distance, Chebyshev distance, Mahalanobis distance (MD), Canberra distances...........

Key words: Video processing, video compression, Error Concealment, Error Resilience, H.264/HEVC codec.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Novel QB Leach Based Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network Using IOT
Country :: India
Authors :: Thilagavathi.N || Swetha.V || Aishwariya.A
Page No. :: 12-18

Heterogeneous wireless networks (HWNs) provide flexible and diversified wireless network access by integrating cellular networks, wireless LANs, and ad hoc networks with the Internet. Heterogeneous wireless sensor network is a network connecting different applications and protocols. The smart sensor nodes are used in applications like medical health care systems, industrial monitoring,environmental/earth sensing, air pollution monitoring etc. But these nodes are energy constraint devices. Efficient clustering and appropriate cluster head selection schemes are necessary to improve energy saving of sensor nodes. In this paper, dynamic cluster head selection method (DCHSM) is used where CHs are selected in two phases and network coding algorithm is implemented. Initially, QB-LEACH based Clustering is used to divide the monitoring area in polygonal shaped clusters..............

Key words: Base Station (BS), Cluster Head (CH), Dynamic Cluster Head Selection Method (DCHSM), Internet of Things (IOT), Voronoi Diagram, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN).

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Role of Alternative Prey in A Predator-Prey Model With Prey Refugia - A Mathematical Study
Country :: India
Authors :: Prodip Roy
Page No. :: 19-20

Here, we have studied mathematically the role of alternative prey in a predator-prey model with prey refugia. We have discussed the local and global stability of our system around different equilibrium points. Some numerical simulations are presented to shown significant qualitative results. Our results shown that alternative prey for predator population has an important role to control the system dynamics.

Keywords: Alternative prey, refugia, stability , stable focus, limit cycles, bifurcation.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Steel Foam Construction Ways
Country :: India
Authors :: Mohd Umair || Tanveer Ahmad Wani
Page No. :: 27-29

Steel foam quality is improved over a decade; the forms of ferrous foam are still non-uniform and have certain deficiencies. With the aim of improving the materials cellular structure and turn technologies reliable and more reproducible, it is necessary to understand the metallic systems. Both in literature and in the practical usage, a confusion pertaining to the metal foams prevails, the one that is majorly used as a metallic material that is not dense. With respect to the aqueous foams, the word foam suggests depression of bubbles of gas in liquids and the same in a semi-solid state. In this paper exclusively described construction ways of steel foam by using several additives.

Keywords: Steel foam, Material, Aqueous, Additives etc.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Rotory Internal combustion engine- A study
Country :: India
Authors :: Mohammad Arif || Umair Arif
Page No. :: 30-36

In this paper Wankel and other available rotary internal combustion engine are discussed. The benefit of rotary engine over reciprocating engine are (i)The rotor undergoing a rotary motion,crankshafts onecomplete rotation, completes four stroke cycle, this means that in full rotation of crankshaft one power stroke is delivered. Hence flywheel is not required. (ii) The need of the extra equipment that converts reciprocating motion into rotary motion such as cranks, conventional crankshaftetc will be eliminated. (iii) The internal combustion engine will be much lighter. Also this arrangement will reduce vibration that occur due to reciprocating motion of piston. Towards the culmination some recent trends of using rotary engines in micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) are also discussed.

Keywords: Rotary engine, MEMS, Wankel engine

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Transverse Current Oscillations in Semiconductors with Define Deep Traps and Two Types of Charge Carriers
Country :: Azerbaijan
Authors :: Hasanov E.R. || KhalilovaSh.G || Hasanova R.A. || Mustafayeva R.K. || Mansurova E.O.
Page No. :: 37-40

A theory of spontaneous oscillations of the current in the transverse direction of the electric field □ 𝐸0 𝑗 has been constructed. A theory of spontaneous current oscillations in the transverse direction of the electric field has been constructed. Analytical formulas for the external electric field and magnetic field are found. The frequency of current oscillations in the specified direction is less than the increment of the rise of the emerging waves inside the sample. Based on the experimental data, the frequency 𝜔0, the electric field 𝐸0, and the magnetic field 𝐻0are estimated. The characteristic frequencies included in the theory are determined by analytical expressions. The crystal size in the direction of the electric field L is of the order of 1 cm.

Keywords: electric field, magnetic field, impedance, current oscillation frequency, ohmic coefficient. PACS: 85.30.De, 76.60.Jx, 75.10.-b, 71.15.-m, 41.20.Jb

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Historic Gardens' Mosaic in Carpathian Basin. A Transylvanian case study
Country :: Poland
Authors :: Albert Fekete || Katarzyna Hodor
Page No. :: 41-51

This is an overview of a study of 100 castle gardens in Transylvania. The research has been undertaken by a substantial number of students, teachers and professionals in the Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism Budapest, Szent István University. The object was to explore and document the surviving parts of the gardens and estates of the chosen locations while evidence still exists, to complete a missing chapter in European garden history. All the available historic material was assembled, site surveys completed and a full record compiled. The result is a comprehensive overview of 400 years of garden history in the region, relating them to wider historical trends in the area and human use of the wider landscape. Also it acts as an inventory of the current state of the gardens, enabling renewal and maintenance plans to be put in place. The research won the Europa Nostra Prize in 2014.

Keywords: castle garden, garden art, garden history, historic landscape, land use

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Survey on channel estimation techniques for mm wave massive MIMO with hybrid precoding
Country :: India
Authors :: Kalyani .J || Luxy Mathews
Page No. :: 52-58

Estimating a channel has become a difficulty for a mm wave system massive MIMO system with hybrid as the number of Radio Frequency (RF) chains are less than the number of antennas. For having a super resolution for the channel estimation the true parameters have been resolved with good precision. Some of the methods used for estimating channels are Auxiliary Beam pair(ABP), Adaptive algorithm based Code book design,2 D Unitary ESPRIT and Iterative Reweight (IR). In ABP amplitude comparison is done against each auxiliary beam pair thus by obtaining the best ratio which gives way to the estimation of angles. Code book design is done by rotating and scaling a code book..............

Keywords: Hybrid precoding, Millimetre- wave (mm Wave), Channel estimation, Angle of departure(AoDs), Angle of Arrivals (AoAs), beam forming, codebook design, hybrid precoding, Auxiliary Beam Pair (ABP)

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