National Seminar cum workshop on "Data Science and Information Security 2019"

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Smart Eye for Security System
Country :: India
Authors :: Vandana Dubey || Anushka Garg
Page No. :: 01-03
Nowadays home security systems are among the major areas for research. Here, in this paper we have discussed a method to incorporate PIR sensor with face recognition and verification approach. This concept is about Smart Eye, which describes the design and implementation of sensor camera with facility for verification of captured record. Moreover, this system provides the user with reliable and efficient home security system with warning indicator. This approach may be further utilized to enhance the speed and automation of security issues of home security systems.

Keyword :Smart Eye, PIR Sensor, Face Recognition, Home Security, Indicator.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Application of Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) Algorithm in Image Apportionment
Country :: India
Authors :: Anubhav Srivastava || Dr.Bramah Hazela || Dr.Pooja Khanna || Dr. Deepak Arora
Page No. :: 04-08

In this paper, we are proposing an analysis of images via the fuzzy c-means (FCM) algorithm by performing the apportionment procedure. In an image apportionment process, images can be treated as an object and divided into sub-images of same classes, labels, and characteristics that belong to the same cluster to investigate meaningful outcomes. There are various techniques for apportionment like thresholding, clustering, interactive segment analysis, compression based, histogram, edge finding, region extension, partial differentiation based, graph-based, multi-scale, watershed, semi-automatic analysis but among these fuzzy cmeans (FCM) algorithm is one of efficient technique.............

Keywords: Image apportionment, noise sensitivity, membership function, fuzzy, histogram.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Analytical Study of ANN Modelling Based Estimation of Solar Radiation
Country :: India
Authors :: Deepa Rani Yadav || Dr. Deependra Pandey
Page No. :: 09-12

Energy provided by the sun is solar energy which is in the form of solar radiation. It is advantageous because it is renewable and sustainable source of energy which never runs out since it is a natural power source[1].Solar energy system's potential is beyond imagination with limitless advantages and minor negative impacts as there is nothing completely risk free [1]. A rough calculation that is the estimation of solar technology is done. Number of expressions, estimation models are used for proper monitoring ,utilization and and record of solar radiation data[2]. ANN are the excellent and one of the main tools used in machine learning. Artificial intelligence is the emerging trend that is basically a intelligent machine that performs and behaves like humans. ANN based models have been successfully trained to have different solar radiation variables, so as to improve the existing empirical and statistical approaches.

Keywords: Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Machine Learning, Solar Radiation Estimation.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Survival of Biological Species under The Effect of Toxins: A Study Through Mathematical Models
Country :: India
Authors :: A.K. Agrawal || Piyush Kumar Tripathi || Anuj Kumar Agarwal
Page No. :: 13-17

In this paper, we have tried to study the effect of toxins on logistically growing biological species. We have proposed some non linear mathematical models to study the effect in various cases, such as:
(i) The toxin is being emitted in to the environment by some external source.
(ii) The toxin is being discharged by the species itself.
(iii) Simultaneous effect of two toxins.
These models involve system of non linear ordinary differential equations. The qualitative analysis has been done using stability theory. These models have been simulated using MATLAB.

Keywords: Biological species, Toxins, Mathematical models, Simulation

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: IOT Based Indoor Localization with LiFi in Smart Homes
Country :: India
Authors :: Huma Khan || O P Singh
Page No. :: 18-20

In present era, the information technology is increasing day by day across the world. There are various applications of the information technologies especially in the smart homes. Smart home technology means home automation. The smart home is a well connected internet based devices to empower the remote monitoring & management of appliances such as lighting and heating etc. Smart buildings to know the location of each resident and provide secure internet facility through LiFi technology. It is thousand times faster than WiFi and provides high security as visible light cannot penetrate through the walls of the home, which leads to a new generation of optical wireless communication. These locations are aware indoor services such as path finding, IoT and location based advertising etc. The LiFi receives visible light communication through LED to realise fully automated secure network for smart homes. This paper presents the IoT based indoor localization to improve the accuracy with LiFi technology.

Keywords: Smart home, WiFi, IoT, LiFi, Accuracy

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Strategy for The Development of Information Security Policy Document: A Systematic Liteature Review
Country :: India
Authors :: Rishab Dixit || Dr Pankaj Kumar
Page No. :: 21-28

The purpose of this research paper is tofocus on strategic development of information security policy document and itsmanagement within the organization. The research work also surveyedthe ways of information security policy development and itsfunctions, development methods, policy lifecycle and scope of policy. In order to study the issue related to information security policy document and its implementation in organizations, a research analysis based on literature review is also accomplished.Thissystematic review will help all, thesecurity specialists and senior management executive of any enterprise thatplans to start development of security policy document and its implementation to make a better decision for the security of their assets.

Keywords- Information Security Policy,Organization Management and Data &Business Security.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Modernization of Power Generation and Distribution System
Country :: India
Authors :: Kamlesh Kumar Singh || Amit Kumar
Page No. :: 29-32

Last two decade has seen lot of changes in power generation and distribution sector. The use of PLC and SCADA plays instrumental role in performing load flow analysis.Today the power plants are constructed with modern techniques. This paper discuss about the modern approaches used in power sector and gives the idea about the switchyard ,oil circuit breaker ,air blast circuit breaker, vacuum circuit breaker etc. It also discusses how the boiler works and briefly describes the components of boiler. This technical paper gives the brief idea of the NTPC vindhyanchal, some of the data of the turbo generator of vindhyanchal is also given in this paper. There is a brief discussion on the transformer and switchgear which are used in modern power plants.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Mathematical Morphology and Medical Image Processing
Country :: India
Authors :: Rajan Chaturvedi || Dr. Naresh Kumar Chaudhary
Page No. :: 33-40

In the medical images such as X-ray, CT, there may be some kind of abnormal entities like cancer cells, tumor in such close proximity it is difficult to find out contrast and resolution between two entities hence diagnosis and treatment highly depends upon reliable and accurate finding of Radiologist. The medical image processing plays a crucial role in artificial detection and diagnosis of diseases along with automation of medical industry. The aim of medical image processing is to enhance contrast and resolution between closely packed entities on the basis of features like intensity value, color, texture so that visual perception can be increased. This paper introduces mathematical model of morphological operation of erosion and dilation operation with real time CT scan images with various structuring element. The erosion and dilatation operation on brain tumor images is performed with various structuring element. The results shows that affected area with tumor can be prominently distinguished from the original images obtained using CT scan.

Keywords : Mathematical Morphology, dilation and erosion

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Indian It Cos Trying To De Bug 'Foreign Exchange' `Risk
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr. Nitin Shankar || Dr. Alka Singh || Dr. Amit kr Sinha
Page No. :: 41-47

Foreign Exchange Rate Fluctuations has been boon and bane for international business. It has been established and believed that foreign exchange rate fluctuation do affect the valuation of the firm over a period of time. Small businesses dealing in foreign exchange has been wiped out due to transgression in risk management of the foreign exchange. The Indian IT industry has been the harbinger of the world's outlook towards Indian talent and skill set. It has been an extraordinary journey considering that the India missed the manufacturing boom bus thus we leap frogged an entire set of stairs to an advanced stage of IT revolution. IT multinationals has been India's Foreign Exchange Rain Man and thus the perils of foreign exchange risk also came along with it.............

Keywords- Foreign Exchange Risk Management, IT, BSE.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Secured Data Aggregation Techniques for Wireless Sensor Network
Country :: India
Authors :: Tiwari Priti Ramesh || Satish Kumar
Page No. :: 48-51

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is an arrangement of numerous sensing nodes that collects and process data from surroundings and sends them through wireless/ radio links. A sensor node may contain sensitive data especially if the network is dedicated to military applications where secured transmission of data is highly recommended. This secured transmission demand privacy which is very challenging in WSN as the network is vulnerable to attack. A security approach that can be utilized for wireless sensor network is cryptography. An efficient secret key encryption and decryption along with key management can preserve the integrity of data in transmission and reception..........

Keywords: WSN, Security, Attacks,Cryptography, RSA, ECC.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Study of Named Entity Recognition Systems in Languages
Country :: India
Authors :: Puneet Sharma || Bramah Hazela || Deepak Arora || Richa Chaturvedi
Page No. :: 52-56

The overall meaning of any elaborated text can be known by identifying some entities present in text; hence Named Entity Recognition plays a very crucial role. Detection of named entities is one of the most crucial task so in the process of message understanding. This paper focuses on the encoding schemes used by NER and the languages that NER systems have been applied to. This paper also introduces a methodology that can be used to perform sequence labelling using Conditional Random Fields.

Keyword: BIO · HMM · MEMM ·CRF · NER ·LBFGS · Recall

[1]. Mozharova V.A., Loukachevitch N.V. (2017) Combining Knowledge and CRF-Based Approach to Named Entity Recognition in Russian. In: Ignatov D. et al. (eds) Analysis of Images, Social Networks and Texts. AIST 2016. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 661. Springer, Cham
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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Automatic Level Control of LPG Leakage
Country :: India
Authors :: Devika Chaudhary || Pallavi Asthana || Sumita Mishra
Page No. :: 57-60

Liquified Petroleum Gas is major fuel for cooking in India.It is a mixture of two gases; Propane and Butane. Even a miniscule leakage in LPG gas cylinders in unventilated area over a significant amount of time can create hazardous conditions to anyone comes in contact.In this paper, a feedback system has been devised that will sense the level of LPG and when the level is beyond a permissible limit, it will switch -on the exhaust fan for proper ventilation. System also consist of transmitter and receiver system to send warning to the local office .This is an energy efficient system as controlling of exhaust fan will be based on the Sensor signal . When the level of above mentioned gas will be more than 530 ppm, it will be switched ON.

Keyword: LPG monitoring, MQ-06 Sensor, Automatic level Control..

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Image Processing Based Implementation of Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for crop monitoring Using Drone Technology
Country :: India
Authors :: Richa Srivastava || Anil Kumar || OP singh
Page No. :: 61-63

Increasing crop productivity is the most challenging issue in India so we usingDrone technology. Drone technology is the best device as compared to other devices. Drone is small in size and having the ability to fly without any pilot. Crops,soils and folded areas images are captured through drone camera.There are lots of advantages in different fields as like agriculture for better products in urban areas andsurveillance for highly security sensitive areas such as presidents house, nuclear plants,military areas, commercial areas and tracking for criminal activities in smuggling of illicit materials, vehicle tracking. To avoid human's health problems when they spray manually uses are help to spray pesticides. UAV drone technology isutilizing in domains and bodies that is aerial imaging armed forces, logistics, emergency services, and agriculture. In this paper we focused onthe Implementation of Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for inspection, measuring in crop monitoring.

Keyword: Object tracking, Drone technology, Image processing, image analysis.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Real Time AI Intervention for Improving Disruptive Road Traffic Conditions
Country :: India
Authors :: Sanjay Devkishan Taneja
Page No. :: 64-69

The Simulation of computer's smart and intelligent behavior has already been observed and experienced by almost all of us. With the advent of the challenging concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machines have become so far successful of imitating intelligent behavior of human beings. The revolution that has come because of the introduction of AI systems has been widely accepted and has truly spread lots of excitement in our society. AI enabled road traffic management is the topic to focus upon which still has huge scope of ground level improvement. First and foremost, commuters must obey the rules without which any system to control traffic would go in vain but as our country has risen in stature towards a more higher position in the world both technologically and economically, the moment has come to carefully steer the traffic conditions using best possible AI techniques to surpass the threats and challenges that it is likely to face along the way from daily commuters............

Keyword: AI Based Systems, Intelligent Transportation System, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Traffic Jam, Signal, Road CongestionControl System.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Machine Learning and Enculturation: Perspective of International Human Rights in China
Country :: India
Authors :: Abhivardhan || Dr. Ritu Agarwal
Page No. :: 70-74

The primacy of ML algorithms has proved it way suffice that it entails due considerations and ontologies on the formation and normativity of the semantic possibilities and dimensionality that they possess. The advent of algorithmic policing, has indicated a special outset, which is seen in the province of Xinjiang, China, concerning with corporate-based CX measures employed towards the due recognition and endurance of multiplicity of identities to exist. It is human privacy issue, where ML algorithms are employed towards generic utilities by governments and corporates in the West and other states, with their semantic freedoms. However, with no answerable solutions in the realm of international cyber law, and lack of active considerations of data protection laws, the enculturation of machine learning entails............

Keyword: International Human Rights Law, Enculturation, Machine Learning, Cultural Rapprochement, Algorithmic Policing.

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