International Conference on Management Practices, Innovations & Research 2019

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: "Scope as Medical Tourism Destination at Nagpur City in Central India."
Country :: India
Authors :: Avinash Bhowate || Dr. Lait Khullar
Page No. :: 01-04
Medical tourism is travel from one place to another to obtain medical treatment. People travel for medical treatment within the country or out of the country; it depends on the availability of medical facilities at the affordable cost or at the low cost. In India Medical tourism is growing fast because of the availability of the same medical treatment at low cost. In the past some developed nations of world like America, England, France, Germany, Italy and Japan etc had monopoly for the some speciality of treatment for the particular type of diseases, physical or mental disability and abnormality of any organ. As a central part of India Nagpur city has great importance due to connectivity by Air, Road and Railway and attached national sanctuaries in the region. It is a second capital of Maharashtra

Keyword :Medical Tourism, destination, Nagpur city, Scope, central India

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: "Impact Of Rural Marketing In Vidarbha"
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Bhupendra R. Sadmek
Page No. :: 05-07

Rural Marketing involves the process of developing, pricing, promoting, disturbing rural specific product and a service to exchange between rural and urban market which satisfies consumer demand and also achieves organizational objectives


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: An Analysis of Survival Strategies for Brick and Mortar Stores in India In View Of Competition from Online Retail Giants
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Chandresh S. Chakravorty
Page No. :: 08-11

E-commerce has been the buzzword of the Indian economy since the advent of companies such as Flipkart and Snapdeal in the Indian markets. The entry of retail giants such as Walmart and Amazon have taken competition in this field to new heights. The offline retailersi.e.the brick and mortar stores are feeling the heat for a long time now. These e-commerce companies have changed the entire shopping paradigm of the Indian customers with their heavy discounting and doorstep delivery models. The offline retailers have experienced lack of sales and squeezing profit margins due to this situation and many have either closed down or are on the verge of shutting down their business. Brick and mortar stores are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with these giants who are having access to huge amounts of funding. This paper examines the various changes that are happing in the Indian Retail scenario and suggest some measures for survival for these brick and mortar stores. It is imperative that the brick and mortar stores should survive so as it still supports the livelihood of many families.

Keywords: e-Commerce,Brick and mortar stores; Retailing

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: To Study The Factors Affecting Productivity Of The Employees Of Financial Institutions Of The Nagpur City
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Anjallee N. Raut
Page No. :: 12-14

In this study, the researcher played a critical role in the process of data gathering, analysis, and the final outcome of the study. Currently, the author's area of responsibility is to manage an automaton organization that spreads into Nagpur City. In this role, he interacts with the managers and employees in many financial institutions. This placed the author in a favorable position to secure the needapprovals and to work with and interact with members of many of these financial institutions. Therefore, highest levels of management were targeted to obtain approval to conduct these financial institutions studies. Once these approvals were fully secured. Each of the sub-organizations was approached on an individual basis and permissions secured. In return, the author would release the results of his findings to each participating group, as well as the institutions as a whole.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Skill Development Initiatives for Promoting Women Entrepreneurship
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Bahvanakhapekar || Dr. Shreejakurup
Page No. :: 15-18

Women entrepreneurship is gaining importance in India in the wake ofeconomic liberalization and globalization. The policy and institutional framework fordeveloping entrepreneurial skills, providing vocation education and training haswidened the horizon for economic empowerment of women especially in rural India. Entrepreneurial talentsand capabilities are latent in all communities but their translation to innovative actiondepends on appropriate stimuli and environment and these stimuli can be generatedthrough education and training. Women, in a country like India, are just seen as someone to look after the home and bear children and thus the treatment they get is below par with their male counterparts. In other words, they are treated as second-class citizens...........

Keywords: Women entrepreneurship, Women empowerment, NSDC, Skill-building programs

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: An Analysis Of Preferences Of Retail Traders Of Nagpur In The Futures & Options (F&O) Market
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Hariom J. Puniyani
Page No. :: 19-22

Trading in Financial instruments like shares has been an integral part of retail traders in the share market. However the emergence of Futures & Options (F&O) in India has been a milestone in the history of Capital markets. Futures and Options are a part of the Financial Derivative Instruments. The basic purpose of financial derivatives is risk management. However the very purpose for which these derivatives should be used is sidelined and more of speculative activities are done on these instruments. There is ease of trading in derivatives due to emergence of online trading software and mobile application. The volume of speculations by retail traders who are generally not trained to deal in derivatives is on a rise in the capital markets in the country. The retail traders of Nagpur are not behind in the volumes of derivative trading.......

Keywords-Futures, Options, Derivatives, Risk management, Speculation.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Women Entrepreneurship in Indian Economy
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Madhuri Chansarkar
Page No. :: 23-28

Women entrepreneurship is an important barometer to measure the economic growth of a country. It not only contributes to improve women's situation in the society but also helps to improve economic situation of country. The acceleration of economic status of a country requires women entrepreneurs to be a part thereof. Indian women have entered the field of entrepreneurship in increasing numbers in a variety of sectors, bringing with them a different set of perspective. These women entrepreneurs strengthen a nation economically, socially and culturally. In spite of the growing number of women entrepreneurs, the share of women entrepreneurs is still significantly low in India when compared to their counterparts elsewhere. This paper attempts to evaluate prospects for women entrepreneurs and look at various initiatives taken by government for women entrepreneurship development in our country

Keywords- women entrepreneur, resources, government initiatives

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Study of Human Resource Management Practices of NAAC Accredited College in Nagpur District Researcher
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Mahendra L. Vanjari
Page No. :: 29-31

The present study attempted to find out the current scenario of Human Resource development of NAAC accredited educational institutes in Nagpur District. This will enable to find out scope for improvement of HRD policies of NAAC accredited educational institutions. This will help in improving the quality of education provided by these institutions to their students. Thus, this study is significant for improvement and betterment of educational quality of educational institutions in Nagpur District of Maharashtra.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Innovation of New Marketing Strategic Of Aided and Unaided Institutions for Promoting Quality Education in Nagpur District
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Prashant Kshirsagar || Dr. Prafulla W. Sudame
Page No. :: 32-34

Institutions are focusing on branding and marketing far more than in previous years. Many have hired marketing professionals from the corporate world and invested significant time and money to create strong institutional brands. Promotional and Marketing strategies help the Institution to utilize skills of their employees and help to develop creative approach to provide quality education to the students. Thus this study will give the overall idea of the importance of quality in higher education and the different marketing strategies used by the Institutions in promoting quality education in Nagpur District.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Study Of Recruitment Process Adopted In Industries With Reference To Nagpur
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Prashant Kshirsagar
Page No. :: 35-38

Recruiting people that create the desired internal culture early can help a business to continue to hire "rightminded‟ employees for years to come, and this in turn should have a positive effect on the quality of service that the business delivers. The right employees are vital for any business, whether it‟s an up-start in the process of arranging its specialist business or a global multi-national firm with thousands of employees worldwide. It is by recruiting the right person for the role that engagement soars, plans come to fruition and businesses prosper. Recruiting the wrong person, however, will have the reverse effect. For this reason, it is worth investing the effort to get your staff recruitment absolutely right. Not only are the right employees are key to keeping clients happy and establishing a lasting reputation...........

Keywords: Business engagement, Reputation, Business culture, Right minded employee

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Study On Work Place Stress Among Working Women With Special Reference To Public Sector And Private Sector In Nagpur City
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Priyadarshani Vinaykumar Keshtty
Page No. :: 39-46

Occupational stress can be defined as stress related to one's job. It often stems from unexpected responsibilities and pressure that do not align with a person's knowledge skill or expectations , inhibiting one's ability to cope . Nagpur being a cosmopolitan and emerging city, it is seen that most of the women play multiple roles both at family and work place. They have to deal simultaneously with home and family issues as well as with the job stress on a daily basis. So the question becomes apparent that whether this dual role of women has created both negative and a positive impact on life. It is essential to know whether this is directly or indirectly affecting the mental or physical health. Hence the purpose of this study is to know about the occupational stress faced by working women with special reference to private and public sector..............

Keywords: cosmopolitan, inhibiting, apparent, care provider, predominantly

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: To Study the Strategic To Factors Affecting the Turnaround in Management Institutes Particularly In Nagpur Region
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Rajesh S. Bahurupi
Page No. :: 47-49

Like other organizations, educational institutions are also dynamic. They too experience status quo. Organizational decay and organizational development. A large majority of educational institutions continue to function in a similar manner over a long period of time. Not only that, they indicate consistency in their process of admission of students and selections of the staff, academic time scheduling and assignments of classes to teachers, staff meetings, examinations, processing and management of finance etc. they also indicate consistency in their performance in various region like student results, organizational culture and climate, interpersonal, relationships, etc. they maintain status quo. Institutions continue to do what they do and continue to perform the way they perform they indicate their pride in being consistent preserving themselves.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Strategic Planning and Innovation in Human Resource Management
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Usha Daigavane
Page No. :: 50-58

In today's era, new strategic approaches for holistic Human Resource Management are needed to cope-up with knowledge and competence challenges related to new technologies. In such organizations, facing increased global competition and changes in their environment are very common and frequent. Also, firms are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of social, ethical, and ecological objectives. In such situation, Human Resource Development (HRD) is more relevant than ever before. Such external pressures ask for employees that have the skills, knowledge, and ability to perform optimally. This facilitates the need for an organization to apply for innovative Human Resource Management (HRM) practices. By using innovative HR policies and practices, organizations aim at ensuring the autonomy and skills enhancement of employees to enable them to perform well in changing circumstances...............

Keywords: Human Resource Development, Human Resource Management(HRM), Innovative HR policies, Skill Enhancement, HR strategies, Economic growth

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Use of Information Technology to Improve Production Management in Industries
Country :: India
Page No. :: 59-62

Production management,also called operations management, planning and control of industrial processes to ensure that they move smoothly at the required level. Techniques of production management are employed in service as well as in manufacturing industries. It is a responsibility similar in level and scope to other specialties such as marketing or human resource and financial management. Production management includes responsibility for product and process design, planning and control issues involving capacity and quality, and organization and supervision of the workforce in manufacturing operations. Information Technology plays an important role in production management. This review paper illustrate the use of information technology to improve production management in industries

Keywords: Production Management, information technology.

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