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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design & Development of L-Sealer Machine
Country :: India
Authors :: Shrinath Mahadev Patil-Mangore || Mangesh Mohan Mane || Nikhil Ramchandra Mane || Shubham Siddhu Misal || Abhinav Dipak Patil
Page No. :: 01-06
Packaging machines are used because a machine can wrap items more quickly, more neatly and more consistently than human being and at a fraction of the cost. One type of machine is used to cover wholly or partially individual items or collected groups of items with a flexible material, i.e. paper, metal foil, plastic or cellulose film. Machines also included in this category are those that collate and distribute items in readiness for covering, those that fill cases, those that prepare the materials and containers used in packaging and those that seal the covering. It is a class of packaging machine. The term is generally used for those packaging machines that cover small items or collations of small items, with paper, foil or plastic film and involve folding and forming the wrapping material to provide a closed envelope, often at high speed. As regards this series of notes, for example, carton erectors, cartooning machines and case packers are packaging machines, but not wrapping machines.

Keyword :Automatic packing , wrapping, cartooning, envelope

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: An Experimental Study of Evacuated Tube Solar Collector by using Supercritical CO2 as Working Fluid
Country :: India
Authors :: Shrinath M. Patil || Samanjas J. Palshetkar || Rohit M. Mahadik || Sujeet S. Sisal || Yashrajsingh R. Kirad
Page No. :: 07-12

A solar collector using supercritical CO2 as working fluid is proposed in this paper in order to understand heating of water to increase effective heating of collector for longer duration. The selection of a working fluid plays a very significant role in the development of an efficient, cost effective, and environment friendly solar water heating system.CO2 is one of the most promising alternative natural refrigerants. For supercritical carbon dioxide, a small change in temperature or pressure can result in large change in density, especially in the state close to the critical point, thus natural convective flow of the supercritical carbon dioxide can be easily induced by solar heating.............

Keywords: Solar Evacuated Tube, Supercritical Co2, Solar Radiation, Copper Tubes, Natural Circulation of Co2

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: CFD Simulation of Modified Ceiling Fan
Country :: India
Authors :: S.N.Tapase || G.N.Tale || A.S.Patki || A.D.Tambi || N.R.Warade
Page No. :: 13-17

A parametric study of ceiling fans is carried out with the objective to improve flow field variables and fan efficiency. Ceiling fans provide cooling to indoor occupants as well as improve their thermal comfort in warm environments at the low energy consumption. Understanding indoor air distribution related with ceiling fans helps designs during ceiling fans are used. The performance indicators such as velocity profile, mass flow rate, torque, rated air delivery and service value are calculated. Different cases of rake angles are considered and compared to the baseline geometry. If several ceiling fans are installed symmetrically in the classroom, there might be an increase in airflow velocity at the center of the classroom and the supply air from airconditioner will be not spread horizontally but turns downward............

Keywords: CFD analysis, Ceiling fan, Air circulation, Velocity and Pressure, Blade angle, Motor, Air flow, Flow distribution.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Wireless ROBOT with Electromagnetic Gun for Security& Surveillance Purpose
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Shital bhosale || Atul Idate || Aditya Jadhav || HrishikeshChavan || Mahedi Hannure
Page No. :: 18-24

Many advances in electromagnetic (EM) rail gun and power supply technology have been made in recent years. Laboratory experiments with rail guns have demonstrated muzzle velocities of 2–3 km/s and muzzle energies 8 MJ. The extension of this technology to the muzzle velocities (7500 m/s) and energies (10 GJ) needed for the direct launch of payloads into orbit is very challenging, but may not be impossible. For launch to orbit, even long launchers (1000 m) would need to operate at accelerations 1000 gees to reach the required velocities, so that it would only be possible to launch rugged payloads, such as fuel, water, and material. A rail gun system concept is described here and technology development issues are identified. Estimated launch costs could be attractively low ($600/kg) compared with the Space Shuttle ( $20 000/kg), provided that acceptable launch rates can be achieved. Further evaluations are needed to establish the technical and economic feasibility with confidence.

Keywords:Electromagnetic Rail Gun, Robotics, unmanned ground vehicle (UGV)

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Preparation of Brake Disc Setup and Analyzing Its Dynamic and Thermal Characteristics
Country :: India
Authors :: Y.S. Khairnar || C.K. Batwal || V.H.Shinde || V.V.Khedekar || R.S.Dantkale || R.B.Ghadge
Page No. :: 25-29

Braking is the process which converts kinetic energy of the vehicle into mechanical energy which must be disc brake is the device for deaccelerating or stopping the rotation of wheel. A brake disk usually made up of cast iron or ceramic composites is connected to wheel or the axel friction material in form of brake pads (mounted on a device called brake caliper) is forced mechanically, hydraulically or pneumatically or electromagnetically against both sides of disc to stop wheel the present research basically deals with modeling and analysis of solid and ventilated disc brake using pro e or ANSYS . Finite element (FE)models of the brake disc are created using Pro–E which is based on finite element method in the research analysis is preferred in order to find strength of the disc brake. In structural analysis disc brake the displacement ultimate stress limit is found and the thermal flux is calculated.

Keywords: Disc Brake,CATIA, ANSYS, Thermal Flux, Break Torque, Disc Brake Rotor

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Manufacturing of Die for RM-800 Oil Tank Cover
Country :: India
Authors :: Dhumal G S || Gandhi S S || Jagtap A D || Bhapkar S S
Page No. :: 30-36

Now a days sheet metal working processes are widely used in almost all industries like automotive, defense, mechanical industries. Also, sheet metal working processes are predominantly used as various reasons not only for industrial purpose but also utilized for commercial purpose as well. For that many people are working in developing the new trends using their innovative ideas. Especially in die design, many die sets are made for different functions such as progressive die, compound die etc. This project is also based on new design of die punch. The main aim of this project is to design a new die with interchangeable punches also reduce the weight of material by means of changing the material of die set. The project mainly focuses on different operations done on single die set in a single stroke of press...........

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Experimental Analysis of 3600 Rotation Wheels
Country :: India
Authors :: Hombal P || Holey S || Chormale P || Mali V || Burute S || Wagh K
Page No. :: 37-42

The design and fabrication of 360 degree wheel rotation vehicle using DC motor and steering is done to reduce time to turn from one direction to other direction. This vehicle can move in all direction at a same position by use of RF transmitter-receiver principle, steering, sprocket, DC motor, bearing and chain drive. Main function of this vehicle is easy to rotate the wheels of vehicle in all 360 degree angle position. Modern development and economical progression of Indian society resulted in increase of people on railway platform; increase of vehicle on the road due to space constraints, in hospital is major problem of the country. Present study aims for development of a system to reduce the turning radius of vehicle. In this system at first vehicle is stopped and wheels are then turned in the required direction with help of steering system and DC motor. It has turning radius nearly equal to negligible of length of the vehicle itself. This vehicle used to carry the goods in various areas such as, railway platform, hospital, industries and market.

Keywords- DC Motors, RF transmitter, Bearing & chain drive, steering sprocket

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Smart Treadmill Machine
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. S.B.Pawar || Vaibhav. V. Gayake || Prasad. A. Ghegade || Pragati. B. Gundal || Aniket. C. Gajmal || Anil. S. Shinde
Page No. :: 43-47

This paper deals with the modification of conventional treadmill which is present in the market. Treadmills which are developed in ancient time were large in size and we do not carry with us. So, we design such Smart treadmill which is foldable and portable. We design frame of that treadmill which having three parts, known as base plates of treadmill. In that one base plate is going to fold on other with the help of hinge connection and both folding base plates of frame going to slide over other plate through provided channels by sliding mechanism. The design consists of 2 HP DC motor, two rollers, locking brackets, side brackets, shaft, bearing and treadmill belt. Our main objective is to overcome all disadvantages present in the conventional treadmill with reducing its size, making portable and reducing large space requirement problem of the society Hence our smart treadmill is perfect for today's smart homes which having requirement of compact equipment.

Keywords-Smart Treadmill, Foldable, Portable, Locking Brackets, Side Brackets, Base Plate, DC Motor, Hinge connection, Sliding mechanism.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Application of Sunflower Biodiesel For Enhancement of Characteristics of Diesel
Country :: India
Authors :: Aboli D Halwe || Kiran S Kakde || Sumit V Jadhav || Piyush P Garud || Rishikesh V Jagtap
Page No. :: 48-53

Bio-Diesel is defined as a fuel comprised of monoalkyl ester of long chain fatty acids derived from vegetable oil or animal fats. It is made by using chemical reaction of vegetable oil and alcohol which produce fatty acid ester. It is basically a ecofriendly, alternative fuel for the compression ignition engine & mainly known as "B" factor which denotes amount of biodiesel in any fuel mixture.one of the promising substitute source of energy fuel in the transportation sector due to rapid depletion of petroleum reserves on one side and increased demand of energy as well as environmental pollution hazards on the other side. The addition of biodiesel to the diesel significantly improves the properties and it contributes to enhanced performance .This study investigate the use of Sunflower biodiesel. Experiments were conducted to study the effect of different blends of Sunflower biodiesel on the performance and emission characteristics of diesel engine at different operating conditions.

Keywords: Sunflower Biodiesel,Emission Parameters, Blended Fuels

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Manufacturing of 3 Axis Portable Drilling Machine
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. A.D.Halwe || Siddheshwar Chattar || Vipul Chaudhari || Darshan Chavan || Suraj Biradar
Page No. :: 54-57

Lift is a simple mechanical device used to raise element or object from ground level to a certain height to perform a specific work with maximum load and minimum efforts. This project describes the design and fabrication of scissor lift which will be operated on DC motors for drilling application. . In the present market the fix drilling machine are available & in most of the industries the drilling is done manually. It requires man power & more skilled workers. For drilling at different position we need either a manual process or more drilling machine. The former one consumes lot of time the later is quite costlier. For portable drilling we net to move the spindle in all three directions. For this we used lead screw, scissor mechanism etc. In our machine we have made lead screw arrangement, scissor mechanism, motors etc. Thus based on the functional
and economical aspects we have fabricated a unique machine.

Keywords: lift, portable drilling machine, spindle, scissor mechanism.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Rejection Analysis of High Pressure Die Casting Component By Reverse Engineering
Country :: India
Authors :: Khairnar Y.S || Amale N.M || Bake Rahul.S || Bandal O. N || Shendage S.R
Page No. :: 58-62

There are number of manufacturing process, but the one of the best manufacturing process used in the industry is die casting. The die casting also includes various types like hot chamber die casting, cold chamber die casting and gravity die casting. The die casting process is influenced by parameters like product to be manufactured, rate of production, quality of production, etc. Depending on these parameters one of the die casting process is used.An important factor for obtaining defect free pressure diecast parts is good design of the feeding system. Feeding system is a path of flow of molten alloy during filling of casting. In this project a systematic approach has been developed to design feeding system for a high pressure die-casting die.This involved studying current design practices in the industry and translating............

Keywords: die casting, MAGMA, SCON-200.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Special Purpose Machine for Pressure testing of hydraulic valve
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof.M.C.Patil || Rajkumar.M.Suryawanshi || Akshay.D.Morale || Gaurav.I. Sapriya || Ganesh.S.Dhanorkar
Page No. :: 63-66

Technical standards define operational limits for hydraulic parameters such as velocity or pressure. On this way, pressure control is a fundamental component for safe operation at water supply systems, mainly to reduce leakage, risk of disruptions and maintenance costs. All valves are inspected and tested by the manufacturer to ensure that they conform to the required valve leakage standards. In addition, optional testing can be requested by the purchaser, and regular testing is critical for ongoing valve maintenance and safety. In many cases it is recommended that valves are tested at an
interval of no longer than 12 months. However, the specific interval may vary based on the valve condition, the service condition, and the desired level of performance.............

Keywords: pressure gauge , PLC Cabinet , high pressure pump, high flow pump, hydraulic gate valve

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Development of Hydro-Pnumatic System
Country :: India
Authors :: A.N Shaikh || SandipJadhav || RohitBhosale || Anand bhadarge || VyankateshGole
Page No. :: 67-71

Our hydro-pneumatic lifting machine works on both pneumatic and hydraulic system. We give pneumatic pressure as a input to Dutta pump. It increases hydraulic pressure with the help pneumatic pressure. This hydraulic pressure output is use in single acting cylinder to lift any components and many other applications.

Keywords: hydraulic system,pneumaticsystem,dutta pump.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Manufacturing a Vehicle with Sprayer and Grass Cutter for Lawn Application
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Dhaware P.A. || Chotave M.B. || Lokhande A.R. || Patil V.H. || Pable A.M
Page No. :: 72-76

The Project aims on the design, development and the fabrication of the vehicle which can pump and spray water and pesticide and also cut grass with height adjustment. These whole systems of the vehicle work with the battery power, the vehicle is controlled by switch. Water pump is used to spray the water and pesticide. A lawn mower is a machine that is used to cut grass in a lawn.Grass cutters are available in market having some limit to cut grass at some height. This model we made is totally made up of the mild steel.The setup is powered by a 12V/1.35A rechargeable battery which drives the DC motor up to a rotational speed of 19,300 RPM. As a result, the generated torque will be transferred to the cutting head mechanism for efficient grass cutting and the power is also utilized for spraying mechanism.

Keywords: Grass cutter, agricultural sprayer, pesticide sprinkler, battery power, pump

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Manufacturing of Multi-nut operated Spanner
Country :: India
Authors :: S.A.Karve || P. V. Thopate || S. V. Chaudhari || D. B. Vighane || H. P. Patil
Page No. :: 77-80

DMMOS concept of the proposed system is nut fitting & removing with human help for driving. Nut fitting arrangement (spanner) and spur gear arrangement. The main objective of the model is to remove the nuts of a wheel at once and not one at a time. The principle of the model is the usage of spur gear to transmit relative motion to other gears. Each of a plurality of couplers is attached to one of the secondary axles. The operator should lift the model and place at the appropriate place to tighten or remove the nut. So in this project we are going to develop the Multi nut remover set up for Maruti Alto wheel ( PCD 114 mm).

Keywords: DMMOS Design and Manufacturing of Multi-nut operated Spanner

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[2]. Design and fabrication of adjustable unified wheel opener Author :- R. Sivabalan, M. Vignesh, S. Vairamuthu, M. Shahul Hameed , Dept. of Mechanical, Kongu Engineering College, Erode, Tamilnadu,
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[5]. Design and Modeling of 6 In 1 All – Nut Remover for Automobile Wheels Author :- Amol Bhanage, Vijay Bhanage

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and Analysis Of Supra Car
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Dhaware P.A. || Mistry P.T. || Joshi K.S. || Kardile O.B. || Kale G.R.
Page No. :: 81-85

Chassis is a major part of any automotive design. It is responsible for supporting all functional systems of a vehicle and also accommodates the driver in the cockpit. So it must be strong enough to resist the shock, twist, vibration and other stresses. Maximum stresses and maximum deflection are important criteria for design of the chassis. The objective of present is to determine maximum stress, maximum deflection and to recognize critical regions under static loading condition.

Keywords: SAE SUPRA, Impact analysis, Calculations

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