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IOSR-JEN : Frequently Asked Questions

Ans : As IOSR journals are the group of 365 reviewers who belongs to different research areas, IOSR review process takes only 7 days.

Ans : It takes only 20 days after acceptance of article.

Ans : There is no any charge of submission of article in IOSR's Journals.
If article is accepted than author have to pay fees with following detail:

Standard Authors  USD 75 / INR 3200
If You want to get hard copy of Journal then he have to pay 600 INR / 45 USD extra.

Ans : Anybody can submit their article anytime. It would publish in the next upcoming issue within One month.

Ans : Yes, IOSR Journal of Engineering provides hard copy of issue after the publication.

Authors are requested to submit their articles through

The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence.

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