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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Application of Cyber Physical System in Automating Air Conditioning Systems
Country :: India
Authors :: Okstynn Rodrigues || Shahesta Ahmed
Page No. :: 01-07

Cyber- Physical Systems have revolutionized the way people interact with engineered systems. They represent an intricate interplay between the physical and cyber domains. In this paper we first look at safety and security associated with a CPS. Security issues in Cyber Physical Systems based applications are of paramount importance due to the often safety- critical nature associated with them. A first step in understanding how to protect such systems requires an understanding of emergent weaknesses that are often overlooked during the implementation phase and design phase. This paper documents the potential threats that could cause disruption in the functioning of an Air Conditioner and programming fixes to resolve them.

Keyword : Cyber- Physical Systems, Safety, Security Attack, Threats, Vulnerability issues

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Jute/Kevlar Epoxy Nanocomposites: Effect of Clay Treatment on Dynamic Mechanical Properties
Country :: India
Authors :: Bhanupratap R || H C Chittappa
Page No. :: 08-14

The morphology and dynamic mechanical properties of jute/Kevlar epoxy nanocomposites are depicted. 3mm thickened laminates made of jute and Kevlar layers were manufactured by utilizing montmorillonite (nanoclay) which is at 3wt% blended with the epoxy (matrix material) in the mechanical stirrer at the rate of 500 RPM amid creation. The laminates so acquired were exposed to the dynamic mechanical thermal analysis at a fixed recurrence of 1 Hz over a temperature scope of 30 – 180°C. The volume portion of fibers ran somewhere in the range of 0.21 and 0.25. The fortifying impact for the two fibers were in the substitute request for the laminates L2, L3 and L4 when contrasted with the laminate L1 comprising of jute layers. The laminates comprising of shifting layers of Kevlar demonstrated higher storage modulus...........

Keywords: Jute, Kevlar, montmorillonite, epoxy, storage modulus, loss modulus, tan delta, glass transition temperature

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: E-Tricycle
Country :: India
Authors :: Yashesh D. Kambli || Anish J. Motekar || Jagpreet Singh Bhatia || Varsha S. Desai || Laxmikant Bordekar || Vijaya Hadfadkar || Harish Sinai Velingkar
Page No. :: 15-19

In most of the Educational/Industrial campuses, travel-ling from one department to another becomes a very hectic and time consuming task, as they are situated distance apart and using our personal vehicles just adds on to the pollution around the cam-pus. To cut off the pollution as well as reduce human efforts we have come up with an E-tricycle. This is totally Eco-Friendly. The purpose of this project is to introduce an E-tricycle that can be used as a mode of transport within the campus. Mainly, to as-sist/guide the new visitor to successfully reach the destination without misleading the path. The E-tricycle will be initially parked at the entrance of the campus gate and each cycle will have its spe-cific ID............

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Cyber Security & Role of Cyber Law
Country :: India
Authors :: Asst.Prof.Rajesh Gauns || Asst.Prof.Nora Naik
Page No. :: 20-23

Considering modern era and Wide spread use of Internet Technology & Information Technology has given a new rise to dimension of communication today. This has cemented a new way for e-commerce, internet technology, e-solutions etc., which has led to reduction of costs. Many users of internet technology which are termed as cyber punks, crackers, hackers, have been able spread their roots to interfere with the internet accounts through various techniques of cyber-attacks and get admittance to the user's computer system and use that data to gain profits from stolen information. As Internet Technology is evolving with tremendous development in hardware sectors, internet alone can be used as a tool for betterment of a society or can be used as a tool to harm any individual/group/organization/nation..............

Keywords: Cyber Security, Cyber Law, Attacks, Hackers.


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Experimental Study of Sawdust Filled and Ribbed Stainless Steel Tubular Crash Structures
Country :: India
Authors :: Shiva Krishna J || PrabhudevMallapur || Dr. P Dinesh || Prasanna Kattimani
Page No. :: 25-30

Analysis of crashworthy structures has been a primary realm of interest for many researchers for quite a few years now. The quest for a better energy absorbing structure has led researchers to carryout various analysis procedures experimentally and also by simulating the characteristics. This study presents an approach for the improvement of crashworthiness in thin walled stainless-steel tubes. The crashworthiness of saw dust filled and ribbed tubes are investigated by subjecting it to a quasi-static axial compression loading. The experimental results of circular cross section thin walled tubes are compared with that of square ones. The main objective is to provide a better energy absorbing structure which results in passive safety of the passengers.

Keywords: Crashworthiness, Energy absorption, Quasi-static test, Thin-walled structure.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Review on Small Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
Country :: India
Authors :: Rohan Manjrekar || AsmitaBagade || B.S. Kothavale
Page No. :: 31-34

With over exploitation of rapid depletion of fossil fuels and the increasing need for the use of nonrenewable resources for fuel, Wind energy has been one of the most accepted source of new electricity generation and holds a major share in the renewable market. There has been extensive research done on large wind turbines and numerous onshore and offshore wind farms installed across the world. Along with the large turbines, the work on small turbines has also been considerable. This paper reviews the small wind turbine in terms of its performance, the material and on the aerodynamics of blade profiles.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Convex Optimization in Power Distribution Networks
Country :: India
Authors :: Suneetha N P || Dr, Surendra S
Page No. :: 35-43

The optimal power flow (OPF) problem is a critical problem for power generation and is generally non-convex. This paper mainly focuses on the tree topology of the distribution networks. It studies the two-bus network with fixed and variable voltage magnitudes. Simulation has been done in Matlab. The result shows that the OPF problem can be treated as a convex problem if one or more voltage magnitudes is fixed in a two-bus network.

Keywords: Index Terms—convex optimization, OPF, tree networks

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Survey on Convex Optimization in Power Distribution Networks
Country :: India
Authors :: Suneetha N P || Dr, Surendra S
Page No. :: 44-48

The purpose of this paper is to present a comprehensive survey of various optimization methods used to solve OPF problems.This paper is concerned with the minimum cost flow problem over an arbitrary flow network. Each node is, associated with some possibly unknown injection, each line has two unknown flows at its ends related to each other via a nonlinear function, and all injections and flows need to satisfy certain box constraints. This problem, named (GNF), due to its nonlinear equality constraints. Under the assumption of monotonicity and convexity of the flow and cost functions, a convex relaxation is proposed A primary application of this work is in optimization over power networks. Recent work on the (OPF) problem has shown that this non-convex problem can be solved efficiently using (SDP) after two approximations.........

Keywords : Optimal power flow, lossynetwork, power distribution network. convex optimization, Semidefinite programming (SDP) method, convex relaxation, global optimization.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Data Preprocessing and Analysis for H-1b Visa Petitions
Country :: India
Authors :: Tanvi Kulkarni || Gauri Nayak || Rachana Devasthali || Nikita Dhuri || Saishree Godbole || Razia Sardinha || Derrick Nazareth
Page No. :: 49-54

H-1B Visa in United States allows employers to employ foreign skilled workers in specialty occupations. This paper addresses the approach to analyze the effect of different attributes in determining the success of the petition and study the different trends in the scenario. We also aim to predict the outcome of a given petition based on various attributes such as employer name, soc_name, wages, filing year and the worksite. As the H-1B visa category is one of the highly coveted ones, this approach can be used by both the individual and the employer in between applying for the visa and getting the final decision to be informed of the outcome before it occurs.

Keywords- H-1B Visa, Data analysis, Data visualizations, Data preprocessing, Data mining.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Survey on Load Balancing Algorithms
Country :: India
Authors :: Darryl G.S. Pereira || Louella Mesquita Colaco || Ravina Rodrigues
Page No. :: 55-58

Load Balancing is a common feature used in distributed systems to distribute workload on multiple servers. A wide range of load balancing algorithms have been used to implement this concept. There exists algorithms like Round Robin, Min-Min etc which have been tried and tested. This paper aims to summarize the pros and cons of these commonly used algorithms.

Keywords: Load Balancing, Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems, Genetic Algorithm, Comparison

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