September - 2018 (Volume-8 ~ Issue-9 ~ Part-4)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Building software for optimal calculation of electricity system and results of optimal calculation and operation of Vietnam's electricity system
Country :: Vietnam
Authors :: LUONG Ngoc Giap || VU Huu Hai || NGO Van Dung || NGUYEN Binh Khanh || TRAN The Vinh || LE Tat Tu
Page No. :: 01-10

This article introduced the program to optimize the developement and operation of Vietnam's power system based on the previously developed models and methods of calculating the optimal development and optimal operation of Vietnam's power system ([1]). The program solves the problem of optimal development and operation of large and complex electrical systems with any number of nodes. The results from a calculation to optimize Vietnam's power system until 2030 with 3, 5 or 8 nodes shows that the program is built in accordance with the practical operation of Vietnam's power system and can be applied to solve the optimal problem of developing large power system complex.

Keywords: Optimizing power system program, Vietnam power system; power source characteristics; transmission line; optimal operation.

[1]. LUONG Ngoc Giap, VU Huu Hai, NGO Van Dung, NGUYEN Binh Khanh, TRAN The Vinh, LE Tat Tu: "Models and methods of calculating the optimal development and optimal operation of Vietnam's power system", IOSR Journal of Engineering (IOSRJEN), ISSN (e): 2250-3021, ISSN (p): 2278-8719, Vol. 08, Issue 6 (June. 2018), ||V (II) || PP 01-07.
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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Survey on User Authentication Methodologies by Channel Information in Wireless Networks
Country :: India
Authors :: D. Priyadarshini || Faseela.P.Ismail
Page No. :: 11-15

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are appropriate in adaptable domains varies from very ordinary to those which require vital security concerns. The use of WSNs in the surrounding and the resource-awkward character of the component sensor nodes give mount to an open challenge to guarantee that only authorized admit to the information is accessible through the sensor nodes. A lot of researchers have made significant hard work to meet up this dispute by scheming protected and trustworthy user validation mechanisms. Every projected method, with its pros and cons is cryptanalyzed to determine its relevant power and limitations. User authentication is the vital initially in order to detect identity-based attacks and preventing subsequent malicious attacks.............

Keywords: User authentication, Wireless sensor networks, Gateway node, Sensor nodes.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Impact of the Quality Management practices on the Innovation in Republic of Iraq Organizationsusing Six Sigma
Country :: IRAQ
Authors :: TahsenAbdalwahab Ibrahim
Page No. :: 16-23

This study aims to discuss the relation among total quality management (QM) practices and innovation. A research conceptual framework has been developed on this relationship. The outcomes demonstrate that a set of QM practices has a positive relationship through process management with a wide range of innovation. It was discovered that procedure management directly and decidedly identifies to radical, incremental, and administrative innovation. The findings also reveal that the value of an individual QM practice is tied to other QM practices. This study attempts to explore and fundamentally reviewed the association between lean six sigma, item and process advancement to check whether lean six sigma projects bolster or impede improvement. A discussion on the QM practices in service organization is presented and conceptual framework and model are proposed.

Keywords: QM practices, Relationship, Service organization, Innovation.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Lung Cancer Successful Treatment For Chemotherapy And Radiotherapy Decission Making Usingfuzzy Logic
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. A. Raj kumar || P.vidya || P.Sathyabama
Page No. :: 24-29

The present study deals with the application of chemotherapy and radiation therapy uses special equipment. Chemotherapy simply means treatment with chemicals. Those used to treat cancer are called cytotoxic drugs because they poison cells in the body. Chemotherapy drugs are carried by the bloodstream throughout the body. The drugs affect both normal healthy cells and cancerous ones. However, healthy cells are able to repair themselves. Most types of chemotherapy for lung cancer are given directly into vein through a drip (intravenously). However, there are some types of chemotherapy which are given as a tablet. If the small cell lung cancer (SCLC), chemotherapy is usually the first type of treatment. The other method is internal radiation therapy. This method is also called brachytherapy. Internal radiation therapy involves placing a radioactive object for lung cancer; internal radiation can shrink a blocking. Radiation is given through a plastic tube that is inserted into the removed after the treatment session.

Keywords: SCLC, Oncology, EBRT, Cancer stem cells.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Multi Quadrant Action & Speed Control of Electronically Commutated Motor Drive under Different Load variations
Country :: India
Authors :: B.V. Arun Kumar || Dr .G V Marutheswar
Page No. :: 30-37

This paper presents, the Electronically Commutated Motor or Brushless DC motor four quadrant action by the side of with speed control by means of Proportional Integral Differential (PID) controller has presented using MATLAB. Because of its more efficiency, more power density and low maintenance cost Brushless DC motors are used in Industrial and home applications. Subsequent to a lot of research and growth in power electronics and magnetic supplies encompass applications in electric drives in major level. In such applications, PID controller is being implemented with BLDC electrical drive to have control over the speed and current to acquire superior transient and steady-state performance.

Keywords: Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor, PID controller, Multi Quadrant Operation.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: User Preference Selection Mechanism using Markov Chain for a Cloud Service Provider
Country :: India
Authors :: M. Satheesh || M. Aramudhan
Page No. :: 38-43

Cloud Service selection has become a challenging decision for many organization due to the increasing number of services and user constantly changes his preferences based in the required and expected level of satisfaction of the experienced cloud services. Hence we propose the work to overcome this drawback and to develop a cloud broker architecture for cloud service selection by finding a pattern of the changing priorities of the User Preferences (UPs). To achieve this goal we have adapted the Markov chain to find the changing patter. The identified pattern is then connected to the Quality of Service (QoS) and the Best Worst Method (BWM) is used to rank the service from the available cloud services. The proposed methodology provides a prioritized list of the services based on the pattern of changing Ups. The findings are validated through a real quality of service performance data of Amazon EC2 cloud Services.

Keywords: Cloud Service Provider(CSP), Markov chain, Service selection, AHP Method, Best Worst method(BWM).


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Existence of Mild Solution for Second Order Summation-Difference Equations
Country :: India
Authors :: S. R. Gadhe || K. L. Bondar
Page No. :: 44-47

In this paper, we discuss existence and uniqueness of mild solution of second order initial value problems, with nonlocal conditions, by help of Banach fixed point theorem and the theory of cosine family.

Keywords: .............

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Characteristic Properties Of Subclasses For The Meromorphically Multivalent Functions
Country :: India
Authors :: Mr. Vidyadhar Sharma || Dr. Nisha Mathur
Page No. :: 48-52

In the present paper, we introduce and investigate some new classes of multivalent functions involving linear operator and derive useful characteristic properties for Meromorphically multivalent functions. Several results are presented exhibiting relevant connections to some other results proved here and those obtained in earlier works.

Keywords: Analytic functions, Meromorphic functions, multivalent functions, linear operator and Hyper geometric function.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A comparative Study to Estimate Cementation Exponent (m) and Tortuosity Factor (a) with the Presence of Shale at Asmari Reservoir as a Case Study at an Iraqi Oil Field
Country :: Iraq
Authors :: Ammar Awni Aldalawy
Page No. :: 53-64

Knowledge of Archie parameters is a very sensitive topic for developing an accurate reservoir description. The presence of shale will effect on the calculation of these parameters. A comparison between Pickett Plot and X-Y Cross Plot is done to clarify this effect and how the values of water saturation as a result are affected by them. This study will focus on the evaluation of Cementation exponent (m) and Tortuosity factor (a) for Asmari reservoir in an Iraqi oil field, depending on the data from four wells. Asmari is a carbonate reservoir formation and contains significant amounts of shales. The results of Cementation exponent (m) and Tortuosity factor (a) estimation from both methods Pickett and X-Y plots show a clear difference between them and the role of shale presence is revealed where X-Y plot depends on Indonesian water saturation model which includes the shale effect in the calculations..................

Keywords: Comparative study, Pickett plot, X-Y cross plot, Asmari reservoir

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Citric acid Production from whey by Aspergillus niger
Country :: India
Authors :: Uma Roobini A || Dr.G.Gnanavel
Page No. :: 65-71

Aspergillusnigeris used for the production for citric acid from whey, it shows the maximum citric acid production. This work is focused on the production of citric acid from whey using different concentrations of sugars. Citric acid, biomass and pH values from whey (with 15% sucrose) fermentation media by A. nigerduring 20 days, Biomass increase continues to the 20th day. The pH value decreases from 3.0 initially to 1.5 after 15 days.

Keywords: Acid ,Biomass, pH, Whey, ,Sucrose.

[1]. AftabNadeem,Quratulain Syed,ShahjahanBaig,MuhammadIrfan, Muhammad Nadeem.Enhanced Production of Citric Acid by AspergillusnigerM-101 Using Lower Alcohols-Turkish Journal of Biochemistry,2010; 35(13): 7-13.
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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Fuzzy approach on minimization using hungarian method
Country :: India
Authors :: Uma Dixit
Page No. :: 72-75

Many researchers worked on Fuzzy time minimization Assignment problem, which is optimizing the time of assigning the m jobs to the n workers. In this paper, the fuzzy time minimization assignment problem is solved by using Hungarian method and Robust's Ranking technique for the Fuzzy trapezoidal numbers. The algorithm of the method is presented and a numerical example explains the mentioned procedure.

Keywords: Fuzzy number, Hungarian method, Robust's ranking technique, Time minimization assignment problem.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Stability study of inhomogeneous porous single-layered nanoplates using nonlocal elasticity theory
Country :: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Authors :: Nebojša Radić || Dejan Jeremić
Page No. :: 76-82

In the present paper, the stability study of porous inhomogeneous single- layered nanoplates are presented. The nonlocal elasticity theory with one nonlocal parameter is developed to examine buckling behaviour. Based on the Eringen's differential nonlocal elastic law and new first order shear deformation theory the equations of equilibrium are obtained from the principle of minimum potential energy. To simplify the equations of equilibrium and removing the bending-extension coupling, the buckling behaviours of FG nanoplates are investigated based on physical neutral surface concept. The equations of equilibrium are solved for simply supported boundary conditions using Navier's method. The effects of nonlocal parameter, porosity volume fraction, power-law index and Winkler parameter on critical buckling load are presented.

Keywords: Buckling, Porous Inhomogeneous Single-Layered Nanoplates,Nonlocal Elasticity Theory,Navier's method.

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