International Conference on Management Practices, Innovations & Research 2019

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design and performance Analysis of Three Phase Solar PV Integrated UPQC Using Artificial Neural Network: A Review
Country :: India
Authors :: AmolGodase || Ganesh Wakte
Page No. :: 01-07
This paper deals with the Artificial Neural Network based design and performance analysis of a three-phase solar photovoltaic integrated unified power quality conditioner (PV-UPQC).The PV-UPQC consists of a shunt and series-connected voltage compensators connected back-to-back with common dc-link. The shunt compensator are performs the dual function of extracting power from PV array apart from compensating for load current harmonics. An improved synchronous arrangement management supported moving average filter is employed for extraction of load active current part for improved performance of the PV-UPQC. The series compensator compensates for the grid aspect power quality issues like grid voltage sags/swells. The compensator injects voltage in-phase/out of section with purpose of common coupling (PCC) voltage throughout sag and swells conditions.

Keyword :Shunt Compensator, Series Compensator, Power Quality, UPQC, Solar PV,MPPT

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator
Country :: India
Authors :: Abhishek Kondu || Sunandita Fule || Chetan Tajne || Sakshi Khangarle || Asst. Prof. Shrikant Vaidya
Page No. :: 08-11

This article is about cable fault distance locator by using microcontroller. The main of this project is to detect the distance of underground cable fault in kilometers. This project uses the simple concept of ohm's law. Faults like short circuits occur in the cable, voltage drop varies depending on the length of fault in the cable and hence the current varies. The resistors are used to represent the cable and the dc voltage is given at one end and the fault will detects by the change in voltage using analog to digital converter. Then the microcontroller makes the necessary calculations to display the fault location distance on the LCD display.

Keywords: Underground cable, fault location in distance, detection of fault, different location methods, microcontroller.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Fire Detectors Review and Design of an Automated Quick Responsive Fire Alarm System Based On Sms
Country :: India
Authors :: Damini Rajurkar || Pragati Pandey || Sachin Sahare || Chetan Chandekar || Prof. Vipin S. Muley
Page No. :: 12-15

In this work fire detector review type is used to alert any fire incidents in household or industrial purpose. The aim of the system designed is to alert the distant property owner efficiently and quickly by send the short message (SMS) via. GSM network. A linear integrated temperature sensor detects temperature beyond preset value where as semi conductor type sensor detects the presence of smoke or gas form fire hazards. The sensors are connected via. Common data line to ATMega8LAVR microcontroller. Standard GSM bands are used to send the alert messages is based on SIM300CZ GSM kit network module. The system is implementing on printed circuit board (PCB) and tested under different condition to able to evaluate its performance.

Keywords: Fire Detector, Microcontroller, Fire Alarm, Temperature Sensor, SMS, GSM Network

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Multi-Power Supply Control By Usins Four Different Sources To Avoid Supply Interruption
Country :: India
Authors :: Ashish Shastrakar || Abhishek Bhoyte || Sandhya Dhone || Jaya Masram || Prof. P.P. Titarmare
Page No. :: 16-18

The demand of electricity is increasingday by day India being the populated country, the most common problem faced and frequent power cuts of electricity. The main objective of this project is to solve both these problem is to provide continuous power supply to a load, by selecting the supply from any of the four sources that are solar, wind, mains and generator. Automatically in the absence of any source.This system uses for four different source to provide uninterrupted power supply and any of the source is renewable source i.e. solar energy and wind energy. This arrangement can be designed by using microcontroller and relays. When a source, solar fail the supply power automatically shifts to next priority source wind, main and generator. An LCD is used to show that which source is used to provide the supply.

Keywords:Microcontroller, Relay, LCD, Power supply and wind.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Enhancing the Battery Life Using Super-Capacitor
Country :: India
Authors :: Mayuri Khaparde || Prajakta Wekhande || Neeraj Jambhulkar || Vivek Jambhulkar || Rashmi Babhare || Priyanka Gaurkhede
Page No. :: 19-21

The objective is to use the excess energy of generator and using it in super capacitor which is further used to enhance the battery life of the vehicle. Supercapacitor are energy storage device that exhibit such unique feature as high capacitance, high power density, and a long life cycle. Supercapacitor are used for energy storage undergoing frequent charge and discharge cycle at a high current and short duration. Supercapacitor are good partners for lithium-ion batteries and other high-density storage technology, supercapacitors are future of electrical vehicle market and will replace batteries in the long term

Keywords: Supercapacitors, batteries, capacitors, electrodes, voltage, power supplies, electric dynamo motor

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Computational Modelling of the Layered Piezoelectric Composites and Analysis of their Electro-Mechanical Response upon Harmonic Vibrations
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Pragati.G. Rathi || Prof. Dhiraj. W. Ghatole
Page No. :: 22-27

Currently, a generation of electric power from alternative sources of energy, especially from ambient vibrations, is becoming a very hot topic. Devices converting mechanical energy into an electrical one are called energy harvesters and are often based on the piezoelectric phenomenon. For the optimal adjustment of such an energy converter in the given application, it is necessary to have its computational model, which is able to describe all key aspects of its operation. Thus, this work focuses on the development of such a complex computational tool, which is able to globally describe the electromechanical response of the studied piezoelectric harvester operating in the form of a cantilever multilayer ceramic beam with piezoelectric layers. Such a multilayer structure is subjected to a kinematic excitation during its operation and also contains thermal residual stresses coming from the manufacturing process........

Keywords-ceramic laminate, piezoelectricity, analytical model, FEM, Ansys, classical laminate theory, vibrations of beams, Hamilton's variational principle, weight functions

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Introduction on Smart Led Wireless System for Students Fingerprint Base Attendance
Country :: India
Authors :: Prathmesh Bobde || Roshni Harode || Vikas Kumar || Asst. Prof .Reshmi Bhagwat
Page No. :: 28-30

Smart LED wireless system for student using fingerprint base attendance. This save the time and wasted on calling out names of the students and the attendance is represented on the smart LED notice board. The system will efficiently reduce the workload on teachers for uploading attendance. Saving lots of paper to maintain attendance record. It will efficiently reduce the errors made by the facilities at the time of uploading the attendance in the system.

Keywords- Wireless led, Microcontroller, fingerprint module , Marking the attendance of students ,Software.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Active And Reactive Power Control Using Renewable Energy Sources
Country :: India
Page No. :: 31-34

This work presents related to the management of active and reactive power exchange between a distributed generation (DG) source and the grid connected for improved utilization of electricity generated by the DG source such as solar & wind energy. This is based on the recently introduced Availability Based Tariff (ABT) concept for the consumer loads, where the conventional power grid is available.In situations, when, the grid power is available at high cost during high electrical tariff, the locally generated power from solar is utilized for consumer loads or even excess power can be fed back to the grid in order to earn financial benefits. In addition to current control and voltage control............

Keywords- Grid interactive inverter, Voltage Controller, Current Controller, THD Improvement, Reactive power compensation

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Smart Fuel Flow Measuring System for Vehicles by using Dynamo Power Generation
Country :: India
Authors :: Diksha C. Hajare || Nitu B. Kantode || Praful S. Rakhade || Rahul R. Chapekar || Shubham Dudhankar || Prof. Rahul D. Dekate
Page No. :: 35-37

In other countries like India with a lot of vehicles, the consumption of fuel from fuel station is large most of the times consumers are not satisfied with quantity or quality of fuel, because the consumer gets less quantity and are cheated. Smart fuel flow meter will calibrate the amount of fuel flowing into fuel tank of vehicles with help of fuel flow sensor. The amount of fuel is measured very accurately and can be viewed in display provided to the system. Flow meters are device that measure the amount of liquid, gas, vapors that passes through them. Smart fuel flow meter will be portable or fixed type. It is battery operated device and is based on microcontroller. In other way this system has Dynamo power generation this system will work on self power generation by vehicle.

Keywords: Flow sensor; Dynamo; LCD Display, etc

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Role of Microgrid during Grid Connected or Islanded
Country :: India
Authors :: Sandeep A. Kale || Piyush O. Dhoke || Minakshi A. Kale
Page No. :: 38-45

Microgrid is a main concept in the arena of green power generation, which is substantially attracting many researchers' interest due to its potential to extend the applications of the distributed generations, especially the renewable energy. It can increase the reliability of energy supplies by disconnecting from the grid in the case of network faults or reduced power quality models for the main microsources/non conventional energy sources including Wind Turbines, Diesel Generator and fuel cells are properly established, in addition to the basic models of the power electronics interfaces being given simultaneously. This paper emphasizes modelling & simulation of a Microgrid...........

Keywords: Microgrid, Non conventional sources, Islanded, Renewable generation.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Analysis Of IEEE 14-Bus System And Improvement Of Power Quality By Using Series And Parallel Facts Devices
Country :: India
Page No. :: 46-50

Power quality is one of the major concerns in the power system. The power quality problem occurred due to a non-linear load in the distribution network and its severe impact on sensitive loads. To overcome this problem, the new series, parallel FACTS device use. The Interline Power Flow Controller (IPFC) is a VSC based Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) controller for series compensation with the unique capability of power flow management among the multiple transmission lines in the transmission system. Due to disturbance, the electromechanical oscillations will present in the transmission system and these oscillations should damp out using IPFC. The performance of the considered IEEE 14 bus system is analyzed in terms of oscillations using IPFC. The conventional Proportional Integral controller with Interline Power Flow Controller (IPFC) is used to damp oscillations............

Keywords: Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS), Interline Power Flow Controller (IPFC), Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC), fuzzy PI controller

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Fingerprint Based Exam Hall Authentication System
Country :: India
Authors :: Rajat Paunikar || Tejas Bagne || Harshal Dongre || Abhishek Deotale || Prof. Vipin S. Muley
Page No. :: 51-53

Multi biometric is an authentication technology using different biometric technology such as fingerprint, facial features and, vein pattern. The process for allowing student to sit for an examination in most universities has been through the presentation of medium of identification such as ID cards,, fees clearance card, photo cards, etc. this piece of work is motivated by the fact that the method of authenticating a students for an examination has an obvious problem such as presentation of fake clearance card and so on. But bio metrics is a technology that uniquely identifies a person based on his physiological or behavioural characteristics. The aim of this work therefore is to design a program that will address issues of exam misconducts such as impersonation and revealed the effectiveness.............

Keywords: Biometrics, Authentication, Examination, Fingerprint, Authorised Users .

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Hybrid Power System for VSC HVDC Using Matlab
Country :: India
Authors :: Tejaswini Patil || Prof.PradnyaParate
Page No. :: 54-58

Presently strength system operates beneath a excessive pressure degree which modified into not noted at the instant they were designed. The operating situations of strength system are being threatened shape the reliability, controllability and security factor of view. HVDC transmission brings a way to have at ease and improve the steadiness margins of strength machine. The feature like independent control of real and reactive electricity improves the strength device stability and guarantees an inexperienced power switch. This Project gives the manipulate strategy used for VSC-HVDC transmission to improve the quick and voltage stability of strength gadget. Transientinstability due to a device faults overcome because of the fast energy run again capability of the VSC-HVDC transmission..........

Keywords:VSC-HVDC, stability, pulse width modulation (PWM)

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Solar Powered Thermo-Electric Refrigeration cum Oven System
Country :: India
Authors :: Tushar Prajapati || Mohnish Fulzele || Dharti Tagde || Shubham Ingle || Ghanshyam Malaiya || Priyanka Gaurkhede
Page No. :: 59-62

Thermoelectric Cooling (TEC) solar refrigerator runs on energy provided by sun, which includes photovoltaic or solar thermal energy. The Thermoelectric module refrigerator work on the principle of Peltier effect. Recently, the application of TEC modules in an industry is dramatically increased. They have been adopting the solar refrigeration, widely recognized as alternative to the conventional vapor compression system for their merits of energy saving and being eco-friendly. This paper presents a design of TEC solar refrigeration using thermoelectric cooling and heating. The aim of this paper is to establish an alternative eco-friendly refrigeration cycle for producing a temperature usually encountered in a conventional refrigerator. By designing and manufacturing such type of refrigerator adds new dimension to the world of refrigeration. The proposed solar refrigeration system using TEC module is a feasible alternative for local refrigeration system. Briefly, the paper presents an economical and feasible model of solar refrigeration system.

Keywords: Thermo-Electric Module, Peltier Effect, Solar Energy, Refrigeration, Oven system.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: High Voltage Gain with Neural Network Based Electric Vehicle
Country :: India
Authors :: Vaishanvi Burde
Page No. :: 63-69

Due to the more vigorous regulations on carbon gas emissions and fuel economy, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) are becoming more popular in the automobile industry. This project presents a neural network based Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller for 1.26 kW Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC), supplying electric vehicle power train through a high voltage-gain DC-DC boost converter. The proposed neural network MPPT controller uses Radial Basis Function Network (RBFN) algorithm for tracking the Maximum Power Point (MPP) of the PEMFC. High switching frequency and high voltage gain DC-DC converters are essential for the propulsion of FCEV. In order to attain high voltage gain, a three-phase high voltage gain Interleaved Boost Converter (IBC) is also designed for FCEV system. The interleaving technique reduces the input current ripple and voltage stress on the power semiconductor devices. The performance analysis of the FCEV system with RBFN based MPPT controller is compared with the Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) in MATLAB/Simulink platform.

Keywords:Fuel cell electric vehicle, high voltage gain IBC, PEMFC, MPPT, RBFN.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Power Quality Improvement in Solar PV and Wind Based Energy Sources: A Review
Country :: India
Authors :: Vijay Sawant || Ganesh Wakte
Page No. :: 70-74

Nowadays, The demand of electrical energy is substantially increases due to which fossil fuel consumed at excessive charges. To prevent customers from lagging of energy and to meet their needs, non-conventional Energy system is a precise solution. The overall performance of the electrical distribution companies can be improved by the usage of non-conventional energy resources. There are different forms of Non-Conventional energy resources. Among them Solar PV and wind energy are to be had abundantly in huge quantity and can be considered as reliable source of energy generation. Power Quality is one of the key factors, which influences the economy of a nation. In this Paper, a grid connected Solar PV and Wind based energy sources of hybrid generating system was developed with improved power quality features.

Keywords: Solar PV, wind generator, unified control strategy, hybrid power generating system, power quality.

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