Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Study on Customer Time Engagement and Perception of Content for E-Commerce Sites in India
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Rohita Dwivedi || Prof. Dr. Vaishali Patil
Page No. :: 01-16

Consumer behaviour is changing rapidly with consumer becoming the king again and credit goes to growing strength of digital media, media fragmentation, consumer fragmentation, easy access to information source, education and growing bargaining capacity of consumers because of brand war, availability of alternatives and increasing consumer awareness. They are more informed, compare brand price, analyse information available from different sources, share information, post reviews and read reviews posted by other consumers on digital and social media.Online information is playing a vital role in shaping the consumer buying decision.

Keyword : e-commerce, content marketing, customer time engagement

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Fundamental Pro-active Approaches against Insiders Security Policy Violations
Country :: India
Authors :: Ansari Neha || Dr.DandHiren Jayantilal || Dr.Shaloo Dadheech
Page No. :: 17-19

Information Security Management is one of the most fundamental requirements of most of the organisations today.But just deploying Information Security Management by focussing on security attacks from outside is incomplete until and unless security policy violations from inside the organisations is also considered.Having a complete proactive approach from security threats in both directions (inside and outside) is the need because they can help the organisation to prevent as well as control security threats.Infact, having a security policy is of no use for the organisation unless there is some security practice to support it and security tools for monitoring its violations.Insiders threats are more dangerous for the security of organisations intellectual property as compared to external attacks this is because the insiders have direct access and privileges on the resources of the organisation.Insiders security policy violations can be accidental or deliberate,but organisations security system must be robust enough to defend from both accidental as well as deliberate security policy violations.

Keywords: Information Security Management, Security Policy, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System, Firewalls, Audit log software, Insiders Attack

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Effects of multimedia on learning skills of Kids (2-5 yrs.)
Country :: India
Authors :: Prabha Siddhesh Kadam
Page No. :: 20-24

Early childhood education is an important stage in child's educational life. This is the span of life when rapid development takes place in all aspect. Child begins to learn from surroundings, kids use to observe, absorbs and reacts. In this Digital Ira multimedia is playing important role because gadgets are everywhere. A small kid at home is also surrounded by many digital devices. Cartoon channels, Mobile Apps, Games, Videos and Audios are different forms of multimedia used frequently for entertainment or for the purpose of education even at home. Due to ease of access of Internet in recent times, more and more educational apps have floodedthe market.With the help of multimedia in small age, kids access vast variety of information andare able to gain content related knowledge. This research is mainly based on effects of multimedia on Learning Skills of kids in age group 2 to 5 years old. The main focus of study is on Attention, Memory and Thinking capability of kids which may get affected due to use of multimedia in primary education.

Keywords: Multimedia, Mobile, TV, Apps, Learning Skills, Effects, kids, Attention, Memory, Thinking.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Review on Database security threats
Country :: India
Authors :: Mrs. Rama Sanjay Bansode || Maitreya Tambade || Dr. Anup Girdhar
Page No. :: 25-28

Data security is an important issue and a growing concern that affects all sectors in this modern era. Lack of data security can lead to confidential information being accessed by unauthorized persons & the integrity of information gets compromised. In light of these, the present study addresses data security. Findings reveal that data security is an important area, worthy of attention. As such, data security threats & data protection strategies are studied in this paper

Keywords: Database , Database systems, RAID, Data Security, Data Protection, Media Failure, Storage System Failure, Data Corruption, Data Center Failure, Digital Privacy, Cyber Crimes, Net Morality, Cyberspace issues, Domain issues, Virus, Hacking

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Comparative Study of Compression Tools like TAR, RAR, ZIP
Country :: India
Authors :: Prof. Swati D. Ghule || Dr. AnupGirdhar
Page No. :: 29-33

We want to compress files and directories on a computer as there are many reasons. Some of them are conserving less disk space and using minimize bandwidth for network communication.Archiving data generally means taking backup and saving it to a secure location, which is in a compressed format.Archive file is onewhich is composed of one or more files including metadata in the extra fields like filename, permission and so on. Archive files are generally used to combine multiple data files into a single file to achieve f portability and less storage space or simply to compress files for less storage space.Archiving makes file transfer easy than compressed files which require less storage space and are thus faster to move from one system to another.ZIP files are one of the convenient way to wrap up related files together, and can save storage space accordingly

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Financial Risk Control
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms.Suneja Raje
Page No. :: 34-37

Financial markets are trading places for financial commodities and securities. A financial market is a market, or an arrangement or an institution that facilitates the exchange of financial instruments and securities. These instruments include shares, stocks, bonds, debentures, commercial papers, bills, chequesetc. The price of these instruments is determined by the laws of demand and supply in the market.There are broadly two types of financial markets in an economy – capital market and money market. Now capital market deals in financial instruments and commodities that are long-term securities. They have a maturity of at least more than one year. Capital markets perform the same functions as the money market. It provides a link between the savings/investors and the wealth creators..............


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: CryptoCurrency and Business New technological advancement
Country :: India
Authors :: Onkar D. Jadhav
Page No. :: 38-45

Survival of business in the modern competitive world depends upon the way it conducts business and consumer satisfaction. A businessman needs to modernise their form of business to make sure gain and have an edge over its competitors. Consumer satisfaction is also an important factor, and they directly relate it to the improvement of industry and every businessman tries to maximise it. By, using old technology it can create troubles as there are various issues with that technology observed in the past. People with bad intention can easily manipulate it for their profit. Modern technology can bring new ways which can attract communities and can help to overcome obstacles. The organization can be beneficial from it. Cryptocurrency can be helpful in
this situation as having the new technology. It is having a technology which can be useful for business not only in payment but also in management and customer care. It is cryptocurrency more secure compared to the current system, and this is the biggest advantage. Cryptocurrency can not only use in payment but also in different way. How we can use this cryptocurrency in all above factors this I have mentioned below.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Analysis of Speech Recognition with Voice Assistant technology
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr. Yashraj R Marwah || Ms. Swapnali D. Mahadik
Page No. :: 46-49

Digitization brings new possibilities to ease the daily life activities by the means of Voice Assistant Technology(VAT). Due to this VAT managing all the daily work can be performed in one go. An activity which need to be done by a human manually is now done by a voice assistant. The main objective of this paper is to know whether it will be able to identify the voice is of the same person or someone else is imitating it. Security is the most important factors of this paper. This would not only increase the security but also reliability of the system.

Keywords- Digitization, Voice Assistant Technology (VAT), Security.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Link Mining: Information Mining Using Links
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr. AkshayJaveri
Page No. :: 50-55

The Challenging task for data mining is solving the problem of mining proper structured databases, for creating this structured databases various objects are linked together in some manner. These links among the objects describes certain patterns, these pattern identification can help for doing many data mining tasks easily. Recently there is a sudden strong feeling of interest in this area, because of web and hypertext mining due to interest in social networks mining, security and law enforcement data, Reference to a book, article or other published item, epidemiology.

Keywords- Data mining, Link mining, mutual information, epidemiology, bibliography, KDD, CRISPDM, XML, HITS, IR.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Specialization In Security Operation Center (Soc) For Iot, Cyber Security & Big Data
Country :: India
Authors :: Gargi Kulkarni || Mr. Harish Chandar
Page No. :: 56-62

The explosive growth of internet and data generation since the past decade has really thrown the Administrators in a big nightmare as far as maintaining and managing them is concerned .This again leads to several solutions that must be easily adaptable, scalable and robust. Security Operation Centers (SOC) are the first step towards the untangling of this riddle and making the job of administrators easy to track, monitor and maintain the overall network infrastructure remotely from a single location. It is therefore imperative to surmise the concept, implementation and future trends of the SOC. The cost and complexity of managing such an immense setup can be prohibitive. Therefore corporates the world over are depending upon such SOCs that are taken care by third party setups that in turn can be in any part of the world.

[2]. Security Operations Center – CCIE book (Joseph Muniz ,Gary McIntyre,Nadhem, AlFardan)
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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: The Reality Of Interactive World
Country :: India
Authors :: Burhanuddin Harianawala || Saifuddin Harianawala || Junaid Khalfay
Page No. :: 63-79

Augmented reality (AR) has good potential in making the learning process more active, effective and meaningful. AR enables users to interact with virtual and real-time applications and brings the natural experiences to the user. The application of AR have lot of recognition in a number of fields of learning like Medicine, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Geography, Biology, Astronomy and History. AR technologies have a positive potential and advantages that can be adapted in education and there are certain limitations of AR which could be addressed in future research.

[3]. FULLTEXT02.pdf

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: IoT for Kids
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr. RushabNarharAmbre || Dr. Rasika Mallya
Page No. :: 70-74

One of the trending technology in the world or in the universe is the Internet of Things. The transformation of the normal real world objects to the virtual world object is the main and interesting feature of the IoT. It make them intelligent and more powerful and useful. The IoT make everything and keep updated and informed about everything. The IoT is very helpful in all the sector to make system automate, monitor and track. This research paper is all about the study of application of IoT for the betterment of kids. How the IoT is helping kids to grow enhance their talents and knowledge. Right now there very trending and very research going of the IoT how their application can be used to evolve the world in the better way. There are many research paper, corporate papers, expert, reviews and discussion and online Database. The main objective of the paper is study the vital Role of the IoT in the kids' life.........

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Use of Body Area Network in Woman Health Monitoring System
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Rasika Mallya
Page No. :: 75-81

The paper presents a remote monitoring system for women using wearable devices like TOCO pressure sensor, accelerometer or ultrasound transducer. The wearable devices along with wireless sensor networks form body area network. The proposed system named woman health monitoring system (WHMS) consists of patient side BAN and server side module for storing monitored data, detecting abnormal change in vital parameters and generating alert for physician or gynecologist. The advantage of proposed system is woman's health will be monitored without visiting to physician or gynecologist. Though the lady is travelling in crowded train, or she is working under stress, fetus safety in case of pregnant woman as well as all aged lady's health is monitored using proposed system. This system is also useful for expecting lady to follow her pregnancy status as well as fetus growth using wearable sensors. The proposed system can be useful for any age woman to follow her health status on her own and making her more health conscious.

Keywords- remote monitoring system, body area network, WHMS, health status, fetus growth and safety.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Applications of IOT in educational sector
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms. Sulakshana Kishor Vispute
Page No. :: 82-88

The Internet of things shows the potential to transform numerous areas of our day to day lives. Internet of things has the potential to provide solutions which improve service efficiency. Use of IOT in educational sector is a new wave of change that has brought new possibilities and opportunities for the improvement of learning as well as teaching process. This paper will discuss architecture, working of internet of things, how internet of things can improve traditional teaching and learning process through different devices like RFID, SCRCS, HVAC, wireless door lock, magic mirror, pressure sensor pad, smart notes maker etc. Moreover it will discuss the challenges of educational institutes in implementing IOT embedded campus.

Keywords: IOT, RFID, SCRCS, HVAC, magic mirror, pressure sensor pad, smart notes maker etc.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Comparative Analysis of Assignment Problem for Maximization Case
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr.Pritam Warke
Page No. :: 89-91

Assignment Problem is special kind of linear programming problem For maximization case, Here we Proposed a new method for finding the optimum solution for the given assignment problem. This method employs a much slimmer way of approaching the problem thereby making it preferred option on addressing assignment problem. This method is very easy to understand as compared to other methods, for better understanding example is included at the end of this paper.

Keywords- Assignment problems, cost matrix, maximum profit, optimization.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Computational Model for Kathak Recitations
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms. ApekshaKhopkar
Page No. :: 92-95

ShastriyaNrutya or India Classical Dance is an umbrella term used for various performing arts rooted in Indian classical music. Whose theory and practice is mentioned in the Sanskrit text Natyashasra and other texts from the same tradition for the principal elements of Taal. Kathak is the classical dance style with its rich theory and practice content. Dance comprise of a sequence of possible and graceful dance steps,intricate footwork, spins and recitation Padhant. Our world is becoming progressively more technology driven where we strive to develop machines that are faster and a great assistance to human. This paper proposes a model architecture which will help the artist to recite traditional bolwith theka and that will be stored in a voice to text format with the notations and Khand..........

Keywords - recitations, voice to text, artists, theka, taal

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Sentiment Analysis Techniques and Applications a comparative study
Country :: India
Authors :: Mrs.Deepa Honrao
Page No. :: 96-101

E-commerce sites, social media, forums, blogs etc. have become very popular. This has created a new avenue where anyone can exchange views, ideas,suggestions and experiences about products, services or events. This trend accumulated a huge amount of user generated - unstructured data on the web. If this content can be extracted and analyzed properly then it can act as a vital factor in decision making and to gain insights on the entity. But manual extraction and analysis of this huge content is a difficult and time-consuming task. The other challenges being content is unstructured in nature and it is written in natural language. This situation has given rise to new research areas called Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis. These terms are sometimes also used interchangeably and are an extension of Data Mining. This paper discusses the key concepts used in Sentiment Analysis and presents comparative analysis of its techniques

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Data Driven Water Quality Analysis Based on Hybrid Classification Technique
Country :: India
Authors :: Ms. Swapnali D. Mahadik || Dr.Anup Girdhar
Page No. :: 102-105

Water quality prediction plays a very important role in today's world. Water quality is always related to wellness of its neighbors. Water quality is affected by many factors such as human activities, Industrial wastes, chemicals, biological components, etc. The discharges added by these pollution sources affect the pH value of water. Thus it is difficult to describe them in quantitative using any accurate mathematical model.This paper shows the hybrid approach known as genetic algorithm- support vector regression, which searchesbest suitable SVR parameters using genetic algorithm and then adopts best parameters to construct SVR model. For effective SVR model, parameters should be set carefully. The implementation will demonstrates the model is basically based on Root Mean Square Error. This will be very helpful to predict water quality.Also this paper classifies data analytical approach and Water quality prediction model for water quality assessment.

Keywords - Water Quality Prediction Model, Hybrid Approach, Genetic Algorithm, Support Vector Regression

[1]. G. Kang, J. Z. Gao and G. Xie, "Data-Driven Water Quality Analysis and Prediction: A Survey," 2017 IEEE Third International Conference on Big Data Computing Service and Applications (BigDataService), San Francisco, CA, 2017, pp. 224-232. doi: 10.1109/BigDataService.2017.40
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