National Conference on Innovations and Research in Science & Technology (NCIRST-22)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Smart Industry Disaster Detection and Prevention Using Iot and Matchine Learning
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Punam M. Chabukswar || Aayesha Shaikh || Aniket Bhor || Rahul Gadekar
Page No. :: 01-04
The latest technology Internet of Things (IoT) visualizes a worldwide, that is, internally connected, networks of smart physical entities. IoT is a promising technology used in several applications including disaster management. If Disaster management is incorporated with a smart technology called machine learning then the system becomes robust. In disaster management, the role of IoT and ML is very much important and ubiquitous and could be life-saving. This article describes the role of IoT and ML in disaster management. More precisely, it presents IoT-based disaster management for different kind of disasters with a comparison between some solutions that are available in the market..........

Keyword : Disaster Management, IoT, AVR Controller

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Smart traffic management system using machine learning
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. S. T. Dumbre || Panchal Siddhi Santosh || Thakur Tejashri Chandrashekhar
Page No. :: 05-11

India is a developing country. Increase in personal vehicles comes with the development of a country parallel. This has led to rise in congestion in large cities. So, we need a better traffic management system. The purpose of this project is to create a traffic system which is adaptive to the present traffic scenario in a lane. Usually, we have fixed average waiting time for all lanes. This project suggests changing the average waiting time by monitoring the number of vehicles in a lane. The data will be sent to central system through internet, which will decide the timing for signal according to the dumped program. This project also, suggests implementing congestion lights at previous intersections, so that drivers can change lanes at the situation of congestion.......

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Android-Based Innovative Agriculture Using java
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr. Bohrade B.M. || Ms. Nisha S. Bhor || Ms. Krupa S. Borchate || Ms. Pratiksha S. Borude || Ms.Shruti D. Chaugule
Page No. :: 12-14

Farmers have many problems; they will cultivate crops and other agricultural products in their fields. They want to sell their products at market price but because they do not know, they will sell their huge quantity of products to locally available brokers and customers will contact the brokers directly as this will result in loss of customers. A lot of money, they are being cheated, the farmers know that they are selling the products to the brokers for a small amount of money, but since the farmers are not aware, we decided to make an application which will allow them to sell their produce directly to the Farnon-broker customers. Consumers can contact farmers directly, farmers can sell their produce directly to consumers for retail or wholesale sale depending on the number of their products, this application is needed to know all these problems and to inform the farmers. The choice to create an environment that allows any type of farmer to buy or sell their agricultural produce
Keyword: Android, Mobile Application, Mobile Computing, Smartphone, Google Web Services, Database.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Stock Prices Prediction Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr. Shinde Y. A || Vishal Bankar || Walunj Bapu || Muskhan patel || Divya Tipole
Page No. :: 15-16

Stock market is trading platform where different investors sale and purchase shares according to stock availability. Stock market ups and downs effects the profit of stakeholders. If market prices going up with available stock then stakeholders get profit with their purchased stocks. In other case, if market going down with available stock prices then stakeholders have to face losses. Buyers buy stocks with low prices and sell stocks at high prices and try to get huge profit. Similarly, sellers sell their products at high prices for profit purpose. Stock market work as trusty platform among sellers and buyers......


Keywords: Close, high, low, LSTM model, open, regression, and volume.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Farmer Product Trading System
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr. Borhade B.M. || Pritam Yewale || Komal Raut || Asmita Mule || Sahil Meher
Page No. :: 17-20

Farmers can easily register into our application as it is made as easy as possible, also people who want can also make use of this application. This Application reduces the time and effort of farmers and helps out the farmers to post the daily market price for different fruits and vegetables without visiting the market in a simple and more effective way. The main aspiration of this application is for the agricultural society, as farmers are some of the most important people who are the backbone of our Indian economy and have always been innovators. Every detail is bought into a single application that regularly updates price when there is a change in it.


Keywords: Farmer cart, Farmer product cart information, selling, buying, Database.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Farm Labour Management System
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr. Borhade B.M. || Vaibhav Bhujbal || Pratik Jadhav || Altab Inamdar || Siddhesh Thorat
Page No. :: 21-25

Labour is one of the most important inputs in agricultural production. How it is measured and valued is critical for establishing the cost of producing agricultural commodities and accurately portraying labor's relative share of the total cost of production. The farm labour is an agent of production and on the other hand, a member of the consuming society. In this way, farm labour is both means as well as end of production. In economics , any work whether manual or mental for acquiring income is called labour. But we are concerned with physical labour expressed in terms of toil and exertion involved in farm production. Labour efficiency in agriculture refers to the amount of productive work accomplished per man on the farm per unit of time........


Keywords- Labour Management Practices, Management, Farm Information System, Database

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Online Organic Agricultural Product Selling & Management System
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr..Bohrade B.M || Kajal D. Indore || Shubhada R. Narsale || Akshada N. Korade || Mayuri G. Dere
Page No. :: 26-29

Farming is the Prime Occupation in India in spite of this, today the people involved in farming belongs to the lower class and is in deep poverty. The Advanced techniques and the Automated machines which are leading the world to new heights, has been lagging when it is concerned to Farming, either the lack of awareness of the advanced facilities or the unavailability leads to the poverty in Farming. Even after all the hard work and the production done by the farmers, in today's market the farmers are cheated by the Agents, leading to the poverty. Argo marketing would make all the things automatic which make easier serving as a best solution to all the problems. E-farming will serve as a way for the farmers to sell their products across the country just with some basic knowledge about how to use the website.........


Keywords: Organic Agricultural Products, Farm-Marketing, Market Rate, eLearning, Ecommerce, Mobile, Indian customers, Analytics, e-Tail, Marketing strategies, Technology, e-Retailers.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Traffic Police Management and Detection of Stolen Vehicle Using QR Code
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Shegar Sneha Ramdas || Jagtap Pooja Sanjay || Jagtap Raghinee Vilas || Khose Akanksha Sakharam || Shinde Kaveri Dattatray
Page No. :: 30-34

This project aims at implementing a vehicle document check system where databases and documents are Retrieved by the traffic police by their smart phones and the physical documents are not needed to be carried along there by saving time in document verification. Initially we assign them unique identity numbers and scan their RC, Insurance, Emission paper, vehicle name, and number and store it in the database at the back end. Using the above information, we create a QR code and stick it on an irreplaceable part of the vehicle. At the front end we create an application with which traffic police can scan the QR code on his phone and all the details about the owner of the vehicle and all the documents earlier stored will be shown on the phone.........


Keywords : QR Code, Android, AES Algorithm, Encryption, Decryption.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Transactional Behaviour Verification in Business Process As A Service Configuration
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr. Shinde Yogesh || Hadawale Sonali Balkrushna || Randhwan Komal Somnath || Shinde Tanuja Sakharam || Gaikwad Akshay Kaluram
Page No. :: 35-37

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) is an emerging type of cloud service that offers configurable and executable business processes to clients over the Internet. Intrusion detection refers to the act of detecting a network system for malicious or harmful activity. It is an application that tries to identify and raise an alarm/inform if any suspicious activity is tracked and observed. However, we have proposed a security system, named Hybrid Intrusion Detection based on Data Mining. We are going to use data mining techniques to identify internal intruders and take action accordingly. Security has been one of the serious problems in the computer domain since attackers very usually try to penetrate computer systems and behave maliciously to authenticate users.......


Index Terms - Data mining, network, Network attacks, malicious, insider attacks.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Smart Contract-Based Procurement in Supply Chain Sector
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr.Shinde Y. A || Samadhan Bhosale || Shubham Naikade || Akshay Jadhav || Gauri Dere
Page No. :: 38-43

Efficiently managing and tracking shipments is important for service providers in global trade. In spite of major advances in new technologies service providers still suffer from information opaqueness, poor procurement, real-time tracking and process complexity, and so on. In this paper, we proposed automating procurement contracts in the supply chain integrating blockchain technology and decentralized storage using the Ethereum network enabling transparency, streamlining communication among trading partners, and minimizing the procurement timeline while avoiding pricing discrepancies and inaccuracies. We have used Role-based access control methodology and keccack256 for comparing keys at delivery partners. We attempt a generic framework with detailed algorithms depicting various interactions among trading partners.


Keywords: Blockchain, Ethereum, security analysis, blockchain applications, group purchasing organizations, service providers, Interplanetary File System (IPFS)

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design Of Water Distribution System For Village Padali-Ale, Tal: Parner, Dist: Ahmednagar
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr.Gunjal.M.D || Mr.Sakhala.S.G || Miss.Panchal. P.D || Mr.Mergal A.S || Asst.Prof.Gholap.P.D.
Page No. :: 44-47

The present system of water supply is intermittent supply and a tree system or dead end system network is adopted for water distribution. This system may not be sufficient in the coming years to cater to the increasing water demand of the village, which helps to design the water distribution network for any required area, for any domestic house hold usages or any commercial purposes. In which consists of a computer program, does the simulation of hydraulic behavior and water quality behavior with in the pressure pipe networks.. The analysis of the distribution network is done based on various public demands, quantities of inflows and out flows of the over-head reservoirs. This analysis provides the information about various demands, losses, and uses of the public. The design of a new network of supply will make the municipality be aware of the new demands, rate of increase in the demands. The design is made keeping in view of the population growth rate and the development in the village. The design brings out an improvement in the existing network.


Keyword: water distribution network, grid iron system, water requirement.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Study and Analysis of Dry Wall Construction
Country :: India
Authors :: Wagh Rohit Bhausaheb || Akash Andhale Sakharam || Kadam Kishor Goraksha || Maghade Shubham Rangnath || Prof. Bargaje S.S.
Page No. :: 48-52

Delay in Building Construction Project is one of the most common problems. Delay can be defined as time overrun or extension of time to complete the project. Delay is situation when the actual progress of a construction project slower than the planned schedule or late completion of the projects. The causes of delay in Building Construction Projects are taken from the pass literature review. The literature reviews are summarized and the delay framework is constructed based on literature review a drywall is a high-performance lightweight interior wall system consisting of a GI steel frame, encased in gypsum plasterboard on either side attached with self- drilling drywall screws........


Keyword: Dry wall, Gypsum, Masonary, Building Construction

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design of Biogas Plant for Samarth College Campus & Study of Its Eco-Friendly Feasibility
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms.Sarode.A.M || Ms.Rahane.M.R || Mr.Sirsat.S.P || Prof.Dighe.B.N
Page No. :: 53-57

In College campus there are two messes of college and school where large amount of food waste generates. Which can be used for production of biogas. The biogas released acts as an environmentally sustainable energy source. The Establishment of biogas creates an organic processing facility to generate biogas which will be more cost effective, eco-friendly and can be utilize for the renewable energy. In this research the production of biogas is done from the kitchen food waste. The research study also deals with the amount of generation of biogas from kitchen food waste and eco-friendly feasibility of biogas plant.


Keyword: Anaerobic digestion, Biogas production, Eco-Friendly feasibility, Kitchen waste.

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