Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Study about Security Essentials on Biometrics Authentication and Identification
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr.M.Felix Xavier Muthu || Mrs.M.Angelin Rosy
Page No. :: 01-05

Over the last few years a new area of engineering science It has been called ''biometrics" to create a large market in the near future. The pioneers of this new domain intend to construct devices which would allows the identification of a person on the basis of their ''biological'' characteristics like voice, dynamics of movements, features of face recognition and other parts of the body, eye retina or iris pattern. Nature has been made the human beings with different kinds of characteristics which may vary from one person to another person. This is made of using Biometric technology to distinctly identifying each person. Biometric system is essentially a pattern recognition system which recognizes a user by determining the authenticity of a specific physiological or behavioral characteristic possessed by the users...........

Keyword : Biometrics, identity, characteristics, security, secret

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: An Expository Investigation on Cloud Computing
Country :: India
Authors :: J.Punitha || Mrs.M.Dukitha || M.Leka
Page No. :: 06-09

Cloud computing is the use of various services, such as software development platforms, servers, storage spaces and software's, over the internet, and also sharing the resources, hardware's through the virtualization concepts. In this paper we discussed about the types, characteristics and services of the cloud computing. The three types of cloud is briefly explained and the services of the cloud is highlighted with an examples and also discuss about difference between the private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud with an illustrations.

Keywords:Types of cloud, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service)

[1]. Cloud Computing: Overview & Current Research Challenges Mohsin Nazir Department of Information Technology, Central University of Kashmir, India.
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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Architecture and Applications of Wireless Body Area Network
Country :: India
Authors :: K.Priya || S.H.Taqhiyatunnisa || S.Safreen Nisha
Page No. :: 10-13

Over the course of years a booming Internet is comprehended in the field of wireless communication for the evolution of a monitoring system to notice the human vital organs activities remotely. Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) can be wearable or implantable in the human body. Due to its applications in the field of health, medical, entertainment services and many more, WBAN have received great attention. In this paper a concise survey consisting of the existing approaches of WBAN and its challenges has been discussed. Its abundance applications in the field of medical and non-medical sectors have been outlined. And finally this paper describes the future scope for further research in the field.

Keywords: Wireless Body Area Network, Auto medication, easily accessible, affordable.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Big Data -the Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition and Productivity
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms.S.Rekha || Ms.N.Prameela || Dr.M.Inbavalli
Page No. :: 14-19

Collection is realization a tipping point for main technical changes that can fetch new ways in decision making, managing our health, cities, finance and education. whilst the data complexities are increasing counting data's volume, variety, velocity and veracity, the real impact pivots on our ability to uncover the `value' in the data through Big Data Analytics technologies. Big Data Analytics pose a impressive challenge on Big data is a new driver of the world economic and public changes. The world's data the design of highly scalable algorithms and systems to integrate the data and uncover large hidden values from datasets that are diverse, complex, and of a massive scale............

Keywords: Big data, volume, velocity, veracity, analytics, technologies, application, educations.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Emerging Technologies in Library and Information Centres
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Aariefa Basheer
Page No. :: 20-26

In the digitalized world, library and information centre's are attaining more number of web Tools(Electronic Resources) because of its perceived benefits, such as easy access to information and its comprehensiveness. This paper highlights the Web Technology /Digital Technology/ Web oriented resources availability, offers its features for teaching, learning and research. It also provides different types of electronic resources, accessing methodology and application in library and information centre's and also highlights the SWAYAM, NPTEL(National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning), CEC(Consortium for Educational Communication), DELNET, INFLIBNET and open access electronic tools for higher education and research. The main objective of the paper is to expose the availability of different kinds of web tools, open access technology and how to utilize in library and information centres and also to create awareness among the students, research scholars and faculty.

Keywords : Higher Education, Web Tools, Electronic Resources, Swayam, NPTEL, INFLIBNET and DELNET

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A review on Security Issues in image Steganography
Country :: India
Authors :: A.Aarthi Devi
Page No. :: 27-28

Using image stitching and image steganography security can be provided to any image which has to be sent over the network or transferred using any electronic mode. There is a message and a secret image that has to be sent. The secret image is divided into parts.The first phase is the Encrypting Phase, which deals with the process of converting the actual secret message into cipher text using the AES algorithm. In the second phase which is the Embedding Phase, the cipher text is embedded into any part of the secret image that is to be sent. Third phase is the Hiding Phase, where steganography is performed on the output image............

Keywords: - Cryptography, image steganography, image stitching.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Self-Destructing Scheme in Cloud Computing for Data Security
Country :: India
Authors :: A. Sriranjani
Page No. :: 29-31

Cloud computing have been playing very vital role in the rapidly growing organizations. It becomes mostly susceptible to use cloud services to share data between organizations, electronic businesses and a friend circle in the cloud computing environment. Because of the fastest development in electronic business by using the various cloud services, it is very difficult to provide full lifecycle privacy security and access control becomes a very tedious task, specifically when sharing the sensitive data on cloud servers for achieving the anytime, anywhere service for authentic person or organization. Also for sharing purpose we need efficient method and secure technique over cloud services...........

Keywords - Sensitive Data, Cloud Computing, privacy-preserving, fine-grained access control.

[1]. Jinbo Xiong, Ximeng Liu, Zhiqiang Yao, Jianfeng Ma, Qi Li, Kui Geng, and Patrick S. Chen (2014), A Secure Data SelfDestructing Scheme in Cloud Computing, IEEE Transaction on Cloud computing, 2(4) pp. 448-458.
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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Feasibility approach on Web Services and Security
Country :: India
Authors :: K. Priya || S.Yamuna Devi
Page No. :: 32-34

The vision of a landscape of heterogeneous web services deployed as encapsulated business software assets in the Internet is currently becoming a reality as part of the Semantic Web. When pro-active agents handle the context-aware discovery, acquisition, composition, management of applications services and data, ensuring the security if customers data become a principle task. In this paper we propose neoteric way web services and security. A methodology based on type-based Information flow to control the security of dynamically computed data and their proliferation to other web services. The business and security concern of integrated web services are separated and building them independently. Runtime modification of integrated web services. Providing compartmentalization so that one service can not affect another. We are developing flight system to demonstrate the feasibility of our approach.

Keywords - Web services, security, flight system, internet.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Analysis and Impact of WhatsApp Messenger usage among students
Country :: India
Authors :: K. Priya || Kathikar Sumaiya Tahseen || Naziya Banu.V
Page No. :: 35-37

This paper explains about the usage level of WhatsApp. Now-a-days WhatsApp is popular mobile application for smart phone and android mobiles.It use the internet to communicate hypermedia messages between the user and group. The WhatsApp effect is increase on our lives, culture and society. WhatsApp is also used for marketing in business and publicity in politics. WhatsApp user and even we believe that WhatsApp has improved their relationship with friends and user thinks that it is not harmful to them. There is a possibility of using WhatsApp in education, social services and governance. WhatsApp was started to interchange SMS with a cross platform feature. WhatsApp uses mobile network or local area network to send and receive messages. WhatsApp regular updates have been improving its functionality since its release date.

Keywords- WhatsApp, marketing, education

[1]. Available from:

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Review: WI-VI Technology and Its Application in Cell Phones
Country :: India
Authors :: K. Priya || V.Safa Mehrin || S.Humera Tahseen
Page No. :: 38-41

The wireless vision act as real time executor for all the fantacies of comics, sci-fi-movies etc..Wi-vi is believed to be a connecting technology that serve as a communication medium between itself and human behind a wall. Wi-fi is cheapest technology which is going to be one of the features of every smart electronic gadgets in future. Wi-vi allows to communicate by combination of gestures and messaging through the help of wi-fi signals. WI-FI signals enable human to interact with web remotely. They have feasibility to carry an information from the transmitter to receiver. This feature of wi-fi acts as a key aspect for wi-vi. This paper investigates the capability of utilizing Wi Fi signals for detecting movement of people behind the walls and doors by introducing a new technique called Wi-vi (wireless vision). This paper will also focus on having Wi-vi technology build in cellphones to give more power to human, thereby reducing the cost of individual Wi-vi system and devices.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Emerging Future Technologies of Ai in Current World
Country :: India
Authors :: P.Koikla || R.Deepa || Dr. M.Inbavalli
Page No. :: 42-46

This paper express about the future innovative technologies of AI with real time example of AI robot- Sophia. Some of the technology of AI is examined in day-to-day aspect. AI robotic plays an extra ordinary role and interacts with the peoples. Future view of AI also discussed AI system have involved in regular use economic, medical, engineering and the military , video games and so on.

Keywords - Artificial Intelligence, Medical, Humanoid, robot, Cameras.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Review on Enterprise resource planning System
Country :: India
Authors :: V. Anitha
Page No. :: 47-49

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system solutions are currently in high demand by both manufacturing and service organisations because they provide a tightly integrated solution to an organisation's information system needs. During the last decade, ERP systems have received a significant amount of attention from researchers and practitioners from a variety of functional disciplines. In this paper, a comprehensive review of the research literature (1990-2003) concerning ERP systems is presented. The literature is further classified and the major outcomes of each study are addressed and analysed. Following a comprehensive review of the literature,proposals for future research are formulated to identify topics where fruitful opportunities exist.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Future Supervision on Augmented Reality
Country :: India
Authors :: Mrs.M.Angelin Rosy || Ms.S.Nivetha || Ms.K.Sangeetha
Page No. :: 50-54

This paper express about the augmented reality involved in the fields and its applications they are – 3d-viewer, browser, games, AR-tools, navigation, advertising, medicine and finally major role in educational port. Some of the challenged in augmented reality are discussed in day-to-day life. Future view and growth of the augmented reality will be discussed.

Keywords: Augmented Reality, AR tools, Navigation, Browser, Games, Applications

[4]. f+virtual+reality+upto+2018&oq=market+growth++of+virtual+reality+upto+2018&gs_l=img.3...7257.16123..16426...4.0..0.321.35 88.0j12j4j2......1....1..gws-wiz-img.......0i8i30.K6-IHT2tU-w

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Review on Security and Privacy in Manet
Country :: India
Authors :: K.Priya || M.Keerthiga || G.Ragapriya || N.soundarya
Page No. :: 55-57

A Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) as a network that has many unrestricted or autonomous nodes, often composed of mobile devices or other mobile that can position themselves in various ways. And it is using as network simulation. That can variation locality and constitute itself on the wing because MANET or mobile communication it can be used as wireless connection to connect various network. Some MANET are regulated to local area of wireless device while other may be connected to the network so it is to be important to be attentions MANET there are archetypally are not very secure. In this paper propose an organization address to this issues security and privacy in MANET face much difficulties in this environment. So it is to be needed security production to MANET arises as future extension of a work.

Keywords: ad hoc network, security, privacy, mobile communication

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Network Security and Types of Attacks in Network Security
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms.M.Aruna || Ms.K.Gayathri || Dr. M.Inbavalli
Page No. :: 58-63

The network technology is developing fast, and the development of internet technology is more quickly, people more aware of the importance of the network and its security. This Network security is main issue of computing because many types of attacks and problems are increasing day to day. In the mobile ad-hoc network the nodes are autonomous. Shielding computer and the network security are the critical issues. The malicious codes create a problem in the network and damages the network. This malicious codes acts as selfishness, It can use the resources of other nodes and preserve the resources of its own. After analyzing the network information and its security elements privacy, integrity and availability, this paper describes the network security privacy vector, network security integrity vector and network security availability vector; also we present the major type of attacks in MANET and the another MANET issues.

Keywords: Network, Security, MANET, Integrity, Privacy.

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