June - 2019 (Volume-9 ~ Issue-6 ~ Series-2)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Fuzzy Reliability Analysis of Heating Fans Using Mediative Fuzzy Logic
Country :: India
Authors :: Harendra Yadav || M. K. Sharma
Page No. :: 01-06

Fuzzy logic deals with reasoning that is approximate rather than fixed and exact. Fuzzy logic deals the situations with the help of its membership grades. But due to the informational uncertainty and imperfect knowledge fuzzy logic is not adequate enough to deal such situations. Intuitionistic fuzzy logic (IFL) may role over the fuzzy logic due to its non-membership grade. But confliction in the hesitation part due to membership and non-membership grades in intuitionistic fuzzy logic is unable to describe all the characteristic of the system and exactness of its functioning. In the present paper we have used the mediative fuzzy logic (MFL). The Mediative fuzzy logic refers to the contradiction in hesitation part in intuitionistic fuzzy logic and gives birth to the contradiction fuzzy set............

Key words: Fuzzy Logic, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic (IFL), Mediative Fuzzy Logic (MFL), Fuzzy Inference Engine, Sugeno's Defuzzification. AMS Subject Classification: 60K10

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Economic Acceptance Sampling Plan Based on Truncated Life Tests for Generalized Exponential Distribution
Country :: India
Authors :: Sandeep Kumar
Page No. :: 07-12

In this paper, an economic acceptance sampling plan has been developed for the truncated life time distribution. Here, it is assumed that the quality of a product cannot be treated as constant so it vary with the time and denoted as random variable. This random variable (or quality) follows a life time distribution known as generalized exponential distribution. We are keen interested in the average life (or median life) of the product to obtain the ratio of true average life and specified average life (σ/σ0) with a predetermined time (t).The optimal cost model has been introduced to analyses SASP to find the various values of TC based on ATI. The purpose of this study is to find various measures for the given ratio (t/σ0) so that we may obtain a best suitable (n, c, t) plan. The OC values and AOQ, ATI, and TC values are presented through table 1 & 2. Some of the results has been discussed to explain table values.

Key words: Average Total Inspection, Generalized Exponential Distribution, Operating Characteristic, Producer's Risk, Total Cost, Truncated Life Test.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Performance analysis of Solar PV Based CHB and NPC Multilevel Inverter
Country :: India
Authors :: Alok Kumar || Deepak Agrawal || Rakeshwri Agrawal
Page No. :: 13-20

The Multi-level Inveters (MLI) are emerging as a prime medium for integrating solar energy into the grid. They posses high efficiency, low losses and reduced harmonic distortion as compared to the conventional two level inverters. In this paper simulation model of PV array is developed using simscape. The output of solar is interfaced with grid using MLI. The neutral point clamped (NPC) and cascade H-bridge (CHB) MLI with different levels interfaced with the PV array is compared. The comparative analysis includes simulation of a NPC and CHB fed by PV array based on Phase Disposition Pulse Width Modulation (PDPWM) technique. The cost comparison of the two MLI on the basis of their component requirement is also done for 5, 7, 9 level in this paper.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Effective Client Server Cryptographic Interaction Technique In Cloud Environment
Country :: India
Authors :: Tanmoy Mukherjee || Sudipta Sahana || Debabrata Sarddar
Page No. :: 21-24

The modern era of cloud computing has taken a significant turnaround and has become a major talking point among the public. In the midst of all the benefits that can be extracted from cloud computing, there lies some sort of major concern in terms of privacy and security of data that gets exchanged on cloud platform. Various research papers mentioned the use of different cryptographic and encryption and decryption algorithms for the security and privacy of data on cloud platform. In our paper, we have proposed the use of a cloud platform, wherein the request message, supposed to be sent from the client to the server, will be divided into two parts and kept in two separate files.............

Keywords: - Asymmetric Key Cryptography, Client, Client Server Interaction, Public key, Private key, Server, Symmetric Key Cryptography.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Flexural Behavior of Concrete Beams Reinforced With Hybrid FRP Bars and HRB Bars
Country :: China
Authors :: Waleed Abdullah || Zhang Zhuang Zhuang || Ruan Xiang Jie
Page No. :: 25-33

This paper reports and compares experimental studies on flexural performance of concrete beams reinforced with hybrid fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) and steel HRB bars with this study and other literatures. The objective of this study is to examine the effect of hybrid FRPs on structural behavior of retrofitted RC beams and to investigate if different sequences of BFRP and GFRP bars of the hybrid FRPs have influences on improvement of strengthening RC beams, Total 3 steel reinforced concrete beams and 8 hybrid reinforced beams were designed using only HRB steel bars and hybrid G/BFRP-steel bars respectively. The flexural bearing capacity, the maximum crack width and the deflection of the test beams were obtained and analyzed. Results show that the ultimate bending moment of hybrid reinforced is slightly less than...........

Keywords: FRP bar, hybrid reinforced, flexural capacity, deflection, crack

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Solar Powered Smart Irrigation System Using Humidity Sensor and Float Sensor
Country :: India
Authors :: Anjana Sengupta || Sougata Santra || Shamik Chattaraj
Page No. :: 34-36

Solar powered smart irrigation system using Arduino, soil moisture sensor,float sensor , solar panel, and relay module. This project is about a moisture-sensing automatic plant watering system using Arduino UNO powered by solar panel. The system reads the moisture sensor and switches on the motor when the moisture is below the set limit. When the moisture level rise above the set point, the system switches off the led indicator. The status of the tank motor and the moisture level will be displayed on a 16×2 LCD display. Monitoring of the moisture content of the soil will be done using a soil moisture sensor and the water level of the tank will be detected using a float switch which automatically switches off the motor when the reservoir is filled. The motor is switched ON when the soil moisture falls below a certain set value and if there is less water in the tank. The status of the soil moisture and the tank water level will be displayed using a 16×2 LCD.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Simulations for Different PV Solar Tracking Mechanisms under Egyptian Climatic Conditions
Country :: Egypt
Authors :: M.M.Fouad || Tarek A. Sayed || Lamia A.Shihata
Page No. :: 37-42

Solar Energy is one of the most important sources of electric energy generation since it is renewable and available everywhere. Photovoltaic panels are used to generate electrical energy from solar energy, but one of the drawbacks of photovoltaic panels is their low-conversion efficiency. One of the ways proposed for increasing the efficiency of the photovoltaic systems is to use solar tracking systems. In this study, different PV solar tracking mechanisms are simulated and a comparative analysis is conducted across different types of tracking systems in Egypt. A software-based using PVSYST software for comparing fixed PV panels, single axis horizontal tracking, single axis vertical tracking and double axis tracking taking into account the system losses.............

Keywords: PV systems, PV tracking, types of tracking

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Development of Financial Prediction System Using Natural Lang Processing
Country :: Vietnam
Authors :: Gayatri B. Patil || Prof. Dr. Nitin N. Patil
Page No. :: 43-47

In financial stock market, final prices modify day-to-day at the end of each meeting. These modifications occur because of many issues that disturb the prices of the stocks. In our implementation, we used K-means algorithm to accurately calculate final prices by applying a data mining methodology. We examine and identify the most influential factors of Dubai Financial Stock Market prices. The main aim of this process is to help depositors to plan their future stock chances precisely. Two algorithms are used in this method i.e. supervised and unsupervised algorithms.It provides an efficient mechanism for the highly available CPU intensive process of big data analysis with help of cloud computing framework for analyzing and predicting the market closing values on the basis on external factors.

Keywords: Financial Market, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Cloud Computing.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Energy and Cost Analysis for Renewable Energy Technologies in Hot Climatic Regions
Country :: Egypt
Authors :: M.M.Fouad || A. AbdulAziz || Lamia A.Shihata
Page No. :: 48-53

Egypt's electricity is 91%generatedfrom fossil fuels,this dependance on fossil fuels needs to be replaced by renewable energy sources. This paper analyzes energy, cost and carbon emissions of installing renewable energy systems in Cairo to satisfy the load for a residential area. A comparison is conducted across using of different installation mechanisms of PV panels and a wind turbine using HOMER software.The selection of optimum configuration is chosen based on the mechanism with the least energy consumption from grid, carbon emissions, net present cost (NPC) and cost of energy (COE). Results proved that renewable energy systems saves money and generates less carbon compared toconventional systems...............

Keywords: Carbon emissions, Cost Analysis, Energy Analysis, Renewable energy systems.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Model Development for Oxygen Diffusion through Petroleum Contaminated Soils
Country :: Nigeria
Authors :: Umeda, Uchendu || Ehirim,Emmanuel
Page No. :: 54-63

The aim of this study was to develop a Mathematical model that will predict oxygen concentration at 100cm depth, obtained from oxygen diffusion for bioremediation of petroleum contaminated soils at above mentioned depth. A mathematical model in two dimensional flow(x and z) was developed from basic conservative principle and it was solvednumerically to obtain the final solution. MATLAB 8.1a version (R 2013) was used to simulate the entire process. Results obtained from the model for oxygen concentration at 100cm depth followed the same trend with the experimental results. The results from the model were compared with experimental results and both showed a good fit. Therefore, the developed model can be used for the prediction of Oxygen concentration for bioremediation of petroleum contaminated soils at 100cm depth.

Keywords:Mathematical Model; Oxygen Diffusion and

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