September - 2018 (Volume-8 ~ Issue-9 ~ Part-2)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Relative Analysis of Biogas from Kitchen Waste
Country :: India
Authors :: Anand Kumar Singh || Amarika Singh || P. K. Pathak || Navneet Singh
Page No. :: 01-05

Biogas production requires anaerobic digestion. We should go for creating an Organic Processing Facility to create biogas which will be more cost effective, eco-friendly, cut down on landfill waste, generate a high-quality renewable fuel, and reduce carbon dioxide & methane emissions. The anaerobic digestion of kitchen waste produces biogas, a valuable energy resource. Anaerobic digestion is a microbial process for production of biogas, which consists of primarily methane (CH4) & carbon dioxide (CO2). Mixture of vegetable wastes was an-aerobically digested in a 2 L capacity lab scale batch reactors. Biogas can be used as energy source and also for numerous purposes. But, any possible application requires knowledge & information about the composition and quantity of constituents in the biogas produced............

Keywords: -------------

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Study on Establishment of We Chat Cultural Platform: a Brand-new Medium to Transmit Chinese Traditional Cultures In the Modern Age
Country :: China
Authors :: Li WEI Chengcheng LIU
Page No. :: 06-10

The Chinese culture not only influenced the Chinese development, but also contributed greatly to the human advancement in civilization. With the popularity and recognition of Chinese initiative of One Belt and One Road, the Chinese cultures and Chinese values are emphasized and studied by more and more foreigners. As the Chinese youth, they have great responsibilities and missions to carry on and promote the cultural essence and civilization fruits. The Youth Cultural Refueling Station, as a wide-range cultural WeChat platform, realizes the cultural nurturing education regularly and informally through occasional Tweets to the college students and readers catering for Chinese culture and western civilization. There are a variety of columns covering Cultural Ramblings, Tribute to Classic, Mutual Learning among Civilizations, Youth Wishes, Good Lessons Learnt from Other Cultures, Youth Literature Garden, Rhythm Youth, Policeman's Style, and Almar Mater's Honor, etc.

Keywords: The Chinese Confucianism, WeChat cultural platform, Youth Cultural Refueling Station

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Phytochemical Analysis of leaves Extract of Abutilon pannosuminn-Butanolfor its Bioactive Components through Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)
Country :: India
Authors :: Mital K. Aadesariya || Vijay R. Ram || Pragnesh N. Dave
Page No. :: 11-21

Abutilon pannosum usually recognized as khapat is a significant therapeutic plant used in a traditional system. Its extract is also used in treating against bronchitis, gonorrhea, diarrhea in relieving thirst, and inflammation of the bladder and in reducing fever, cleaning wound and ulcer, treating a vaginal infection, diabetics, hemorrhoids and can also be used as an anemia. The present study has been carried out on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the major bioactive components of therapeutically significant plant A. pannosum (AP) leaves by the use of GC-MS, whereas the mass fragment spectra of the compounds were compared with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) library. The soxhlet extraction of a sample was done by use of continuous hot percolation method using n- Butanol as a solvent. After extraction, it was concentrated by using distillation method.

Keywords: Abutilon pannosum, GC/MS, Phytochemicals, n- Butanol extract, Soxhlet extraction

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Survey on Data Mining Techniques for Prediction of Heart Diseases
Country :: India
Authors :: Susmitha K || B. Senthil Kumar
Page No. :: 22-27

Heart disease (HD) is a disease of the heart or blood vessels, which causes death. In recent scenario, health issues are huge, due to this nature predicting and classifying into different conditions are very tedious. The field of data mining has involved in those domains to predict and to classify the abnormality along with its risk level. The previous studies have used several features to diagnosis the disease, which has been collected from patients. By applying different data mining algorithms, the patient data can be used for diagnosis as training samples. The main drawbacks of the previous studies are that need accurate and more number of features. This paper surveys about the recent data mining techniques applied for predicting heart diseases.

Keywords: Heart disease prediction, Data mining, Clustering, and Classification

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Monotone prime numbers
Country :: Hungary
Authors :: József Bölcsföldi || György Birkás
Page No. :: 28-30

After defining, monotone prime numbers will be presented from 23 to 55555555777. How many monotone prime numbers are there in the interval (10p-1, 10p) (where p is a prime number)? On the one hand, it has been counted by computer among the prime numbers with up to 31-digits. On the other hand, the function (1) gives the approximate number of monotone prime numbers in the interval (10p-1,10p). Near-proof reasonig has emerged from the conformity of Mills' prime numbers with monotone prime numbers. The set of monotone prime numbers is probably infinite.

Keywords: ....................

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Construction of a Structure from 4-Regular Planar Graph and to investigate its implications on Odd Region and Even Region
Country :: India
Authors :: Atowar ul Islam || Samarjit Das || Anupam Das
Page No. :: 31-38

In this present work we have proposed the construction of a structure of the 4-regular planar graphs for G(2m+2,4m+4) where m≥2. Based on our proposed structure we have stated two theorems on odd regions and total regions of 4-regular planar graphs. The experimental results and proof of the stated theorems have also been provided.

Keywords: 4-Regular planar graphs, sub-graphs, structure, odd regions, total regions.

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[4]. Atowar ul Islam, Bichitra Kalita and Anupam Dutta ," Minimum Vertex Cover of Different Regular Planar Graph and Its Application" International Journal of Mathematical Archive-5(10), 2014, 175-184 Available online through ISSN 2229 – 5046.

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: How Machine Learning Inspire Major Change inTechnology In The Near Future
Country :: India
Authors :: Jahnavi Valisetty || Yeshwanth Aavula || G. Sreenivas Yadav
Page No. :: 39-43

About 20 years back, internet emerged as a great change across the globe and has been ruling the planet since then by making things easier for the people. In the same role we will see machine intelligence over the coming decades. What is the unique, remarkable, self-learning and unpredictable decision making object which is capable of taking unique and apt decisions accord to the situation? It is the human brain. Though there are other brainy species as well, we as humans richly gifted with self-awareness, language, abstract thought, mathematical capability, art, technology, science and so on. The most important aspect is that it is capable of taking decisions on its own without any fixed criteria. Most of the machines which work today depend on software which is fixed with certain algorithms which states clearly what the machine need to do at a particular point and a situation.............

Keywords: Machine Intelligence, Self-learning, Algorithm.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Test Suite Minimization using Fuzzy Clustering for Aspect-Oriented Software System
Country :: India
Authors :: Sandeep Dalal || Susheela Hooda
Page No. :: 44-50

Now-a-days, optimization of test suite using model-based testing techniques are gaining more popularity as they are easy to implement and less costly as compare to code-based testing. Aspect-oriented programming paradigm is relatively a new field of software development. In this paper, a UML activity diagram-based test suite minimization technique has been developed for Aspect-Oriented Software System by using Fuzzy Clustering. This technique will reduce the size of the test suitewithout compromising thespecified coverage criteria.

Index Terms: -------------

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Dual Access Control With Effective Cross Tenant Revocation In Cloud Computing
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Sarabu V Balamuralidhar
Page No. :: 51-54

Sharing of assets on the cloud can be accomplished on a huge scale since it is savvy and area free. Regardless of the publicity encompassing distributed computing, associations are as yet hesitant to send their organizations in the distributed computing condition because of worries in secure asset sharing. In this paper, we propose a cloud asset intervention benefit offered by cloud specialist co-ops, which assumes the part of confided in outsider among its distinctive occupants. This paper formally determines the asset sharing system between two unique occupants within the sight of our proposed cloud asset intervention benefit. The rightness of authorization enactment and assignment component among various occupants utilizing four unmistakable calculations (Activation, Delegation, Forward Revocation and Backward Revocation) is likewise exhibited utilizing formal confirmation. The execution examination recommends that sharing of assets can be performed safely and productively crosswise over various inhabitants of the cloud.

Keywords: Cross Tenant Access Control, Authentication, Verification, Cloud Computing, Security

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Designing of Photonic Crystal Ring Resonator Based ADF at Perpendicular Drop Waveguide
Country :: India
Authors :: Neha Singh || Dr. Krishna Chandra Roy
Page No. :: 55-60

In this paper the two dimensional photonic crystal ring resonator based an add/drop filter with perpendicular drop waveguide has been designed. This designed has been structured with the help of a basic optical based ring resonator. The simulation work has been performed with the help of Opti-FDTD software. The add and drop wavelength of the designed filter obtained was 1340nm and 1550nm respectively.

Keywords: Photonic crystal ring resonator, ring resonator, add/drop filter, FDTD method, photonic band gap.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Secure Authentication mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks
Country :: India
Authors :: Simran || Maninder Kaur || Vijay Paul Singh
Page No. :: 61-67

Today, wireless sensor networks are widely used due to the emergence of the Internet of Things. These networks communicate in exposed environments and as such they are susceptible to easy interception by attackers. Additionally, by its very nature, the Wireless Sensor Network environment is limited in its capacity to handle potentially sensitive information due to light security system. To provide secure and efficient mechanism, we proposed a secure authentication model in which adversary could not affect the network and genuine nodes freely communicate with each others. The proposed model introduce secure authentication through which even attacker knows the private key they could not communicate with authorized parties continuously.

Keywords: WSN; Security; Authentication; Attacks

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