October - 2015 (Volume-5 ~ Issue-10 ~ Part-3)

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Research Paper



Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of Helicopter Planetary Gear Train






Ling-li Jiang ||, Deng-rong Hua ||, Hua-kui Yin

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0.4/3021-051030106 aned
3021-0510-0306 iosrjen

Helicopter planetary gear train with compact structure, large transmission range, powerful bearing capacity, is one of the most important part of helicopter drive system. But because of sympathetic vibration, drive systems are easily destroyed in the actual work condition, which can cause an immeasurable loss. So in the design stages of planetary gear train, it is important to get the inherent characteristic in the actual working conditions by finite element method .In this paper, use the three-dimensional modeling software CATIA to establish the parametric Three-dimensional entity model and assembly of gear in the planetary gear train .Then have a interference analysis, and a data conversion. After three-dimensional solid model of planetary gear train is imported into the finite element software WORKBENCH, the contact among all the parts will be automatically identified .According to the actual work condition of planetary gear train, add corresponding constraints to the sun wheel, planet wheel, gear ring, disc planet carrier. Finally, conduct a modal analysis for finite element model of the entire planet gear train to get the first ten steps natural frequency and corresponding vibration mode .Using this method, we can avoid these areas to prevent sympathetic vibration in the whole design process of the planetary gear train, so as to improve the quality of the gear system, as well as to lay a foundation for the dynamic response calculation and analysis of the planetary gear train.


Keywords: helicopter; planetary gear train; dynamic characteristics analysis

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