June - 2019 (Volume-9 ~ Issue-6 ~ Series-3)

Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Structural and Magnetic Characterizations of Citric Acid Assisted Sol-gel Synthesized Magnesium Ferrite Nanoparticles
Country :: India
Authors :: S. R. Nimbhore
Page No. :: 01-05

The magnesium spinel ferrite (MgFe2O4) in nanocrystalline form was prepared by citric acid assisted sol-gel auto combustion method using AR grade nitrates of magnesium and ferric ions. In the synthesis process, the commonly used citric acid was taken as a fuel. The pH of the mixed citrate nitrate precusor solution was adjusted at 7 by adding complexing agent as ammonia. The metal nitrates to fuel (citric acid) ratio was chosen as 1:3. The as-prepared powder was sintered at 550C for 4 h and same was used for further characterization. The structural characterization was carried out by X-ray diffraction technique. The single phase cubic spinel structure and nanocrystalline nature of the prepared magnesium ferrite nanoparticles was confirmed by analyzing the X-ray diffraction pattern recorded at room temperature (300K).............

Key words: Magnesium ferrite, Sol-gel synthesis, X-ray diffraction, Magnetization.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Application deployment in Cloud: Docker & Kubernetes
Country :: India
Authors :: Mona Deshmukh || Abhijeet Salunkhe
Page No. :: 06-09

Microservice depicts the new Architectural style where small and loosely coupled modules can be developed and deployed instead of developing the composite Application. This has its own benefits such as maintainability, Flexibility in scaling Decrease in downtime for failure and upgrades. Containerization is new alternative for full machine virtualization, it provides many benefits as the application can be run on any suitable physical machine without any worries about dependencies. Containerization is known these days by the open-source Docker. Docker is used for build, ship and run application anywhere. Kubernetes is an Open source platform available for automation, scaling, and Deployment of Container management.Ansible is an It automation tool designed for cloud provisioning, application development and intra service orchestration.

Key words: Kubernetes, Container, Docker, Ansible, Microservices, Cloud, Virtualization, Orchestration.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Solar Energy Collected Using Parabolic Arrangements
Country :: India
Authors :: Abhishek R || Naveed Akthar C || Raghavendra K || Sunil Kumar || N.Sesha
Page No. :: 10-11

Solar energy can be utilized in different ways to meet various energy requirements. A parabolic dish collector is a device designed to collect solar energy from sunlight. This paper presents the outcomes of a project conducted at BMS College of Engineering. The principal aim of the project is to concentrate solar energy received from sunlight, on a parabolic dish convertor, to a receiver arrangement. The dish surface is made highly reflective which ensures effective concentration of energy to the receiver. Most of the power generated currently is from fossil fuels which also have the side effect of polluting the atmosphere. Fossil fuel reserves in the world are also depleting at a rapid rate. In order to make the development of our civilization sustainable and cause less harmful effects to our environment solar energy has developed as a suitable substitute. Because of the ever increasing need for clean energy solar energy is one of the fastest growing sources in today's world.


Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Perturbation Analysis of Heat and Mass Transfer in MHD Micropolar Fluid in Presence of Thermal Radiation
Country :: India
Authors :: Dr. Mamta Goyal || Gyanchand Gurjar
Page No. :: 12-19

This paper deals with the perturbation analysis of mass and heat transfer of an electrically conducting micropolar fluid over an infinite moving permeable plate in the presence of transverse magnetic field. Analytical solutions are obtained for the governing equations. The effects of various physical parameters are presented through graph.

Keywords: - Micropolar fluid, Heat and mass transfer, MHD, Thermal radiation.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Electroelastic modeling and experimental validations of piezoelectric energy harvesters for wireless sensing networks powered by non-harmonic motion
Country :: India
Authors :: RatnaPriya || Dr.P.Poddar || Dr.Raju Kumar || Dr.Nityanand Prasad
Page No. :: 20-23

A wireless sensor network (WSNs) is a solution to many environmental, security, and process monitoring problems. Although the fast developments of small dimension, low cost and low power circuit and sensor, energy supply is becoming a big barrier to wireless sensor networks. Piezoelectric energy harvesting techniques are still in a development stage. In this paper, electroelastic modeling, analytical and numerical solutions, and experimental validations for piezoelectric energy harvesters in wireless sensing networks powered by non-harmonic motionhave been proposed. Future research needs and challenges of electroelastic modeling of piezoelectric energy harvesters in wireless sensing network powered by non-harmonic motion have been also discussed.

Keywords: Wireless sensor network, Energy harvesting, mathematical models, non-harmonic motion

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Thermo-mechanical Analysis of a Crack in an Infinite Functionally Graded Elastic Layer
Country :: India
Authors :: Rajesh Patra || S. P. Barik || P. K. Chaudhuri
Page No. :: 24-42

This paper aims to develop a steady state thermoelastic solution for an infinite functionally graded layer of finite thickness with a crack in it lying in the middle of the layer and parallel to the faces of the layer. The faces of the layer are maintained at constant temperature of different magnitude. The layer surfaces are supposed to be acted on by symmetrically applied concentrated forces of magnitude P2 with respect to the centre of the crack. The applied concentrated force may be compressive or tensile in nature. The problem is solved by using integral transform technique. The solution of the problem has been reduced to the solution of a Cauchy type singular integral equation, which requires numerical treatment. Both normalized thermo-mechanical stress intensity factor (TMSIF), thermal stress intensity factor (TSIF) and the normalized crack opening displacement are determined. Thermal effect and the effects of non-homogeneity parameters of the graded material on various subjects of physical interest are shown graphically.

Key words and phrases: Fourier integral transform, Singular integral equation, Stress-intensity factor.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Simulation and Optimization of Semiactive Suspension Parameters Using Taguchi Method and Grey Relational Analysis
Country :: India
Authors :: R.N.Yerrawar || A.S.Suryawanshi || M.P.Dahale
Page No. :: 43-55

In present paper, a methodology is presented related to the optimization of semi-active quarter car model suspension parameters having three degrees of freedom, subjected to bump type of road excitation.Influence of primary suspension stiffness, primary suspension damping, secondary suspension stiffness and secondary suspension damping are studied on the passenger ride comfort, taking root mean square (RMS) values of passenger seat displacement and Semi-active quarter car model assembled with magneto-rheological (MR) shock absorber is selected for optimization of suspension parameters using Taguchi method in combination with Grey relational analysis. Confirmatory results with simulation run indicates that the optimized results of suspension parameters are helpful in achieving the best ride comfort to travelling passengers in terms of minimization of passenger seat displacement and settling time values.

Keywords: Quarter car model, MR shock absorber, Passenger ride comfort, Taguchi method, Grey relational analysis,Parameter optimization

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Multimodal Neuroimaging for the Detection of Alzheimer's Disease
Country :: India
Authors :: Gayathri V S || Deepa P L
Page No. :: 56-65

Alzheimer‟s disease (AD) is a most common form of dementia which causes severe memory loss and decline in other cognitive functions. The early diagnosis of Alzheimer‟s disease is essential in order to avoid severity in the disease. The early stage of AD called as Mild cognitive impairment should be diagnosed early for better timely treatment. The combination of neuroimaging modalities like Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET) shows effective way for the diagnosis of Alzheimer‟s disease. The technique using polynomial neural network can be effectively used for the better diagnosis of Alzheimer‟s as early as possible. This paper explains an efficient method to detect Alzheimer‟s disease using a polynomial network by incorporating GMDH and multimodal neuroimaging techniques.

Keywords: Alzheimer‟s disease, Mild cognitive impairment, Deep learning, multimodal neuroimaging, GMDH, polynomial neural network.

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Paper Type :: Research Paper
Title :: Prediction of Road Accidents in Semi Supervised Classification Using Map Reducing
Country :: INDIA
Authors :: G L Aruna Kumari || Dr T.Jyothirmayi || B.Soujanya
Page No. :: 66-76

There is a gigantic need of analysis and predicting the patterns of road accidents across the world in proportion to the increased rate of population and vehicles. In spite of amplified technology, there is a huge gap between the usages of technology to concur the occurrence of road accidents based on similar features. As the big data can be analyzed using map reduce concept with the cloud technologies, the prediction will become more accurate because of large quantity of training set. Here in the proposed work a semi supervised model is developed using Gaussian mixture models to predict the occurrence of accident events which is integrated with Map Reduce(MR) paradigm in BIGDATA. The training data we used has been provided by different government agencies for scientific analysis................

Keywords: E M Algorithm, Bigdata, Map Reduce, Gaussian Mixture Models.

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