July - 2019 (Volume-9 ~ Issue-7 ~ Series-1)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Comparative Study of Image Matching Techniques for Secure Transactions in the Banking Sector
Country :: India
Authors :: P.Dhivya || Dr.T.Meyyappan || Dr.SM.Thamari
Page No. :: 01-06

In the modern world all the banking process, become computerized for easy access to data. However, computerized data needs security for monetary transactions in banking. In banking, the security of account data is facing problems due to hacking or forgery of signatures. Saving accounts, partnership accounts are frequently accessed. In this paper, image matching techniques are analyzed and their performance is compared. This matching technique enables the account holders to perform transactions with each other's knowledge. Joint account holders have to provide their images individually at the time of the transaction. Images stored in the database and the ones provided are matched to approve the transaction..............

Key words: Blob detection, Template matching, surf.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Data Acquisition in the Asperous Regions using Legged Robot
Country :: India
Authors :: M.V Sreenivas Rao || Swathi Muralidhar || Amrutha M.S || Spoorthy S
Page No. :: 07-12

Increasing requirements in the terrain regions has led to growth of research in the field of terrain surveillance. Hence, data acquisition and surveillance is the key requirement in such regions. When the human interventions in such areas are nearly impossible and precarious, the use of robots comes into picture. Hence, the use of legged robots is preferred. The main aim of the project is the acquisition of various parameters like temperature, humidity and methane gas content in the remote regions .This is done by establishing a wireless communication between the sensor part interfaced to the legged robot and the remote control unit using the Bluetooth module. The project is basically designed to work on the Arduino platform............

Key words: Legged Robot, Surveillance, Terrain Regions, Quadrapod robot, Data Acquisition

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: A Survey on Machine Learning Techniques for Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis and Classification
Country :: India
Authors :: Sherina T.M || Mr. Senthilkumar .B
Page No. :: 13-18

Disease diagnosis and prediction using data mining techniques are emerging as a research area with different tools and techniques. Parkinson's disease is one of the main disorders of the central nervous system. Disease diagnosis and classification from the digital data is becoming one of the major concerns of health care data mining. Researches use many technologies like machine learning, image analysis, signal analysis and device based techniques to examine the disease data from various sources. There is a need to analyze the unstructured large data using data mining. There are several tools and techniques to achieve this. This survey focuses on the various tools and techniques used for Parkinson's data analysis and classification, and finally provide an outline to overcome the problems of those techniques.

Keywords: Data Mining, Parkinson's disease, Parkinsonian, Machine Learning, deep learning algorithms, Classification, prediction.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Changes in Utilization of Land Use on the Aspect of Population and Accessibility and impact to Environmental Risk in akassar City Indonesia
Country :: Indonesia
Authors :: Sofyan Bachmid || Antariksa || Agung Murti Nugroho || Andi Tamsil
Page No. :: 19-26

Changes in the use or function of urban land have an impact on the emergence of problems in urban space. Changes in land use are inseparable from the rapid population growth every year both as indigenous people and immigrants in the form of urbanization and migration of people from out of town to urban areas. So that the population growth every year has increased and consequently will have an influence on urban spatial planning. The purpose of the study was to analyze the influence of population and accessibility to problems of environment related with land use in Makassar City. This type of research was a descriptive analysis. The data were collected from population of Makassar City and the location of the study in 2 sub-districts, namely Panakukang Sub-district and Mariso Sub-district...............

Keywords: - Land use, population, accessibility, environmental problem, urban

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Design a household solar system for both space heating and domestic hot water for Hanoi-Vietnam
Country :: Vietnam
Authors :: CUThiThanh Huyen || NGUYEN Hoang Minh || NGUYEN Hong Quan || VUThiTuyet Hong
Page No. :: 27-33

Solar energy has been used for water and space heating. Such thermal systems are used worldwide. In Vietnam, solar thermal systems to provide domestic hot water are widely used in major cities, however, similar system but with space heating function is rarely used. Solar combine system has several components. Functions of two main components are to collect solar energy from the sun and to store the collected energy for later use. The weather data are important to any implementation of solar thermal system because how much energy a system can collect from the sun is strongly related to the weather of the installed location. The design of a typical tube house for a family of four is considered to install solar combine system (for both domestic hot water and space heating). The amount of required energy for both functions is calculated then compared with the estimated solar energy collected at the site to determine whether or not an additional source of energy (gas, oil or electricity) is needed. The results are validated with computer software to see if the manual calculation is correct.

Keywords: - Solar energy, Space heating, Domestic hot water (DHW), Solar thermal system

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Implementation of Different modulation techniques for Eleven Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter with Reduced Switch Count
Country :: India
Authors :: Nishant Thakkar || Rakeshwri Agrawal || Deepak Agrawal
Page No. :: 34-39

In this paper a topology of Cascaded H-Bridge multi level inverter is proposed with reduced number of switches. The proposed topology has been implemented using four different modulation techniques. Also the performance analysisisdone to evaluate THD of the system under various load condition. The proposed topology is economical since to generate eleven level it require sonly eight switches and three isolated DC sources. More over the THD of the output voltage is also very low.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Extraction and characterisation of oil from Delonix regia seeds
Country :: Nigeria
Authors :: Adejumo, B. A || Agboola, J. B || Orhevba, B. A || Obasa, P. A || Simeon, M. I
Page No. :: 40-43

The characteristic of Delonix regia seed oil was investigated with a view to establish its suitability for use as feedstock the production of biodiesel. The seeds were removed from the Delonix regia pods and boiled for 30minutes to enhance the easy removal of the seed coat and extraction of oil from the seeds. The boiled seeds were dehulled, sundried and milled using a Burr mill. The Delonix regia seed oil was extracted and characterized using the Soxhlet extractor and standard methods respectively. The results showed that the Delonix regia seed oil contains 29.0%. The density (kg/m3), flash point (oC), kinematic viscosity at 40oC (mm2/s) are 0.942, 201.30 and 43.75 respectively...............

Keywords: - Acid value, Delonix regia seed, free fatty acid, saponification value, viscosity

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Local Government Policy and Community Participation toward Urban Slums in Makassar City Indonesia
Country :: Indonesia
Authors :: Sudarman Supardi || Antariksa || Agung Murti Nugroho || Lambang Basri Said
Page No. :: 44-52

Slum settlement is a problem faced by almost all major cities in Indonesia including Makassar city and even large cities in other developing countries. This study aimed to analyze the policy factors of local institutions and community participation in the growth of urban slums. Data were collected from respondents in Panakukang and Mariso Sub-Districts, Makassar City by survey method. Data were analyzed by adopting Structural Equational Modeling-PLS Ver 3.2.7. The results of the analysis obtained were as follows, first, local institutional policies on the causes of urban slums have a coefficient with a positive direction. The calculation results showed that the path coefficient is 0.149 with a t-statistic...............

Keywords: - Policy, participation, growth, settlements, urban slums.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Community Motivation and Behavior on the Achievement of Rural Infrastructure Development Program in Gowa and North Toraja Regencies of South Sulawesi Province
Country :: Indonesia
Authors :: Watono || Antariksa || Pitojo Tri Juwono || Andi Tamsil
Page No. :: 53-58

The Rural Infrastructure Development Program (RIDP) is a government program that was held from 1995 until present to balance the development gap between rural and urban areas. This program was held in all provinces in Indonesia, in villages in turns. The success of the program depends largely on the level of participation of the village community in the location of the program based on the aspects of community empowerment. The Rural Infrastructure Development Program is one of the programs initiated by the government in the context of alleviating poverty in rural communities through rural infrastructure development. This program is a community empowerment program in content that all activities are carried out by the community and accompanied by technical facilitators................

Keywords: - Motivation, Behavior, Technical, Achievement

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Study of variability issues on CMOS inverter
Country :: India
Authors :: Neethu Johny || Nayana G H
Page No. :: 59-64

This paper studies the impact of performance and variability effects on CMOS inverter circuits. Device mismatches, the small random variations in the characteristics of identically designed devices, occur during the manufacturing of integrated circuits. These mismatches result in behavioral variations of analog and digital integrated circuits. The impact of these random parameter variations on circuit behavior can be studied with Monte Carlo simulation by analyzing a large set of circuit instantiations with randomly varied devices and process parameters.

Keywords: - Process; mismatch; MOSFET; Monte-Carlo simulation

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