2nd National Conference of Recent Trends in Computer Science and Information Technology

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Intranet Exam Engine
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Minakshee Chandankhede || Nikita Sahare || Prashik Masarkar || Sapna Chouksey
Page No. :: 01-04
This Intranet Exam Engine is a software solution, which allows any industry or institute to arrange, conduct and manage examinations via an offline environment. It can be done through the Intranet and Local Area Network environments. Some of the problems faced during manual examination systems are the delays occurred in result processing, filing poses a problem, filtering of records is difficult. Maintenance of the system is also very easy and save lot of time and effort. Offline examination is one of the crucial parts for offline education system. It is efficient, fast enough and reduces the large amount of material resource. An intranet exam engine is based on the web-portal. This project describes the principle of the system, presents the main functions of the system, analyses the auto-generating test paper algorithm, and discusses the security of the system.

Keyword :Intranet, LAN, offline education

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: UAV Drone for Object Detection and Identification with Flight Stability
Country :: India
Authors :: Shashank Singh || Renua Tekam || Vikramaditya Thakur || Prof. Vikrant Chole
Page No. :: 05-10

This paper describes the improvements in surveillance, using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), when integrated with the "capabilities" of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The system relies on Convolution Neural Network based deep learning model to detect and identify entities such as humans, animals, and vehicles in a noisy environment. The system also uses multiple instances of a closed loop feedback algorithm called the Proportional Integral and Derivative (PID) to achieve a high degree of flight stability and thus capable of tracking objects, up to certain degrees of automaticity and to balance the flight dynamics of the system

Keywords: UAV, Autonomous, Surveillance, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Network.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Survey on Discovery of Sequential Pattern
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. AnkitaBidwaikar
Page No. :: 11-14

Sequential pattern mining is one of the essential technique in data mining which is concerned with finding statistically related patterns between the examples of data, where the values are delivered in a sequence. It is presumed that the values are discrete, and thus time series mining is closely related, but usually considered a different activity. The discovery of sequential Pattern is a special case of structured data mining. There are several key traditional computational problems addressed within this field including indexes for sequence information and building efficient databases, extracting the occurring patterns frequently, comparing sequences for similarity, and recovering missing sequence members. The sequence mining problems can be classified as string mining which is typically based on string processing algorithms and itemset mining which is typically based on association rule learning. Local process models extend sequential pattern mining to more complex patterns that can include choices, loops, and concurrency constructs in addition to the sequential ordering construct.

Keywords: String Mining, Itemset Mining, Association Rule Learning


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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Data Mining: Past, Present and Future
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Dhiraj N. Shembekar || Prof. Sudhir Juare
Page No. :: 15-20

Knowledge has played a significant role in every sphere of human life. To acquire knowledge we have to analyze the unlimited data that is available to us in various formats in the form of databases. Data mining is a technology that blends traditional data analysis methods with sophisticated algorithms for processing large volumes of data. Data mining roots are traced back along three family lines: classical statistics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The term "Data mining" was introduced in the 1990s, but data mining is the evolution of a field with a long history. Term "Knowledge Discovery in Databases" for Information Harvesting...........

Keywords: Knowledge, Data Mining

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Study of Information Retrieval Systems
Country :: India
Authors :: Mrs. Rashmi G.Dukhi
Page No. :: 21-24

Information has become the most significant source of our day-to-day life. Information available on internet may create some confusion among its users because of its diversity. In order to get proper and exact information from internet, users need to know the effective techniques and strategies. This paper focuses on the functional process of retrieval which help users to get the required information and also to save their valuable time. This paper also contains the examples in which information retrieval techniques are used.

Keywords: Information retrieval; Search process; Search strategies; Retrieval techniques

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Overview of Electronic Test System
Country :: India
Authors :: ShubhamKanojiya || Suhasini Surjuse || Pranali Ganvir || Prof. Satish Pusdekar
Page No. :: 25-28

Technology has maintained online tests successfully for a number of years, and has gradually enhanced the online examination process over the years. Offline examinations has various demerits.Electronic Test System is a website which will conduct online tests. The main idea of electronic test system is to manage any individual to become an admin and conduct test of specific candidates.

Keywords- Online Examinations, Examiner Admin, Website

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Electronic Test System (ETS)
Country :: India
Authors :: Saurabh Sutar || Prachi Sontakke || Prof. Satish Pusdekar
Page No. :: 29-36

The electronic test system (ETS) will assist in speeding up the process of conducting assessment. Examiner will be able to conduct exams by integrating a set of questions. The questions can be multiple choice questions or text solution to the questions. The methodology will have the potential to do automated processing of the results of assessment based on the question which admin has put into database. The methodology will have brainy capabilities to pick the writing based solutions when not only there is an exact match, but it will also find out same solutions by verifying/scanning the synonyms of the words used in the solution. The ETS methodology engine will also avail us with the manual override specification where the examiner can manually pick up or update the result for an exam. The methodology will present an effortless to use interface for examiner, Candidates and Super Admin. Any person can act as an examiner or candidate. Once logged in, candidate will be able to see the assessments due and can take the assessment..............

Keywords- Examination, Examiner, Candidate, Super Admin, Manual Override, Automated System.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Green Computing Utilization for Optimizing Business Operations
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr. Prof. PrafullaKarande
Page No. :: 37-40

Green Computing (or Green IT) is considered to be the environmentally responsible manner for businesses to acquire, use and dispose of technology resources. While the term also applies to those systems and devices used at home and for leisure activities, commercial organizations make a much larger footprint on the environment in general. Green computing refers to the practice and procedures ofusing computing resources in an environment friendly way while maintaining overall computing performance. Global warming is on the rise and the average temperature of the Earth's climate system is getting disturbed due to wide range of factors. Climate change and associated impacts vary from region to region across the globe. Nowadays, weather behavior is becoming extremely unpredictable throughout the globe. Green computing plans often include the implementation of energy-efficient central processing units.............

Keywords- Green Computing, Environment and Virtualization.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Several Problems in Multimedia Technology in Advanced Mathematics Teaching
Country :: India
Authors :: Usha Kosarkar
Page No. :: 41-44

The application of multimedia technology in advanced mathematics teaching has become a tendency, and it meets with some dispute during the process of application. In this article, we will analyse the position and superiority of multimedia technology in advanced mathematics teaching, and traditional teaching and traditional teaching. Besides, we will also study the problems about how to make the proper application of multimedia technology in advanced mathematics teaching.

Keywords: Advanced mathematics; Multimedia technology, Auxiliary teaching.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: An Evolutionary Approach for Intrusion Detection Using Genetic Algorithm Operators
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms. Kanchan Gawande || Ms. Yamini Laxane
Page No. :: 45-49

today the growths of information technology and internet users impact the importance of data on the network. For every organization operational as well as history data play very important role thus it a valuable asset to any organization. But unfortunately the threat (Intrusion) to the same is also exploding rapidly. Special & new types of attacks are introduced day by day. So the need for better and more efficient intrusion detection systems increases. The primary problem with current intrusion detection systems (IDS) is high rate of false alarms. There is lot of techniques and areas which plays vital role in building security applications. In this paper we presents evolutionary algorithm technique i.e. Genetic Algorithm for Intrusion Detection System. It also provides a concise introduction to the parameters and evolution process of a GA and how to implement it in real IDS.

Keywords: DDOS Attack, Evolutionary algorithm, GA-RIDS, Genetic Algorithm, Intrusion, IDS, threats

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Investigating SEO Tools for Effective Web Page Design
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms. Sandhya Dahake || Dr. V. M Thakre || Dr. PradeepButey
Page No. :: 50-55

Search engine optimization techniques, often shortened to SEO, should lead to first positions in organic search results. Some optimization techniques do not change over time, yet still form the basis of SEO. However, as the Internet and web design evolves dynamically, new optimization techniques arise and die. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques for optimizing the content of the Web sites in such a way that appears higher in the result page which results in increasing the traffic and revenue for the Web site. Several factors and techniques will be used to boost the ranking appearance of a Web site in search engines. With this webpage Search engine optimization (SEO) involves designing, writing, and coding a webpage in a way that helps to improve the volume and quality of traffic to your webpage from people using search engines.............

Keywords:Crawler Technology, Keyword Selection, Module, SEO-techniques, Web page,

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: The Recent Changes in Big Data Analysis
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Prashant Dupate
Page No. :: 56-58

With the explosion of data sizes, the domain of big data is gaining enormous and prevalent popularity and research worldwide. The big data as well as big data repository possesses some peculiar attributes. Perhaps, analysis of big data is a common phenomenon in today's scenario and there are many approaches with positive aspects for this purpose. However, they lack the support to deal conceptual level. There are numerous challenges related to the performance of big data analysis. Precisely, these challenges are mainly related to enhance the effectiveness of big data analysis and optimum utilization of resources. Indeed, the lack of runtime level indicates the unawareness of various..........

Keywords: Hybrid Power Control System (HPCS), Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), relays, contactors.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Classification Model Using Artificial Bee Colony Optimization Technique
Country :: India
Authors :: Deoshree D. Diwathe
Page No. :: 59-65

Data mining is a process of extracting and analyzing the large quantities of the dataset and discovering useful knowledge. Discovered Knowledge is useful for creating predictive structure. Classification Technique is useful to analyze and classify the set of data and generate the classified model. In this research, decision tree classifier with the greedy approach is implemented. With the help of greedy approach, the decision for each and every attributes gives perfect classification result But, the Greedy approach is generating a number of IF-THEN rules and proposed system is getting very complex and taking more time for classifying the data. Artificial Bee Colony optimization algorithm is combining with............

Keywords: Data Mining, Classification technique, Decision Tree Classifier with the greedy approach, Confusion Matrix, Artificial Bee Colony Optimization Algorithm (ABC Optimization Algorithm).

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design of Real Time Analytics with Intelligent Query Adviser in Big Data and Analytics
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Vaibhav R. Bhedi
Page No. :: 66-68

In view of Big data analytics, The Real-Time Analytics enables the business to leverage information and analysis as events are unfolding [1]. It included proposed Intelligent Query Adviser, interactive dash board, Event processing and advanced Analytics. Intelligent Query Adviser can find contents of required analysis. Intelligent Query Adviser can determine the expected result. The Intelligent Query Adviser will be used to suggest the query depend on analyst thought. It will be included in interaction layer of Big data Architecture. The suggested queries from Intelligent Query Adviser will be based on thought of analyst with availability of big data. So it will help analyst to know the availability of data in big data.

Keywords: Intelligent Query, Analytics, Big Data

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Study on SEO with Webpage Design
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms. Sandhya Dahake || Dr. V. M Thakare || Dr. PradeepButey
Page No. :: 69-74

The time, information available on tip of finger webpage plays important role. A web page design is the most successful when it appeals to the lowest common denominator- that is, people who do not understand how to use computers must be able to navigate the web page's layout. With this webpage Search engine optimization (SEO) involves designing, writing, and coding a webpage in a way that helps to improve the volume and quality of traffic to your webpage from people using search engines. Good web page design is entirely determined by the way the end user interacts with the design. End users must not only find the site attractive enough to stay, but they must also be able to use and navigate the site quickly and easily, or they won't return.

Keywords: Crawler Technology, Keyword Selection, SEO-tools, Strategies, Web page,

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Identifying User Details Captured Through Social Media
Country :: India
Authors :: Amit Pimpalkar || Rajat Thakare || Aman Laxane || Suraj Raut || Simran Lande || Payal Dhapodkar || Mayur Joshi
Page No. :: 75-79

There is no all things considered framework accessible which will catch the item at runtime and foresee its data. We are building up this product which will catch the item picture, and contrast caught picture and the informational collection of web-based social networking and foresee client data. Like: Person Name, Address, DOB, Hobbies and so forth. Online life information is plainly the biggest, most extravagant and generally unique. By utilizing this immense dataset of web based life we can recover data of any individual just by catch the picture by an android gadget. In this proposed framework we use Viola-Jones Algorithm to identify the essences of the individual.............

Keywords: Image Capture, Face Detection, Viola-Jones Algorithm, Dataset Collection, Information Retrieval

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Survey on Data Security in Network Flow Using Obfuscation Technique
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms. Dikshaa. Rangari || Prof. Rashmi Dukhi
Page No. :: 80-83

An application encompasses network modeling and simulation, recognition of privacy assaults, and formalization of research results. Indeed, existing techniques for network flow sanitization are vulnerable to different kinds of attacks, and solutions proposed for micro data anonymity cannot be directly applied to network traces. In our previous research, we proposed an obfuscation technique for network flows, providing formal confidentiality guarantees under realistic assumptions about the adversary's knowledge. Put forward an obfuscation technique that leads to confidential guarantee of IP address thus securing the sensitive data. In this paper, we identify the threats posed by the incremental............

Keywords:Security, Incremental release, Obfuscation, Code Security, Code obfuscation techniques, Privacy

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